April 2nd,2016

Bloom - 4rth Annual Event

VTSeva Boston successfully completed their 4th annual event BLOOM on April 2nd 2016. The evening was started with Akshitha Maqtedar singing the American National Anthem and Indian National Anthem, followed by Prajna Students prayer for successful execution. This year we conducted competitions for Middle school and High School students in "Cancer Awareness Campaign" and it was well received. The children had to form group of 3 or more and present a campaign using non-electronic media props.They were judged on Content, Presentation, Creativity, Organization and Time management. We had 25 students from various grade levels participated in this competition. Each group presented a great theme and message to the community of general people and doctors alike. Our esteemed judges consisting of Foundations TV host, teacher, doctors and researcher gave a fair judgement. Best of all, each team of participants were given the judges comments and scope for better next presentation. This positive feedback helped the children go with new learnings. Parents and kids would like to participate in such competitions even more. This competition helped raise awareness among kids, parents and community. Mr.Badarinadh garu spoke about Mahila Arogya Vikas and dedication of Smt. Madhavi Ravindra garu and team as he was the witness of the camp he held working wtih VT team in India in his village of Thondangi. There were 14 cases of abnormalities identified in this camp of which couple went through surgery and few are waiting for follow up tests for further treatments. We had over 100 participants young and young at heart participate at VTSeva BLOOM thus sharing the compassion and HOPE for a better future.

Youth played a very important role in running the event by taking care of Entry registration, MCing, Running the snack stall and even the jewelery sales. Sreenidhi Ravipati made cup cakes, a 150 of them and donated the proceeds to the cause. Artists, Sandeep Kurapati[Paadutha Teeyaga fame], Venu Madhav Chalauvadi[Paadutha Teeyaga fame] and Darshana Menon[SaReGaMaPa winner 2008] entertained the audience and encouraged community to open their hearts and wallets for this great cause. Dinner for all guests was sponsored by Mayuri Indian Restaurant. Audio, Visual and Photography supported by Sraveo team. Many Many thanks to all the volunteers for their dedication and service to community via VTSeva. The Auditorium and hallway decoration for the event was led by Prajna Parents and students. Our sincere thanks to local dance schools for their continued support - Sri Kuchipudi Natyalaya, Tarangini Creations School of dance, Manipuri Dance academy, Shala school of dance, Nrityanjali School of dance, Mona Dance academy and their students for their beautiful performances. To summarize, I would like to conclude that BLOOM personified "Volunteering Together for Service". Many thanks to VTSeva Founder and CEO HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji for motivating all volunteers to Serve all beings as service to GOD.

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October 18th 2015

5th Annual 5K Walk to Empower Visually Challenged
As the harsh New England temperatures(35 degrees) numbed joints and froze faces, over 40 dedicated walkers bundled up and braved to join VTSeva's 5th Annual Walk for the Visually Challenged. Ignoring the uncomfortable climate, many volunteers did what they could to help. Registration desk was ready by 9am, However, the walkers started to come in around 9:45am just in time to walk. The walk started at 10am. Beautiful fall foliage surrounded the path as the walkers did three laps around a set track.

Our Youngest volunteer just turned 1 and youngest walker who was 5yrs walked the last lap as parents felt she would slow down and so she had to ride the stroller for half the walk. While waiting for the others to join, Kids played some football to keep themselves warm while the core volunteeers took additional walks aroud the park.
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April 4th 2015

VTSeva Boston BLOOM 2015
VTSeva Boston's BLOOM 2015, 3rd Annual Event, was conduted successfully on April 4th 2015 with over 115 participants ranging from 5yrs to Moms and over 300 attendees. As these participants came to show their care for women, the auditorium echoed with their love and compassion. Attendees left mesmerized with the performances by Students of Sri Kuchipudi Natyalaya, Chandika Youth Ensemble, Mona's Dance Academy, Shaila School of Dance, Upasana group, Boston Prajna Students, Miss India NE Pageant winners. BLOOM has been promoting Cancer awareness and screenings. This year our goal was to raise funds for "Mahila Aarogya Vikas" and coincidentally most participants and volunteers were also Women, Young and Young at heart.

Dr. Reena Bommasani presented the infomation on Cervical Cancer and why screening is important. She talked about VTseva's Vision on Health care. HH Chinna Jeeyar swamiji's message reverberated in everyone's heart.
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December 21st 2014

VTSeva Boston Holiday Joy - Nashua Soup Kitchen Vegetarian Meals
Happy Holidays to one and all!! Kudos Smt. Radhika Goli for initiating this collaboration with IANH to serve.

