VT Seva Volunteers make a difference on Earth Day with "Adopt a Street" program. Every day is Earth Day!

Walking the trails of first president of US, George Washington
April 21st 2012, Washington DC

The VT Seva Washington DC chapter celebrated the Earth Day 2012 at Claude Moore Park, Sterling VA.

The VT Seva volunteering program on Earth day comprised of a wonderful educational tour of the park followed by cleanup activities and kite flying. The children and parents were given a tour of the Nature Museum at the park. The park volunteers personally showed and explained about the animals normally found in the park trails. They educated VT Seva volunteers on how we can preserve & protect the greenery, how we can take care of our surroundings and how we can stay alert with the animals we encounter in day to day life such as Snakes, Turtles, Beavers, and Deer etc around the trails. They also shared knowledge with our youngsters on how to identify Poison Ivy and how to stay away from it.

After the education tour, all the VT Seva volunteers took part in the in the park cleanup. They had a great time walking through trails while cleaning up the trash. Kids were thrilled to learn that they were walking on the same trail once used by the most famous person of the United States, none other than the first President George Washington. George Washington used the road frequently in his travels between Mount Vernon and the western frontier.

All the young volunteers, especially the kids were creative in drawing and coloring the Earth Day pictures. They also prepared poster boards with great enthusiasm using the “R3 Theme - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.” It was a great learning experience for them and a memory to cherish for their parents.

Thanks to Mr.Srinivas for teaching the children on how to prepare kites and fly them. It was lots of fun and brought back childhood memories to all the parents. Kids were very excited to prepare the kites from scratch and fly them.

At the end of the day, kids went home with clay pots with soil and spring bulbs seeds, Reusable bags, Certificates and Kites.

VT Seva, Washington DC thanks all the parents, volunteers and members for having their children participate in this event, despite a busy weekend with many other planned activities.

We sincerely thank our Individual Sponsors and Business Sponsors for joining hands with VT Seva. With their support, VT Seva Washington DC was successful in promoting environmental protection by engaging and empowering young volunteers.

Academy 4 Enrichment provided Pizza.

Home Depot provided Clay Pots.

Lowes Departmental Store provided Soil
and Spring Bulb Seeds.
Harris Teeter provided Re-Usable Bags.

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Providing more support to National Children Center
April 22nd 2012, Washington DC

VT Seva Washington DC partnered with National Children Center Washington DC for the past 3 years during Thanksgiving. VT Seva Washington DC encouraged the community to donate gently used clothes, books, toys and shoes to support the local community in DC area. To learn how your donations are used, please click here.

From this Earth Day onwards, VT Seva Washington DC team took a decision to support our neighboring community in DC twice a year through the generous donations made by our Chess Club, Yoga Class and Basic Handwriting Class students. Such donations collected will support mentally challenged and underprivileged families. Every year from now on, we are happy to announce that the donations will be raised for both EARTH DAY and THANKSGIVING.

Thanks to all the supporters who brought in the donations!

We found GOLD
April 21st 2012, Dallas

The VT Seva Dallas chapter teamed up with the City of Frisco to do a city wide clean up. Our team of around 60 volunteers enthusiastically cleaned the First street from Main St. to N. County Rd in Frisco.. Vishruth, an active young volunteer coordinated the complete event.

The event began with words of gratitude to mother Earth by all the attendees. VT Seva volunteer Phani explained the greatness of Earth on how it nurtures all the beings based on the source from Indian traditional wisdom. The global initiative call given by VT Seva founder Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji was shared with all the participants regarding ‘Adopt a Street’/’Clean a Lane’ program.

We formed multiple teams and began the cleanup activity picking different areas of the street. As the street was near Frisco Wholesale lumber and a railway track, there was quite a bit of trash to be cleaned. Volunteers enthusiastically picked up lots of Styrofoam, cans, plastic bags & bottles to make the street as clean as possible. Even litter on the street such as dry grass and mud was cleaned up patiently.

While cleaning the street, adult volunteers shared interesting and funny experiences from their childhood in India with the youngsters. Sateesh and Venkat recollected from his childhood about how the people in the villages used to gather near the house of a goldsmith, hoping to find Gold in the water stream drained from the facility that was used to make Gold ornaments. Whether the villagers ever found Gold or not is a different story. But for sure, VT Seva Dallas team of volunteers found Gold as part of this street clean up. The Gold is none other than the trash they collected Listen to the words of Sateesh in detail about why it is called as Gold by viewing the Earth day videos to be updated very soon.

