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  VT Seva Bay Area youth volunteered in the local farm, April 8th, 2017

  VT Seva Bay Area - collaborated with Full Circle Farm which is an urban education farm project of Sustainable Community Gardens (SCG). As part of our environmental pillar, we volunteered in the local farm and learnt how to grow potatoes and fed farm animals. It was a great team work and youth volunteers learnt how to cultivate land; it was a remarkable experience taking us back to our roots.

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   VT Seva Bay Area organizes Cancer walkathon , March 26th,2017 : 


​   VT Seva Bay Area chapter thanks one and all who participated and supported in making our 1st Cancer Walk-A-Thon event a grand success!! We had 130 ppl who came in to participate in this walkathon uniting to fight against cancer. American Cancer Society representatives who joined us at the event informed us that it was very well organized and they look forward to work with us regularly.

       We had few enthusiastic passers-by in the park join us too , including an 80-year old man and a family that has a cancer survivor kid, who thanked us for raising cancer awareness.

        We specially thank our team of doctors who joined us and elaborated on being self-aware and incorporate healthy food habits and lifestyle . We were successful in raising funds to support ACS in its endeavors to fight against cancer !

             We look forward to embark on the enthusiasm shown in this initiative , and organize many more of such events for the benefit of society!

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VT Seva Bay Area - First Adopted Street : Feb 25th, 2017

VT Seva Bayarea's first Adopt A Street event for making successful. 18 Volunteers collected 50 pounds of trash.

Awesome Team Work!!!

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VT Seva Bay Area young volunteers spreading love at Senior Art Center  : Jan. 28, 2017

How do we show compassion to elders? 
On Jan. 28, VT Seva volunteers spent their Saturday afternoon making valentine cards in different colors for all the senior citizens in Evergreen senior center. Each volunteer interacted with one senior member and asked what they wanted and who would be their valentine.
Some of the seniors spoke , some did not, some responded well...some cards were decorated for mothers, wives, sons, daughters, grand daughters and grand sons.

Our volunteers worked with the seniors with smiles...... kudos to them for making the ​​seniors smile !!!!

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VT Seva Bay Area volunteered Sandwich Seva : Jan. 2, 2017

VT Seva Bay Area volunteers kicked off 2017 with a sandwich seva activity for one of the churches. Our volunteers prepared 75 sandwiches for the church, which were going to be handed to unfortunate people who come into the church for help. Attached are few pictures during the activity

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 VT Seva Bay Area for RA:GA 2016 Fundraiser (Dec. 10, 2016 - Jan. 31, 2017)

Our team of VT Seva youth volunteers worked relentlessly raising funds for visually challenged students as part of the annual 2016 fundraiser. Volunteers took to door-to-door campaigning in neighborhoods, shopping centers to spread the vision of VT Seva - Netra Vidyalaya. During the holiday season, volunteers made videos and utilized social media for campaigning the vision. Their efforts have been very successfully and together they raised over $11,000 for Netra Vidyalaya. Attached are some pictures of the RA:GA 2016 fundraiser campaign

Bay Area Health Camp : May 7, 2016

We are glad to announce the grand success of "HEALTH For ALL" , our organization's first Community Health Camp conducted by our Bay Area team at Milpitas Library, California on May 7 from 2 - 5 pm. The free health camp was open to community members and supported by a group of MDs, registered nurses and pharmacy students who supported us in addition to our VT Seva team of youth and adult volunteers. The camp objective was to bring awareness to our community on some of the common ailments and guidance on prevention or monitoring. The team conducted health screening and were consulted by MDs. Talks and valuable guidance was provided on topics related to Diabetes, Nutrition, Sleep Apnea and Cancer Screening. Our volunteers welcomed members into the library, guided them towards our camp, registration, height/weight checks, BMI, blood glucose and blood pressure checks followed by doctor consultation. It was a wonderful program and fun event for all the members involved. Diabetics vendor Pharma Care also participated in our health camp by providing free diabetic monitors to patients diagnosed after MD consultation.
 Thanks to the support from the team of doctors

Dr.Padmaja Vemula, MD (Internal Medicine)
Dr.Srilakshmi Vemulakonda, MD (Pulmonologist)
Dr.Priya Kumaravelu, MD (Hematology/Oncology)
Dr.Rani Ramichandran, MD (Infectious Diseases)
Dr.Satya Chelamkuri, MD (Palliative Care)
Dr.Archana Bindra, MD (Endocrinologist)
Dr.Padmashri Srinivasa, MD (Family Medicine)
Dr.Aruna Sri Kesri, MD
Dr.Chang MD (Internal Medicine)
Dr.Shraddha Patel
Registered Nurses and Pharmacy students. Our special thanks to all the volunteers who helped us to make this event a major success Looking forward to the next Health Camp.

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Monthly Burrito Donation : Feb 21, 2016

VTSeva members participated in a community giving event by providing food to homeless shelter in San Jose, California.

Nearly 12-15 youth volunteers gathered enthusiastically early in the morning to prepare 200 veggie burritos for lunch. They later served the lunch at the shelter to the shelter home residents. Please click here for photos from the event.

Food Drive during Holidays : VT Seva /JET Prajna collaboration : Dec 25, 2015

Every year VT Seva volunteers strive to provide food for local food banks during Thanksgiving/Christmas Season. This year we donated nearly 1000 pounds of food to Abode Services in Milpitas, California.   

Help Nepal Victims : Artwork Fundraiser by VT Seva youth : 24th, May 2015

Once again, all the V T seva youth members/JET Prajna Kids rose to the occasion and showed lot of compassion to the earthquake victims in Nepal.