Nashua Soup Kitchen is a non-profit organization was started in 1981. Goal of this soup kitchen is to help people eat healthier and nutritious meals. With Volunteers help, Soup Kitchen serves 25,000 - breakfast meals and 54,000 - dinner meals.

About 100 Clients who came for the service thoroughly enjoyed Baked Vegetable Ziti, lentil soup, garlic bread, Brownies, salad, milk, coffee and ice cream. It is officially first day of winter in New England and the weather was bit chilly all day. Hot meals were prepared and served with lots of love. The most important ingredient in making of the meal is “LOVE”.
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December 7th 2014

VTSeva Boston's Indian Cultural Night and Toy Drive
"A Smile from a child is packaged sunshine and rainbows". Tis the Season to be jolly and share the joy!!
VTSeva Volunteers in Boston organized a unique event with Dance, food and TOYS.
With Christmas just around the corner, keeping with the holiday spirit of believing and sharing, we asked all guests to bring in educational toys. Shikha V Bajpai led guests in some beautiful and graceful dance steps to popular bollywood songs with Jawed providing us with wonderful music all night.
Volunteers arrived at the hall around 3pm and soon after the youth volunteers stepped in the event setup process and welcoming guests. Kudos to Abhijith Samudrala, Arjun Samudrala, Sawan Goli, Akshitha Maqtedar, Akhil Maqtedar, Sreenidhi Thumati for being the helping hand.

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November 11th 2014

Halloween Candy Donations To Deployed US Military Troops
"We can do no great things, only small things with great love" – Mother Teresa

It’s one of America’s favorite holidays celebrated on the night of October 31. Straddling the line between fall and winter, plenty and paucity, life and death, Halloween is a time of celebration and superstition.

Over the years, Halloween evolved into a secular, community-based event characterized by child-friendly activities such as trick-or-treating. Children look forward to Halloween for dressing up and most importantly going Trick-or-treating, an activity in which they proceed from house to house in costumes, asking for treats such as candy with the question, "Trick or treat?"
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Auguest 24th 2014

Annual 5K Walk for the Visually Disabled Students
"On the bright summer day of August 24th 2014, VTSeva Boston team volunteers gathered to setup and welcome participants of 5K Walk/Run to benefit the students of Netra Vidyalaya. Educate, Encourage and Empower was the motto for the day. Youth Volunteers arrived early to setup the area. One of the youth volunteer, Deepthi Kamma brought in the recycle bins to encourage participants to use them to dispose water bottles. Kudos to her thoughtfulness.
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October 19th 2014

VT Seva serves Vegetarian Meals at Nashua Soup Kitchen
The smiles never withered for a moment from the faces of volunteers right from the chop-chop time to the bye-bye time. It was a Fantastic Sunday. We are selfish as we sought happiness in Kindness, but we think this selfishness is just awesome feeling. The volunteers gathered at Nashua Soup kitchen to cook and serve over 150 Vegetarian meals. Clients who came for the service thoroughly enjoyed Vegetable lasagna, lentil soup, garlic bread, cookies, salad, milk, coffee and ice cream. It is fall season here in New England and the weather was bit chilly in the morning. Hot meals were prepared and served with lots of love.

The most important ingredient in making of the meal is "LOVE." We would like to thank IANH for giving this opportunity to serve along with them at the soup kitchen. For photos from the event, please click here.

August 24th 2014

4th Annual 5K Walk for the Visually Disabled Students
On the bright summer day of August 24th 2014, VTSeva Boston team volunteers gathered to setup and welcome participants of 5K Walk/Run to benefit the students of Netra Vidyalaya. Educate, Encourage and Empower was the motto for the day. Youth Volunteers arrived early to setup the area. One of the youth volunteer, Deepthi Kamma brought in the recycle bins to encourage participants to use them to dispose water bottles. Kudos to her thoughtfulness.

Participants were from ages 5 to Ages 60+. Young and young at heart cheerfully walked the 5K distance enjoying the beautiful flat trails while cherishing the blessings. Together we walked about 500k during this walk and raised enough funds to educate 10 Visually disabled students for a year. For photos from the event, please click here.

