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 VT Seva Cary "Adopt a highway" Program is a grand success

 VT Seva Cary's "Adopt a Highway" program is successful. We had a good participation of adults and kids. This also open doors to new members to volunteer with VT Seva. 

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Jan 25th, 2017 : ​VT Seva Cary youth volunteers in Kramden Institute

VT Seva Cary has carried its Jan 2017 volunteering activity at Kramden Institute.

Kramden Institute is an organization which collects the old computers and refurbishes them with the help of volunteers and these refurbished computers will be donated to middle school and high school students who cannot afford . VT Seva Cary is working very closely with Kramden in fixing and testing the computers 

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August 24th, 2016 : VT Seva Cary team volunteered at Kamden institute 

Kids had fun also learned lot about various computer models and peripherals, this was a unique experience for high schoolers where they can do hands on PCs

Having fun & learning while volunteering.

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