• Feb 27th, 2016

    UTSAV - 2016

    UTSAV 2016 - Much to its coined name, Feb 27th, 4th Anniversary VTSeva Seattle Charity evening was a grand Utsavam (Celebration) to all the people in Seattle. It was truly inspiring to see all the nonprofit organizations in Seattle have come together to celebrate this event and support in reaching the goal of empowering 300 children of Jeeyar Gurukulam with education and complete care for one full year.

    Event started off with our Key note speaker HH Sri Sri Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji, chief guest Mr. Teju Ravilochan, and guests of honor JETUSA past treasurer Mr. Sarmaji and Sriman Venkatesan Iyengar Swami lighting the lamp to kick start the wonderful evening as also symbolizing VTSeva's movement of taking the underprivileged from darkness to light through Service in the form of Education. It was accompanied by a Vedic prayer in the voice of Sriman Venkatesan Iyengar Swami, expressing the wishes of our volunteers to 'Serve All Beings as Service to God'. It was then followed by a peace prayer and rendition of American National Anthem by Emcee's and PRAJNA students of VTSeva.

    The two highlights of this year's UTSAV event is HH Sri Sri Ahobila Jeeyar Swamiji gracing the occasion and delivering keynote speech to motivate the volunteers and supporters, and also to have Mr. Teju Ravilochan, CEO and co-founder of Unreasonable Institute sharing the experiences of his journey in serving people across the world, his projects are impacting 8 million lives. HH Swamiji shared the vision of VT Seva founder HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji with the audience and elucidated about the source of the inspiration - Sri Ramanujacharya, the greatest social reformer born 1000 years ago.

    For UTSAV 2016, the team engaged more than 400 generous hearts to support the VT Seva pillar of Education. The specific project taken up by Seattle for this year is to support the education of at least 300 underprivileged tribal students, studying at schools in Allampalli and Beersaipeta of Adilabad district, Telangana, India. As children are our future and VT Seva believes in empowering them with the values of volunteering and philanthropy. VT Seattle volunteers have been working tirelessly for the last 4 months in engaging performers, raising funds and guiding the youth volunteers for Emceeing, skits and performances. It has been a great year in working together with other organizations like WATG and leveraging VTSeva's framework of volunteerism, transparency and network.

    The program was a great success with all the selected few performances of the event, later in the event VTSeva Organizing Secretary Mr. Kiran Vangala provided update on all VTSeva activities across the world. VTSeva Seattle would like to thank all the participants, volunteers and other organizations especially WATG, WATS, Mana Samskriti, HSS, WATA, HTCC, Samskriti Bharathi for their support for this event.

    The program was concluded by high energetic performances from UW student’s programs followed by Indian National Anthem, a surprise event Flash Mob outside the auditorium which was so well received that everyone participated regardless of the age.

  • June 21, 2015

    Help Nepal Volleyball Tournament

    VT Seva Seattle team conducted volley ball tournament for VTSWORLD Help Nepal campaign. Total 6 teams (5 per team) participated in the tournament and each of the participant donated $32 to provide shelter for a family in Nepal. 60 to 70 people attended the tournament and helped to spread the message of VTSEVA.

  • May 16, 2015

    Northwest Harvest Food Drive

    VTSeva Settle team volunteers and Pragna students volunteered at Northwest Harvest food bank and packed 6850 Pounds of rice. Northwest Harvest is Washington's own statewide hunger relief agency. Their mission is to provide nutritious food to hungry people statewide in a manner that respects their dignity, while fighting to elihttp://www.vtsword.org/chapters/parsippany/images/feedmystarvingchildrenApril232016.jpgate hunger. Their vision is that ample nutritious food is available to everyone in Washington State. Every year VTSEVA and Pragna students at Northwest Harvest and do food drive to eradicate hunger from Northwest.

  • Please Help Jeeth - Goal Reached

    Dear Friends,

    It gives us immense pleasure to let you all know that we all have successfully raised the funds required to help Jeeth. A lot of people from different parts of the world have come together and supported this campaign. We will keep you posted on his health condition. Thank you again for your generous support, we truly appreciate your kind heart and generosity.

    VT Seva, Seattle Team.