April 5th 2014

Bloom - Proceeds to benefit Cancer Screenings

"Expect to have hope rekindled. Expect your prayers to be answered in wondrous ways. The dry seasons in life do not last. The spring rains will come again.” - Sarah Ban Breathnach.

BLOOM symbolizes that hope to bring communities together for an important cause each year. BLOOM is a platform for community to serve and flourish together. Remember, Spring is the time to BLOOM.

VT Seva New England team held its annual fun filled performance arts event, BLOOM, on Saturday April 5, 2014 to raise funds to promote cancer awareness and patient care for underserved in India.

The event opened with American national anthem sung by Sakhi Pola while Mounica Donepudi, Swetha Dhanireddy and Manoj sang the Indan National anthem. Our VT Seva youth volunteers: Sai Mrunali Dadigala, Praneeth Upplapati, Sam Kakullavarapu, Neha Majeti, Uday Chilakamarri and Anirudh Naidu acting as the MCs for the evening kicked off the program with “Let’s get it Started” music. While the audience was enjoying the evening performances, the MCs used the time between programs to creatively introduce the vision of VT Seva and the significance of the activities undertaken. Dr. Swetha Dhanireddy and Mounica Donepudi provided a short introduction to Cancer and its demographics.

The audience was entertained to a wonderful mix of contemporary and classical song and dance performances - Kathak dance by students of Mona Mitra, Little Tikes to Purane Yaadein, Folk and Bollywood fusion by students of Shaila School of Dance, Jungle mein Mangal Bharatanatyam dance by students of Tarangini, Hindustani music by students of Raganjali school of Music and Telugu Folk dance by Narthakis. The audience glued to the chairs during the dance drama of Rabindranath Tagore’s Chandalika - an untouchable who emerges as a voice of the silenced and oppressed. The dance drama was recreated by Sri Kuchipudi Natayalaya students and choreographed by Sailaja Chaudhary. Students from O'Shea Chaplin Academy of Irish Dance captivated the guests with their love of Irish dance, culture and costumes.

Dr. Pratibha Shah educated the audience on how Ayurveda helps in cancer prevention and healing process while Shiv Mundkur's presentation on simple facts of life to live in the moment and meditation as a lifestyle exemplified by the experience of a cancer survivor was very educative and inspiring. April is National Donate Life Month and there are plenty of ways to support this very important cause. New England Organ Bank volunteer Al Steuer conveyed his personal life experience with organ donation and urged the audience to sign up as Organ donors.

As James Cash Penny quoted, “How can we expect our children to know and experience the joy of giving unless we teach them that the greater pleasure in life lies in the art of giving rather than receiving.” VT Seva New England President Madhavi Donepudi presented the VT Seva youth volunteers – Akshita Maqtedar, Savan Goli, Manoj Donepudi, Anirudh Naidu and Samantha Kakulavarapu with the US Presidential Volunteer Service awards for their contributions to the community.

The guests enjoyed the dinner and snacks that were sponsored by Mayuri Indian Restaurant, Hot Roti, Hot Breads and Panera Bread. Praveen Goli, VT Seva New England Treasurer thanked the corporate sponsors, dance schools and volunteers for their support to VT Seva and BLOOM.

The proceeds from the evening will be used to procure medical equipment for JIMS Hospital in Hyderabad, India. JIMS specializes in providing integrated medical services to help the needy using the techniques of Ayurveda, Homeopathy and modern medicine

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Saturday Sep 28, 2013

Boston volunteers organizes 3rd annual 5K walk

VT Seva supports Schools for Visually disabled under-served students in Andhra Pradesh. Students with Visual impairment are enrolled in the Elementary, Junior and Degree Colleges. These schools record 100% Pass rate and on graduating many were able to acquire employment in various government sector operations.

Inspired by our VT Seva CEO HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji and the accomplishments by the Netravidyalaya students, VT Seva Boston Team has commemorated the World Sight Day [2nd Thursday of October] by organizing its 3rd Annual 5K walkathon on September 28th 2013. The focus is to raise awareness for visual impairment and blindness worldwide and raise funds for Visually challenged students enrolled in Netravidyalaya in Andhra Pradesh.

