• Oct 20, 2013

    VT Seva organizes Holiday collection drive to benefit local charity

    In the month of November, VT Seva Houston conducted a collection drive and donated food, toys, and clothing to the City Wide Club of Clubs, a local organization that provides social services to those in need.

    Thanks to the generous donations and contributions of the community, a substantial amount of all items were delivered just in time for the Thanksgiving holiday. In addition to toys, clothes, and winter wear, VT Seva Houston donated about 500 lbs of necessary food items.

    The City Wide Clubs of Clubs sent a letter of recognition and appreciation to VT Seva for the contributions made!

  • Oct 20, 2013

    VT Seva, Houston organizes awareness lecture on Breast Health

    VT Seva and the Indo-American Cancer Association Network (IACAN) joined hands to present “Breast Health 101: Prevent Breast Cancer or Detect It Early”. The event was organized at the Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple in Sugar Land was well attended. Ms. Kanchan Kabbad, President of IACAN, introduced IACAN and its work. This was followed by a presentation on VT Seva and its global activities by Dr. Aparna Tamirisa, VT Seva member. The Panel discussion was moderated by Dr. Julie Nangia, a breast oncologist and Assistant Professor of Oncology at the Baylor College of Medicine.

    Dr. Tamara Ortiz-Perez, an Assistant Professor of Radiology at the Baylor College of Medicine, presented a comprehensive talk on the different breast radiologic techniques and their role in early detection and diagnosis of breast cancer. Following this, the risk factors, prevalence trends, and treatment modalities for breast cancer were presented very succinctly and effectively by Dr. Polly Niravath, breast oncologist and Assistant Professor in the Department of Oncology at the Baylor College of Medicine.

    The presentations were followed by a video and talk by Mrs. Mona Bangia, a breast cancer survivor. Ms. Bangia gave a very moving account of her challenges when diagnosed with breast cancer.

    Following the presentations was an interactive question and answer session with the panel physicians in which the audience took an active part. A vote of thanks was given by IACAN board member Sarvesh Bhavaraju on behalf of VT Seva and IACAN, and the speakers were presented with a token of appreciation from both organizations. All in all, this proved to be a very effective and informative session for all attendees. VT Seva and IACAN intend to partner together and conduct many more such interactive programs for the education of the public on healthier living and early detection and treatment of common cancers.

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  • Sep 28, 2013

    VT Seva, Houston organizes 5K walk and Environmental Fair

    On the misty morning of Septmber 28th at the Oyster Creek Park in Sugar Land, the stage was set for the United Ecoskies VT Seva 5K Walk.

    As registrants rolled in, VT Seva members Satya Pappu, Sahitya Gadiraju and team were busy at the registration booth signing in participants. The morning started off with energetic music from the DJ and encouraging remarks from event emcee and VT Seva volunteer Nina Tamirisa to get all the participants ready for the walk ahead. This was followed by the opening of ceremonies by Sugar Land councilman Mr. Harish Jajoo who spoke very inspiring words about the environment and our role in maintaining a healthy and clean environment for all.

    Dr. Ranga Kandala, VT Seva Co-branch Director, presented a plaque to Mr. Jajoo on behalf of VT Seva in recognition of his support of the event and the organization. Mr. Jajoo in fact declared that the 5K walk would be an annual affair for the public. After Mr. Jajoo’s rousing speech, United Airlines’ Senior Environmental Specialist Mr. Michael Cotter spoke about the event and the United Ecoskies program. Dr. Sahitya Gadiraju, VT Seva Co-Branch Director, presented a plaque to Mr. Cotter on behalf of VT Seva in recognition of United Ecoskies’ commitment towards the community and the environment. VT Seva volunteers Radhika Sanamvenkata, Shashi Sanamvenkata, Aruna Gorantla and team who were the United employees responsible for helping obtain the United Ecoskies grant were also recognized on stage. ABC 13 news was on-site and they had interviews with both Mr. Jajoo and VT Seva Houston member Aparna Tamirisa as well as footage of the walkers in action.

    Walkers who completed the course were welcomed back to the main field with more energetic music and fun. There were environmental-based games, a snow cone machine, and activities on-site for children. Meanwhile, Bollywood Shake, a Bollywood Dance company, came to the event. Students from the company performed lively numbers for the audience. This was followed by an audience participation Bollywood Dance workshop for the walkers and event participants.