Anoohya Panidapu and Apoorva Panidapu , ardent painters, displayed their artwork for Fundraiser. Other Youth members approached the crowd and brought awareness of the calamity in Nepal through pamplets and pictures in Fremont Farmers Market.

Bay Area team was able to raise $2,422 towards Nepal victims

RA:GA 2015 : 

RA:GA, our second annual fundraiser in Bay Area is a grand success. With Sri Swamiji blessings we accomplished yet another grand event with the help of 20+ volunteers, 50+ performers and nearly a wonderful audience of 250 people. We raised $40,866 to support Netra vidyalaya and Tribal School children in India. Thank you for all the volunteers who contributed their time and energy to make this event successful.

We had a wide variety of dance performances and they were very well received by the audience. One of the main singers of Acapella Group from Stanford was visually challenged and they were able to connect to the event instantaneously. We received great feedback from new members and they were inspired by the videos of Netra School and Tribal schools.

This year we realized that visuals are far more effective than just showing stats on the presentations. People came up to me and asked whereabouts of these schools and they were digging into details. We need to put in our efforts to create new short videos (about 5 to 10 minute duration each) every year and need high quality HD pictures to show the progress of the schools and causes of support.

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My Experience in Netra Vidyalaya, Summer 2014 - Anirudh Rao Nandella (10th Grade)

During the summer of 2014, my sister and I went to India to visit my parents' families. Being volunteers of VTSeva (Volunteering Together for Service), we wanted to utilize our time well as we were going to be there for a good 2 months. We both agreed that we should volunteer in Netra Vidyalaya, a school run by VTSeva for visually challenged, as we took part as youth volunteers in a Ra:ga event during March of 2014. Ra:ga is a yearly fundraising event in Bay Area, California for the activities of VTSeva, a worldwide nonprofit organization which works on uplifting underprivileged kids & visually challenged kids by providing free education, boarding and food and cancer screenings in the villages of India.

We went to the Netra Vidyalaya school campus and informed the principal of our wish. After asking us a few questions, the principal agreed and took us around the campus. He showed us each classroom and introduced us to the school staff and students. It was amazing and inspiring to watch them read the Braille script, sensing the letters with their fingers.

VT Seva volunteers makes a difference in Tanzania. Sri Muppidi, an active volunteer of VT Seva's own words about the project -

In Swahili, the native language of Tanzania, maji stands for water. Water is essential for life. No living being can live without it. However, nearly 50% of the Tanzanian population does not have access to safe water. Every year countless people, most of them children, die from diseases associated with inadequate water conditions. Water scarcity and insufficient sanitation negatively impact food security, life choices, and educational opportunities.

To combat this major problem, I initiated a project to help build water retention systems in Tanzania. The project, entitled Magic of Maji,” strove to provide safe, accessible water to a village in Bukoba, Tanzania. I did this by hosting an African culture show to bring awareness of the vibrant African arts to my community and to raise funds for the water retention systems.

VT Seva generously supported this project and looked forward to the success of the project. By collecting a significant sum of money, we were able to successfully fund for the water retention systems as well as a goat pen for the village. Over my winter break, I traveled to Tanzania with my dad to actually work with the community to build the water retention systems and goat pen. Working everyday for over 5 hours in the course of two weeks, we were quickly able to see the completion of the project. This project greatly benefited the Tanzanian villagers, providing a local solution to improve their health and access to education through improved diet and increased income.

It was an amazing experience for me to see the impact of the project on the villagers and how grateful they were for everything. It made me realize how lucky I am and how a small effort on my part was able to make a huge difference in the lives of others. It was a fulfilling experience and I wish to visit once again to see how far the village was able to progress. This project laid the foundation, but the villagers have the drive and potential to go beyond their expectations and really make a change in their own lives.

Bay area volunteers organize 4K walk for cancer awareness

Everyone was expecting a rainy walk, because of the forecast, but it seemed like even nature wanted to support the cause, and to everyone's surprise, the day turned out to be warm and sunny. The walkathon started at 9 in the morning, and walkers were sent in batches of 20-25 members. Some of the enthusiastic walkers carried placards, with anti-cancer promotion, while others handed off information brochures to passersby, containing information on cancer created by VT Seva and American Cancer Association.

Walkers displayed colorful placards with cancer slogans such as "Nip it in the bud", "Arrest Cancer before it kills you", "Early detection is the best prevention", "A minute of smoking brings years of suffering." etc., It was very encouraging to see the group of students, children and walkers distributing the awareness literature to the pedestrians. They have also raised money for the cause during the walkathon.

Many of the participants were strongly motivated and took resolutions towards improving their lifestyle and health. Everyone was happy that a noble cause was being served and they were able to participate in it. T-shirts, walkathon kits, discount coupons from sponsors were given to participants free of cost. When walkers came back they were served with fresh fruits and water. Overall, it was a wonderful program, and renewed everyone's zeal to lead a healthy and stress free life.

Few youth enthusiastic volunteers created signs that said, "Honk for cancer", and motioned to passing cars near different intersections to honk, if they were aware of cancer and its deadly implications. They received over 600 honks=2 0from passing cars in a few hours!

Clubs and students from Notre Dame High School and Monta Vista High Schools volunteered and participated in the walkathon. Monta Vista High School High School Interact club, and the Monta Vista Robotics team both declared partnership to spread awareness to club members. Notre Dame High School's Activities coordinator sent emails out to students to come and participate in the walkathon, and encouraged them to volunteer as well. The students collected pledges for the walkathon and raised funds for the event. A consulting company "Jaya Consulting Inc" matched the donations.

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Bayarea Branch Director :Ms. Archana  | Email: bayarea.director@vtsworld.org | Phone: (408) 623 1798