Boston chapter VTSeva 3rd Rock Pavilion section of the park. In the early morning itself youth volunteer Manoj Donepudi along with other adult volunteers arrived at the park for Trail-marking with arrow sheets for the benefit of the walkers. Thanks to technology, they were able to measure and set marking the trail which is close to 5K in distance. In the meantime, other Youth Volunteer Sai Mrunalini, Akshitha Maqtedar, Raga Chilakamarri, Anirudh Naidu joined hands to setup the registration desk, snack table, Water table and displayed informational material related to VTSeva and Cancer awareness all along the pavilion. Large amount of Baked goods were donated by Panera Bread. Fruits and water were donated by VTSeva volunteers.

Registration began at 9am on that bright and sunny morning. VTSeva T-Shirts were distributed to early registrants. Smt. Vani Raju, a local Yoga Instructor kindly agreed to volunteer her time to teach several Stretches and breathing techniques to walkers. All walkers participated in that 30 min Yoga session. In the informational message to walkers, Smt Madhavi Donepudi, Chair person of VT Seva Boston Branch emphasized the VTSeva�s mission as it is to Educate and empower Visually Disabled students, and 'Leave no Trace behind' message to keep our environment clean. Soon after a photo session, all adults and children about 70 walkers start walking in groups following the marked walk/hike trail. The fall has just begun in Boston area and thus the trails were colorful, the sun was shining but the shade of the trees kept walkers cool yet the hearts were pumping hard with the ups and downs of the trails. All in all it was a successful event with a healthy message.

All the young walkers reached starting point in about an hour and start playing foot ball as others arrived at their own pace. Baked goods, Water Melon, other snack items and water were served to the walkers as they arrived back to the Pavilion after completing the walk. The youth volunteers helped in cleaning and winding up the camp area. It is certainly one another very successful program organized by VT Seva, Boston. Annual 5K walk was organized at Hopkinton State Park at the Split
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March 30th 2013

Dance for a cure

Dance for a Cure is an idea conceived by VT Seva Boston branch director Ms. Madhavi Donepudi in memory of Seshu MV Kandukuri, one of the early youth volunteers of VT Seva, who lost his physical battle to cancer at a very early age. The Dance for a Cure is a cultural program that emphasized all life is beautiful and it is in our hands to keep it that way. When this idea was shared with VT Seva CEO HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, he replied �Let us try always with all our energies to identify good volunteers, motivate and involve them for making our society a better place free from such deadly diseases like Cancer.�

Contrary to a commonly held belief that Cancer cannot be prevented, American Cancer Society estimates that more than half of all cancer cases and deaths are potentially preventable. As the saying goes an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, it all starts with increasing awareness. On Saturday, March 30th at Ashland High School, Madhavi kicked off the event by talking to the audience about the importance of increasing cancer awareness and paying tribute to Seshu Kandukuri. The event began with the singing of Indian national Anthem by Mrs. Hymavathi Hosur and US National Anthem by Sam Kakullavarapu and Sana Sheik. The emcees of the event, Ms. Mansee Sangini (reigning Miss India New England 2013) and Ms. Sam Kakullavarapu (Miss Teen New England Runnerup), peppered the audience with facts about cancer and busted some myths.

VT Seva President, Dr. Purnachander Rao honored the participants and the volunteers for their dedication to service. He explained to the audience the vision and activities of VT Seva and how its volunteers have become agents of change in the Indian state of Andhra Pradesh and also around the world. Quoting the words of Gandhiji - �We must become the change we want to see�, VTSeva Boston chapter Treasurer, Mr. Praveen Goli, thanked the efforts of all the performers, volunteers and donors who took a step forward to make the change. He encouraged the spectators to dream hope and love with an inspiring thought - �Life ends when you stop dreaming, hope ends when you stop believing and love ends when you stop caring� In the spirit of the evening, VT Seva encouraged the spectators to register in a bone marrow drive organized by �Match Ravi� team to find a match for Ravi Luckoor who was diagnosed with a rare form of blood cancer. We wish Match Ravi team the best. Encouraging individuals to become proactive, Dr. Sailaja Reddy spoke about the benefits of fermentation and healthy food habits. She also demonstrated how to prepare Saurkraut and sample beet kvass, a natural probiotic drink.

