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March 7th& 11th, 2017 : VT Seva Atlanta Volunteering at Atlanta Community Food Bank 

​VT Seva Atlanta team volunteered at the Atlanta Community Food Bank
sorted food. Helped the community in packing food boxes for 4000 people.

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Decmber 27th, 2016 : VT Seva Atlanta supportin Atlanta Community Food Bank

The VT Seva Atlanta Chapter of USA has conducted a food drive on as a first event since resuming activities from Dec 2016. A total of 587 pounds of food was collected and donated to Atlanta Community Food Bank. Food was collected through four collection points at Alpharetta and Cummings.

                        VT Seva Atlanta received a special letter of thanks from their Atlanta food Bank. Indicating that the food donated severs 587 meals. That warmed our hearts and is giving us additional motivation and energy to do many more such drives. Several people contributed to this effort, but special thanks are due to VT Volunteers from Alpharetta for their enthusiasm, support and for providing a lion’s share of donated food. The VT SEVA Atlanta wing just started to resume core activities, and looks forward to contribute to local community in the form of SEVA in a significant way.

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Atlanta Branch Director Contact: Ms. Sandhya | Email: atlanta.director@vtsworld.org | Phone: (770) 378-6381