  • Oct 11, 2014

    Seattle organizes UTSAV - Celebrating the "Spirit of Service"

    What started a three years ago as a small mission to support a few visually challenged kids has transformed into a mass movement through annual event "UTSAV" in Seattle. UTSAV was a tremendous success with participation of 108 children and attendance of over 650 generous people believing in the cause.
    Click here for pictures. Watch video of VT Seva CEO HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji's message on the occasion.

    Thank you again Seattle for love, encouragement and support!

    For pictures from the event, Please Click here.

  • Sep, 2014

    VTSeva Supports education of orphan children at Coimbatore

    With support from generous donors in Seattle, VTSeva seattle branch has donated $10K towards Universal Peace Foundation. Universal Peace foundation is a Charitable non-profitable trust in Coimbatore that is home for about 225 orphans and underprivileged poorest of the poor children, a home for the destitute and differently abled persons and home for the uncared aged persons. VT Seva Seattle with support from local community will keep extending it's support to help these needy children.

  • Please Help Vaibhav - Goal Reached

    Dear Friends,

    Thank you for stepping up to save Vaibhav and many more in the past, we’ve received donation from 100+ donors from different parts of the world, be it big or small donation, but it’s truly a motivating factor that 100+ people have responded to serve the one in need. Our volunteers in Bangalore are in touch with Sagar hospital and Vaibhav’s family, the doctors have confirmed that Vaibhav is now out of danger, but will take a long time to heal and get back to normal. The funds raised will be provided for vaibhav’s treatment as he recovers and we will keep you posted on Vaibhav’s health.

    We are now ending this campaign and will keep you updated on the developments.

    Thank you again for your generous support, we truly appreciate your kind heart and generosity.

    VT Seva, Seattle Team.

  • Please Help Srishanth - Goal Reached

    Dear Friends,

    It gives us immense pleasure to let you all know that we all have successfully raised the funds required to help Srisanth go for his surgery. A lot of people from different parts of the world have come together and supported this campaign. The doctors at Global hospital are working on the final date for surgery. We will keep you posted on his health condition.

    Thank you again for your generous support, we truly appreciate your kind heart and generosity.

    VT Seva, Seattle Team.

  • Oct 26, 2013

    Seattle funds Netra Vidyalaya school students by organizing ‘UTSAV’ – Celebrate Success of the Blind

    VT Seva Seattle team had a wonderful opportunity to organize a fantastic musical & cultural event on Oct 26th, 2013 to benefit the visually challenged students at Netra Vidyalaya, Visakhapatnam, A.P.

    Utsav 2012 was a grand success last year, where we raised funds to sponsor all the children with our “$1 a day per student, $365 for entire year” sponsor scheme. We had an attendance of 250 back in 2012. We wanted to repeat the same success this year. We rented Skyline High School, Issaquah auditorium for the event. Once again, Seattle patrons have opened up their large hearts and supported the event with a lot of generosity. This year, out attendance jumped to 400. We are happy let you know that we are close to not only sponsoring all the children, but also take on all the expenses of the school i.e. the school is completely funded by Seattle team! We stuck to our goal of 100% of the funds raised (from individuals and businesses) for the event will go towards the cause with ZERO OVERHEAD.

    We started planning for the event right after VT Seva CEO HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji’s visit in July. We started building the event based on our experience from last year. This year, we expanded our volunteer base and formed into several teams that were responsible for different activities. Mr. Reddy Duggempudi, Mr. Kiran Vangala and and Mr. Anil Reddy were the core committee that drove the agenda/logistics of the program. Ms. Sumitha, Ms. Mahathi, Ms. Vardhani planned the cultural performances. We encouraged several youth to participate in the cultural activities. Mr. Raghu Konda, Mr. Ram and Ms. Mala Polisetty kept everyone on their toes with their due diligence in making sure that we got everything taken care of. Mr. Srikanth Boinapalli and Mr. Mohan spent time in evangelizing the event at several Microsoft campuses and local businesses.