Ms. Bhavana Chalupadi and Ms. Ramya Raghupathy presented Pushpanjali (Offering Flowers) in Bharatanatyam style, a dance of invocation, where dancers seeks the blessing of Lord Nataraja, the Guru, and the audience. Students of Smt. Sailaja Chowdhary performed three different Kuchipudi dances - Vara Veena, Brindavana Nilaye and Koluvaithiva Ranga Sai. The binding theme was that through devotion and dedication, one can overcome all obstacles in life. Smt. Mouli Pal performed an awestruck Lyrical Odissi with grace and quite charm that comes from years of dedication to a classical dance art form. She presented the theme and meaning of the song so vividly to reach the audience of all ages. Aakirti�s Smt. Urmi Samandar and her students, Nusrat Sultana and Sessi Adepalli from NY performed soul awakening Devi stuti (prayer to the goddess of strength), an energetic rendition of rhythmic intricacy using complexities in footwork, pirouettes and flowing stances in traditional Khathak style. Keeping with the spirit of the event, Halkat Diwas ladies of VT Seva � choreographer Ani Purohit along with Radhika Goli, Shree Kagalkar, Preethi Chaloori enamored the spectators with a fusion of Western and Indian style dances conveying a beautiful message of hope, strength, love and cure. Students of Lexington High School increased the tempo through their rhythm and speed and enthralled the spectators with high energy Bhangra. Smt. Veena Teli�s students won the hearts of the spectators with their fusion of Gujarati folk dances called the Chaupath, with cymbals and lamps, Mandalu, With Temples, Tippani with long sticks, Garbo with tali or claps, Ghadda Dance with pots, and Dandiya with sticks. Even before any one realized, the stage was filled with 23 well-dressed young men and women. Scintillating music, amazing coordination and excellent footwork of Concept ARTists, a Boston Hip-Hop crew, kept the entire audience glued to their seats. CONcept ARTists are the winners of Boston�s first World of Dance Competition and Prelude Urban Dance Competition: East Coast 2011. It was a pleasant surprise to the spectators and a memorable performance to cherish. The performances culminated with a Tollywood dance beautifully choreographed by Telugu Dhamaka youth - Bhavana Chalupadi, Mounika Talluri, Haarika Talluri, Bhargava Parakala, Bharadwaja Parakala and Karthik Korrapaty. Their practice, commitment and energy came through on the stage and the rendition was a treat to watch.

Dedicated volunteers of New England Shiridi Sai Parivar (NESSP) caringly prepared a sumptuous healthy and tasty dinner that was served by volunteers who joined Sri Koteswar Rao Kandukuri and Murali Maqtedar. In an effort to promote healthy food, Ms. Madhavi prepared Tabouli salad and carrot halwa with honey. Several VT Seva youth volunteers - Manoj Donepudi, Anirudh Naidu, Abhijit Samudrala, Sidharth Reddivari, Uday Chilakamarri, Raga Chilakamarri and Sai Reddivari � organized a snack stall in support of the cause. Giri Pottepalem helped with digitally capturing the moments. Ram Gubbala, Ramki Reddy and Raja Chilakamarri helped the performers back stage.

The event culminated at around 10 PM with participants completely gratified and promising to do this Once More. The testimonials below reveal how the community can rally behind a good cause.

'I was amazed to see so many different dances forms all at one time' .. Neha Majeti

'We get to see Indian classical dance at times. But, having Concept Artists was very different and unique' .. A guest

'Wow, VT Seva does so many activities and it has grown to be a force in the community in such a short time' .. A few guests

VT Seva team looks forward to continuing this friendship and its efforts to he help the community. VT Seva will be back with other events that will touch your hearts, mind and soul.

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Aug 26th 2012

5K Walk for the Visually Challenged

With the motivation from the Netra Vidyalaya students excellence in both academics and extracurricular activities, Boston team organized 2nd Annual 5K Walkathon on Aug 26th 2012 at Hopkinton State Park, MA to support the education of Visually challenged students. For pictures, please Click here

April 28th 2012

Earth Day - Cold Weather did not deter our park cleanup activity

The VT Seva Boston team of volunteers gathered at Ashland's Stone Park area bright and early by 9AM. We quickly registered VT Seva, signed the waiver form for children, collected the T-Shirts given out by Town of Ashland, grabbed some gloves and few big trash bags. We also mentioned the streets that'll we'll be collecting litter from and headed out to the assigned street. The weather was a little cold in the morning. Some kids wore layers or doubled their gloves, but that did not interrupt what they were here to accomplish that fine day. Youth aging from 3yrs to 16yrs joined this effort of making our Earth a beautiful and safer place to live in for all beings by removing the litter. Youth volunteers were very enthusiastic in picking up the litter and showed a great concern. No Poison Ivy or the thorny bushes stopped them from picking up the trash.