The energetic volunteers did their bit on keeping the Earth clean. They took a collective pledge to adopt at least 2 streets in their local city.

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For videos, please click here

Earth Day, Every day in Ever Green State
April 21st 2012, Seattle

The VT Seva Seattle group of volunteers joined together to clean up a neighborhood park in City of Sammamish. We teamed up with Sammamish City personnel from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM for this Earth Day park cleanup activity. Adult volunteers helped to clean up the trash bins, picnic tables, barbecue stations and walls of a shaded area. The youngsters and children picked up the broken branches and cleared the walkways. Some adults also removed the weeds in the garden and helped with other garden activities. It was a wonderful experience to all those who participated, and city personnel appreciated them all. We combined this event with picnic, and children enjoyed playing games after traditional Indian style luncheon (Pulihora, Daddojanam, Fruit Salad, etc).

We signed up to help with the clean up throughout the year and are looking forward to be instrumental in protecting our environment in our neighborhood. Children were also educated about how much dependent we are on environment and how we can work together to keep it clean and safe.

Here is the link to all earth day pictures

Cold Weather did not deter our park cleanup activity
April 27th 2012, Boston

The VT Seva Boston team of volunteers gathered at Ashland's Stone Park area bright and early by 9AM. We quickly registered VT Seva, signed the waiver form for children, collected the T-Shirts given out by Town of Ashland, grabbed some gloves and few big trash bags. We also mentioned the streets that'll we'll be collecting litter from and headed out to the assigned street. The weather was a little cold in the morning. Some kids wore layers or doubled their gloves, but that did not interrupt what they were here to accomplish that fine day. Youth aging from 3yrs to 16yrs joined this effort of making our Earth a beautiful and safer place to live in for all beings by removing the litter. Youth volunteers were very enthusiastic in picking up the litter and showed a great concern. No Poison Ivy or the thorny bushes stopped them from picking up the trash.

We would like to call out each individual youth volunteers and thank them for all their effort. They are our future and we are very proud of them - Vikram, Dakshin, Abhijith, Arjun, Akshitha, Sravya, Laura, Sara, Siddhu, Manoj, Haasini, Laasya, Sindhu, Swati, Anika.

We would like to appreciate Sravya Chary for motivating her friends from school to join this effort and being a role model for all the younger VT Seva volunteers. Your efforts to spread the awareness about VT Seva at your school and neighborhood are commendable.

We would like to personally thank all the adults, Mr. Simhalu, Mr. Murali Maqtedar family, Mr. Raghuram Samudrala family, Mr.Suresh Donepudi family, Mr. Chandra Reddivari family, Ms. Elasri Ganni, Ms. Aruna Bayya, Ms.Harisha, Ms.Madhu Chary for making this happen.

Panera bread generously donated some baked goods for this event. Special Thanks goes to Murali Maqtedar for coordinating this effort.

Murali is taking a lead by signing up VT Seva team for Project Bread - Walk for Hunger on May 6th 2012. This is a 20 mile walk and many volunteers have signed up for this walk as well. This is his 2nd year in taking this initiative. All the funds generated would help feed the hungry in the Massachusetts area. Murali was our official photographer for this earth day event.

Thank you one and all for your continued support.

For pictures from the event, please click here.

Educational booth to promote environmental friendly living – Realize and Respond
April 21st 2012 – Bay Area

The VT Seva Bay Area chapter participated in the City of Cupertino's 4th Annual Earth Day Festival on Saturday, April 21st 2012. The event details were as below:

Where: 10300 Torre Ave, Cupertino, CA 95014 When: Apr 21, 2012, 08:00 AM - 04:00 PM

VT Seva volunteer team of teenagers held an educational booth at this event to inform and educate the visitors about Earth friendly activities that can save the environment on a daily basis.

Amidst 20-30 other booths, VT Seva volunteers gave out quiz questions in order to educate the visitors. Sample questions were:

Taking a shower uses less water than taking a bath YES/ NO

Which home activity uses the most water?
a] Dishwashing?
b] Washing Machine?
c] Landscaping?

Several young and old participants alike were delighted at something knew that day at the VT Seva booth. Volunteers gave away VT Seva 2012 calendars to all participants for making the effort learn about our environment and for making an effort to be earth-aware and earth-friendly.

A few of the inspired visitors also showed interest in signing up for volunteering for the VT Seva as volunteers. Simran, Sreeja, Devi, Nandan and Hira worked on putting this event together and were available at the event booth along with the Bay Area coordinator Vasukiji to answer any questions visitors to the booth may have about VT Seva as an organization and its contributions in service the world.