    Hats off to the VT Seva volunteers Vijay Jilledimudi, Raj Vakulabharanam and family, and Ravi Kotnis who managed the facilities for the entire event. Ms. Sobha and Dr. Prasad Gadiraju along with their team handled the food and concessions for all event participants. We are of course very thankful of the efforts of all of the VT Seva youth volunteers and to Mr. Cotter and his team from United who came forward and volunteered to make this a great event!

    Though the rain came off and on, spirits were high and all who came to the event left with the satisfaction that they got some great exercise and participated in an event dedicated towards the good of the environment.

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  • April 6, 2013

    Monthly Health Education Series - Cancer Prevention and Screening

    As part of the Monthly Health Education series, VT Seva organized a lecture on Cancer Prevention and Screening. Dr Ronjay Rakkhit, a famous oncologist, educated the audience about the various trends in cancer and the most common cancers among men and women. Dr Rakkhit instructed the audience about various symptoms they need to watch for and the timely tests they should undergo for cancer screening. He also gave the audience some life style tips to keep cancer at bay.

    Ms Kusum Vyas, founder of The Living Planet Foundation, was invited as the chief guest for the seminar. She congratulated VT Seva, Houston on all the wonderful work that the organization is doing towards promoting volunteerism in the community.

    The seminar was very well-received by one and all who looked forward to future medical seminars. You can download Dr Rakkhit's presentation here

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  • March 9, 2013

    Food Fair at the East Fort Bend Human Needs Ministry

    Bright and early on a Saturday morning, thirteen Prajna students and VT SEVA youth volunteers along with several parents participated in a Food Fair benefitting those in financial crisis. Basic food items were packed and delivered to families by volunteers. The youth were quite busy and happy about being able to serve the community.

    There was much enthusiasm from the youth and adult volunteers about continuing such service to the community in the future!

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  • March 3, 2013

    Introduction of VT SEVA to Prajna Houston students

    On March 3, 2013 Prajna Houston coordinators officially initiated VT SEVA into its regular curriculum for Prajna students. During this first session VT SEVA Houston volunteers were at the Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple to speak with all students from Prajna Modules 3 through 5 about VT SEVA.

    The session began with an introduction to the organization. Students were asked about what "service" meant to them with several enthusiastic replies. VT SEVA volunteers spoke about the importance of contributing by helping at home, service to their schools and temples, and service to the community at large. This was followed by a video on VT SEVA and its various service activities which was very well received by Prajna students and parents. Students and parents were informed about registering for the President Volunteer Service Award.

    The session ended with a fun game about various VT SEVA activities in which all the students participated with great zeal. Once a month VT SEVA will have a session during Prajna classes discussing various topics pertaining to VT SEVA's four main pillars. VT SEVA Houston will also be conducting a monthly community service activity for Prajna students to participate. It was great to see that Prajna students and parents alike are all ready to raise a helping hand towards the community!

  • March 2, 2013

    Monthly Health Education Series - Success without stress

    On March 2nd, the second of the Monthly Health Education series took place. Mr. Vivek Rajan, Art of Living foundation teacher, spoke with the audience about managing stress through breathing and meditative techniques as well as the proper perspective on stress in our daily lives. Mr. Rajan instructed on three breathing techniques, each with its unique effect--whether it be increasing our energy levels or calming the mind.

    The seminar was very well-received by one and all who looked forward to future medical seminars.

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  • Feb 2, 2013

    Monthly Health Education Series - Weight Management and Nutrition--A Medical and Holistic Approach

    VT SEVA Houston has initiated a Monthly Health Education Series which occurs on the first Saturday of each month. Our first of the series on February 2, 2013 was a seminar on weight management and nutrition from the medical and holistic perspectives.

    The seminar began with a very informative talk by Dr. Srinivasachary Tamirisa, M.D., F.A.C.O.G a well-known OB/Gyn to the community who discussed the topic of hormonal interplay in weight control. This was followed by a thought-provoking talk by Intergrative Medicine Practitioner Dr. Richarita Gundlapalli who spoke about a holistic approach to nutrition and weight management. Finally, Dr. Deepa Vasudevan, family practitioner and Associate Professor at the University of Texas at Houston Medical School, gave a very enlightening talk on weight and health implications.

    Informational brochures regarding various topics in weight management such as maintaining a healthy diet, calorie counting, blood glucose testing and diabetes control were displayed for the audience to take with them. A representative from Novamax, manufacturer of blood glucose monitors, was present with several informational brochures on diet and diabetes as well as free blood glucose monitors for all. The talks were followed by a question and answer session for the audience. The seminar was well attended with much interest and enthusiasm from the attendees.