We would like to call out each individual youth volunteers and thank them for all their effort. They are our future and we are very proud of them - Vikram, Dakshin, Abhijith, Arjun, Akshitha, Sravya, Laura, Sara, Siddhu, Manoj, Haasini, Laasya, Sindhu, Swati, Anika.

We would like to appreciate Sravya Chary for motivating her friends from school to join this effort and being a role model for all the younger VT Seva volunteers. Your efforts to spread the awareness about VT Seva at your school and neighborhood are commendable.

We would like to personally thank all the adults, Mr. Simhalu, Mr. Murali Maqtedar family, Mr. Raghuram Samudrala family, Mr.Suresh Donepudi family, Mr. Chandra Reddivari family, Ms. Elasri Ganni, Ms. Aruna Bayya, Ms.Harisha, Ms.Madhu Chary for making this happen.

Panera bread generously donated some baked goods for this event. Special Thanks goes to Murali Maqtedar for coordinating this effort.

Murali is taking a lead by signing up VT Seva team for Project Bread - Walk for Hunger on May 6th 2012. This is a 20 mile walk and many volunteers have signed up for this walk as well. This is his 2nd year in taking this initiative. All the funds generated would help feed the hungry in the Massachusetts area. Murali was our official photographer for this earth day event.

Thank you one and all for your continued support.

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Oct 19th 2011

Boston chapter organizes "5K Walk for the Blind"

Commemorating World Sight Day, an annual day of awareness to focus global attention on blindness, visual impairment and rehabilitation, the New England chapter of VTSeva hosted a 5K Walk for the Blind on October 8th, 2011 at Hopkinton State Park in Hopkinton, MA. Through this event, we increased awareness and raised funds for the visually challenged and blind.

VTSeva volunteers gathered bright and early around 7AM on a beautiful Saturday morning to set up the tents and tables for the participants, map the trails, gather refreshments and begin the registration process.

What a great way to kick off the first 5K Walk for the Blind!! Unusual for this time of the year, the weather was warm, sunny and bright � shedding light on the volunteers and walkers in their collective efforts to help the visually challenged and blind envision the luminous future that life has in store for them.

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji sowed the seed to care for the blind. Families from all over Massachusetts energetically participated in this noble endeavor. It was truly inspiring to see people, young children and adults alike, coming together to help others in need across the world. The turnout for the event was great with over 75 people present.

Sometimes words are not enough to describe the enthusiasm of the people as they walked through the thick woods enjoying the beauty of New England autumn season with its splendor of changing foliage. Everyone contemplated the words of HH describing the visually challenged �Their fingers have eyes, Their ears have vision and Their hearts have courage�.

Needless to say, everyone had such a great time that no one wanted the day to end. All were most certainly looking forward to such events in the future.

Prajna students from the New England area helped spread the word in their schools and collected donations. The efforts of these children are truly commendable. Special thanks go to our sponsors, Panera Bread, Co., Shaw's Supermarket and Starbucks Coffee Co., for their valuable contributions of food and refreshments for the participants. Through generous donations from the participants, the walk raised over $3500. The enthusiasm and energy of the volunteers and participants not only made this event successful but also provided encouragement and motivation to the organizers to conduct such events in future.

For photos from the event, please click here

During your next visit to India, please make time to visit the schools run by VTSeva and witness for yourself all that these visually challenged children have been able to accomplish with the help of many volunteers and supporters around the globe.

Boston chapter organizes benefit show for Haiti Relief.
On March 6th 2010, VT Seva Boston organized a benefit show of the golden classic Indian movie 'Maya Bazaar' to raise funds for Haiti Earth Quake Relief. More than 250 viewers assembled at the theater to support the noble cause. Youngsters turned up in good numbers.

VT Seva volunteers educated the audience about the organization and it's various service activities around the world. The audience not only enjoyed the classical movie but also very much appreciated VT Seva's response to the disaster. Generous donors, who sighted the event as a good cause, pledged their support for it.

VT Seva Boston branch director, Ms. Padma Joginpalli and the team of dedicated volunteers organized the event in a short time and executed the event successfully. We would like to thank all the Boston VT Seva volunteers for their spirit of volunteerism and VT Seva Board for their guidance and support in a timely manner.

All the proceeds will be donated to UNICEF to aid the children affected by the Haiti Earthquake.

VT Seva is a 501(c)3 non profit organization

Copyright (c) 2009 VT Seva. All rights reserved.