Our volunteers took turns in visiting the other booths that were displayed at the event taking the wonderful opportunity they had to educate themselves even more on what other profit/ non-profit organizations are doing for protecting the environment. One of the booths was giving away free plants for everyone to encourage them to be greener by planting saplings. Another organization gave visitors a number of bio-degradable and non bio-degradable items and asked people to guess how long it would take for each of these items to decompose if left unattended. Our volunteers, though, very much educated in this subject were astounded to know that Styrofoam lasts millions of years in this Earth's environment without decomposing.

Overall, the event was very educational and inspiring for our volunteers as well as all the other visitors. VT Seva continues to support and inspire all Earth - friendly activities.

Here is the link to all earth day pictures

Tending to an organic farm of 4 acres
April 22nd 2012 - Tampa

VT Seva Tampa volunteers helped the community on Earth Day by tending to a community farm. We partnered with the Sweetwater Organic farm, which is a non-profit community based farm. It operates where volunteers grow vegetables on the plots of land owned by the community. Then these grown vegetables are sold to people in the community for their welfare. It contributes to their welfare because they get organic food that doesn't have the harmful effects of pesticides and other chemicals that non-organic foods may contain. On Earth day, VT Seva Tampa volunteers from the ages of 5 to 63 came to help out the community. Everyone lent a hand in removing pesky weeds in the farm. This is an important task because the vegetables can't grow if there are too many weeds. All together there were over 30 dedicated volunteers who tended to the farm and had fun at the same time. The kids got together and made a game out of weeding the farm. It was as such; who ever pulled out the weeds the fastest in their row got a cupcake. This motivated all the kids to weed out the farm quickly and efficiently.

All volunteers worked with a great enthusiasm and removed weeds from 4 acres of land. The Sweetwater organization was spellbound with the great work done by the team in few hours. The whole activity was a great experience especially to all kids who learned a lot about the importance of the Mother Nature and more importantly why they need to protect it. Mr. Sridhar Gauravelli made the day more educational and interesting by conducting an ad-hoc quiz on Earth Day for all the kids. Seeing

the enthusiasm of the Kids, the farm management took them on a tour of the entire farm that consisted of various flowers, herbs, fruit trees, green houses and their well water system. Kids had loads of fun petting the animals on the farm too.

Mr. Kamal Sakamuri, VT Seva active volunteer from Tampa coordinated the activity and played a key role in organizing the event. Some of the pictures of the event are available at

Click here for picturesfrom the event.

Planting flower and vegetable plants
May 5th 2012 – New Jeresey

We celebrated Earth Day at 222 Dey Road, Cranbury, NJ 08512.
- Planting: Planted various flower & vegetable plants.

- Trimmed the plants.

- Cleaned up the premises.

Click here for pictures from the event.

Nurturing Plants, Earthday Quizzes & more
APRIL 22, 2012 Houston

On a warm, sunny day in Houston VT SEVA volunteers and Houston's Prajna children assembled for Earth Day Activities at the Sri Asthalakshmi Temple. About 100 children and adult volunteers gathered together to participate in Earth Day activities. The event began with an introduction to the Earth Day Program by VT SEVA Co-Branch Director Dr. Ranga Kandala. This was followed by a presentation on VT SEVA by Co-Branch Director Dr. Sahitya Gadiraju. VT SEVA active volunteer Dr. Aparna Tamirisa then spoke about the history and significance of Earth Day and conducted a series of Earth Day quizzes with prizes for the children. The program concluded with a speech by VT SEVA Webmaster Vijay Jilledimudi where he introduced the next activity of the day, the Nurture-a-Plant Program. He also introduced all attendess to the VT SEVA Adopt-a-Street Program and invited everyone to join VT SEVA Houston's summer activities.

As part of the Nurture-a-Plant program kids brought pots to plant vegetable and flower seeds. The soil and seeds were provided by VT SEVA. This program was very well received with great enthusiasm from the children and parents. The idea of the Nurture-a Plant Program is for the children and their families to nurture their plant to maturity with the eventual goal of creating a VT SEVA greenhouse.

We also had an interactive presentation on the benefit and need to recycle in order to kickstart our recycling program at the Temple and we announced our affiliation with the City of Houston's Keep Houston Beautiful Adopt-A-Block program, an exciting opportunity to give back to the community that raised us.

Click here for pictures from the event.

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