    The physician speakers were then recognized by VT SEVA volunteers with the presentation of certificates of appreciation. VT SEVA thanks the board members of Sri Ashtalakshmi Temple for graciously providing the venue for this series.

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  • Nov 17, 2012

    Hurrincane Sandy Flood Relief

    With a deep sense of urge, Houston VT SEVA volunteers rallied together to hold a relief effort to raise money for victims in need. Many volunteers and donors had personal connections as family and friends in the northeast were affected by the storm. The event was held at the Ashthalakshmi Temple Diwali Raas-Garba event.

    A booth was set up with posters and volunteers talked to the attendees about the disastrous impact of the storm and the different areas of need. The funds raised were donated to the American Red Cross.

  • Nov 17, 2012

    VT Seva volunteers sort food supplies at Food Bank

    While most children were out enjoying the unusually warm weather in the month of November, several Houston VT SEVA volunteers were working hard sorting out donated food supplies at the East FortBend Human Needs Ministry.

    Close to the holidays, there were a surplus of boxes, and one by one they were meticulously sorted out by type of product and date. The volunteers really enjoyed themselves knowing that their physical efforts went to helping those in need.

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  • Nov 10, 2012

    VT Seva volunteers Spread Awareness

    On the evening of November 10, 2012 a crowd of more than 7000 people gathered for the ZEE Music Masala Diwali Mela in Sugar Land, Texas. The VT SEVA Houston Chapter arranged for a table at the event.

    While some VT SEVA volunteers were working together to educate passersby about VT SEVA and its activities, other volunteers were conducting fun-filled games and activities with prizes. Many stopped by to learn about VT SEVA and sign up to become volunteers. Table volunteers were of all ages with students from middle school and high school to adult volunteers. It proved to be great fun for all!!! We look forward to many such events in the future working together for a wonderful cause.

    For more photos from the event, please click here

  • APRIL 22, 2012

    Earth Day 2012: Nurturing Plants, Earthday Quizzes & more

    On a warm, sunny day in Houston VT SEVA volunteers and Houston's Prajna children assembled for Earth Day Activities at the Sri Asthalakshmi Temple. About 100 children and adults gathered together to participate in Earth Day activities. The event began with an introduction to the Earth Day Program by Master of Ceremonies and VT SEVA Co-Branch Director Ranga Kandala. This was followed by a presentation on VT SEVA by Co-Branch Director Sahitya Gadiraju. VT SEVA volunteer Aparna Tamirisa then spoke about the history and significance of Earth Day and conducted a series of Earth Day quizzes with prizes for the children. The program concluded with a speech by VT SEVA Webmaster Vijay Jilledimudi where he introduced the next activity of the day, the Nurture-a-Plant Program. He also introduced all attendess to the VT SEVA Adopt-a-Street Program and invited everyone to join VT SEVA Houston's summer activities.

    As part of the Nurture-a-Plant program kids brought pots to plant vegetable and flower seeds. The soil and seeds were provided by VT SEVA. This program was very well received with great enthusiasm from the children and parents. The idea of the Nurture-a Plant Program is for the children and their families to nurture their plant to maturity with the eventual goal of creating a VT SEVA greenhouse.

  • Oct 16th 2011

    Run with the Bulls - 5K Run for Netra Vidyalaya

    On a bright and early Sunday morning VT Seva, Houston joined 3500 runners and 1000 spectators in a 5K run, hosted by The Houston Texans and The Methodist Hospital - everyone raising money for their own causes. Thanks to your efforts, the VT Seva Houston chapter was able to reach its goal of $20,000 raised (with some extra dollars to spare). The funds will be used towards schools for the visually impaired and towards obtaining a permanent mobile diagnostic laboratory - Two of the main areas VT Seva focuses on.

    The Houston chapter of VT Seva also continues to support charity efforts here in Houston.

    • We donated $10,000 to The Star of Hope Mission, a local non-profit organization that is dedicated to meeting the needs of homeless men, women, and their children.
    • We organized a free health fair. The focus being screening and education.
    • We organized a food drive and donated 500 lbs of food to the Houston food bank

    We have many projects planned for the future and we hope to count on your continued support. Together, we can achieve a better life for all!

VT Seva is a 501(c)3 non profit organization

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