​​​VT Seva 

Volunteering Together for Service

treasurer: Ms. Sumana Garlapati 
Phone: 734-560-5056 
Email: treasurer@vtsworld.org
jOINT sECRETARY: Ms. Madhavi Donepudi 
Phone: 508-881-7768
Email: jointsecretary@vtsworld.org

Imagine! You have become instrumental in improving the lives of a few by giving them the hope to realize their dreams, thus, filling their faces with smiles.

             How do you contemplate that? Do you think that it is a merely wasting of your valuable time and energy or feel that it is the grace from the blue and a humble chance of service bestowed up to you?.

After several personal experiences and having discussed with many friends, we have realized that it is a great chance of doing some service to someone who is really in need. This realization gave us an experience of unspeakable joy and self-satisfaction. 

             We are sure; you too, encountered such thrilling experience, now and then right! Good experiences always demand us to share with like minded.

​Come, let's together fill more smiles and hope!

PRimary Programs

  • Provide education to underprivileged children. Provide education to visually challenged children/youth.
  • Spread awareness about cancer and provide facilities for early cancer detection & treatment in improvised communities.
  • Spread awareness about being environmentally friendly and protecting our mother earth.
  • Disaster Relief 

Our Chapters

HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

ViCE President: Mr. Ravinder Thota 
Phone: 201-927-7547 
Email: vicepresident@vtsworld.org
secretary: Mr. Kiran Vangala
Phone: 513-315-5719
Email: secretary@vtsworld.org
PRESIDENT: Mr. Krishna Kanth Vennamaneni 
Phone: 972-935-8955
Email: president@vtsworld.org

Serve all beings as service to god!

Our Team


VT Seva (Volunteering Together for Service) is a volunteer driven global non profit organization. It was registered as 501(C)3 non-profit organization in USA in 2008. It's Sister Organization ‘Vikasa Tarangini ’(VT) established in India in 1992 has been rendering yeoman services with more than 75,000 active volunteers. It is also active in England, Australia and Tanzania.

jOINT sECRETARY: Dr. Reena Bommasani 
Phone: 703-867-2713 
Email: jointsecretary@vtsworld.org

Because of You, We Serve. 
Because of You, We Empower. 
Because of You, We Save Lives. 
Because of You, We Don't Give Up!

Your Support is Our Strength to Serve!

*All donations are tax deductible. Fed Tax ID # 80-0271287 


To promote understanding and tolerance in society by empowering our youth with value of volunteering and philanthropy. In turn, our youth will learn how to plan, develop, and implement projects for protection of animals and environment, promote free health programs, provide quality education and life skills to underprivileged families, help organize disaster relief programs in time of need, and build bridges between different communities. 



VT Seva's vision is to see all children and adults of the impoverished communities of India and other countries have access and opportunities to quality education and health care and enable them to live with dignity and pride.




Mr. Venugopal Daroori 
Email: albany.director@vtsworld.org


Ms. Archana Bindu and Mr. Shyam Banala 
Email: bayarea.director@vtsworld.org


Ms. Madhavi Donepudi 
Email: boston.director@vtsworld.org


Ms. SriGowri Koduri 
Email: Dallas.director@vtsworld.org


Mohan Reddy 
Email: detroit.director@vtsworld.org

New Jersey

Mr. Giri Vedantham 
Email: newjersey.director@vtsworld.org


Ms. Anjani Polsani 
Email: parsipanny.director@vtsworld.org

San Antonio

Dr. Mrudula Thangada 
Email: sanantonio@vtsworld.org

San Diego

Ms. Harini Eravelli 
Email: sandiego@vtsworld.org


Ms. Santhi Kanumuri 
Email: seattle.director@vtsworld.org


Mr. Sridhar Gouravelli 
Email: tampa.director@vtsworld.org 

Washington DC

Mr. Sreedhar Nagireddi 
Email: washingtondc@vtsworld.org

Dr. Sahitya Gadiraju  
Email: houston@vtsworld.org
Ms. Sandhya Yellapragada
Email: atlanta.director@vtsworld.org
Dr. Nishitha
Email: nashville@vtsworld.org


Ms. Kalpana  
Email: charlotte.director@vtsworld.org


Mr. Kiran
Email: cary.director@vtsworld.org


Mr. Rao
Email: minnesota.director@vtsworld.org


Ms.Anupuma Kadari

​Email: chicago.director@vtsworld.org

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CEO & Founder

joint treasurer: Mr. Murali Duggirala 
Phone: 609-642-4262 
Email: treasurer@vtsworld.org
Advisor : Mr. Sarma Allaki ​