    Evening started off with a social hour where children had face painting and henna lead by our youth volunteers Chi. Sri Lasya, Chi. Mamatha, Chi. Sindu, Chi. Shriya and Chi Krithi. We projected several pictures about Netra Vidyalaya and Parameswar Rao’s Padutha theeyaga program in the waiting hall. Mr. Aditya and Mr. Ram diligently took care of the funds near the entrance ($10/person – 100% went to the cause). They encouraged the attendees to apply for matching funds from their employers. Ms. Avi Ravanshi helped out ushering the decorations. Stage decorations were fantastic this year with the help of Ms. Gowri, Ms. Gayathri, Ms. Mahathi, Ms. Sumitha and several others.

    We started the program with the amazing poetry about visually challenged child by Mr. Pranav which moved the audience hearts. Following that by Bharatanatyam about Ganesha by little ones. Ms. Sumithaji welcomed the audience to Utsav. MCs of the program were Ms. Aparna and Ms. Gayathri. They were spot on with their sense of humor and filled the air with their warm commentary about the Netra Vidyalaya and the students. We had a fantastic group of youngsters, Awaaz group, from University of Washington that sang several songs including music. Audience were enthralled by their performance. Mr. Reddy Duggempudi gave an update about Seattle VT Seva activities. The pinnacle of the program was when we played the message from HH Sri Swamiji addressing the Seattle audience. Mr. Srinivas Khedam and Ms. Ramya (co-ordinator of Prajna Seattle) worked with Prajna students, who came and educated the audience about what Prajna is about and the values they are learning from it. We had a play about the hardships that visually impaired people are facing today in the society. We invited three guests of honor – Ms. Prapanna Vaisarada, US Prajna teacher trainer, Mr. Viswa Prasad, CEO of PeopleTech and People Media group; Ms. Vandana Slater, first Indian running for office in Bellevue city council. They delivered a short and sweet inspiring message to audience to volunteer and support the causes of VT Seva. We had a fashion show by the ladies that uplifted the values and the respect we showed to the woman in our society. There were Kuchipudi thillana, Bharatanatyam dances by several children and adults. We peppered the program with songs by Awaaz group and audience sponsored several songs ranging from $50 to $500. Amazing response from audience made the atmosphere more electric.

    Netra Vidyalaya students sent us handmade pieces of art which we distributed as our mementos for the event for the participants. They were surprised and super happy about how good the art work is. Father son duo – Mr. Anil Reddy and Chi. Sai were the genius behind the audio setup at the event in a large auditorium. Mr. Ramesh and Chi. Anurag took care of the photography. Mr. Thirumal Rao took videography. Mr. Anil also delivered the vote of thanks. We ended the program with all of us together singing the national anthems of both USA and India at the end of the program. Mr. Anil and Mr. Jayapal Reddy worked with several local business which came forward in sponsoring the event. 100% of these funds are also given to the cause.

    One of the highlights of the Utsav 2012, was the food we served. This year is no exception. We volunteered for food preparation at Vedic Cultural Center for a crowd of 450. Mr. Reddy Duggempudi was responsible for the planning and preparing the food. We started the event with an appetizer and ended the event with a delicious dinner with couple of curries, pulav, raita and sweet. It took an army of volunteers (Mr. Raghu, Mr. Kiran, Ms. Sumathi, Ms. Mahathi, Mr. Mohan, Mr. Siva, Mr. Umesh, Mr. Raju, Mr. Som, Mr. Kiran’s parents Mr. & Mrs. Indra Sena Reddy and several others) in cutting veggies, cooking the delicacies and finally cleaning a ton of dishes. Food was a super hit! People were very happy with the quality, amazing taste of the food we served - that too free!!

    Everyone who attended the program appreciated the volunteers for the hard work and had a blast at the event. Seattle team is looking forward for many opportunities like this in future to walk in the path that Swamiji has showed us in making a difference in the lives of the needy people in the world.

    For more photos from the event, Please Click here.

  • March 2013

    Bone Marrow Drives

    Seattle team in partnership with SAMAR has organized Bone Marrow Drives in Bothell and Sammamish on March 9th and 10 the respectively. Around 200 people have come forward on the site and many more have expressed interest in pursuing it.

    Due to the positive response of community and need for more awareness, another drive is planned for April 13th.

  • Please help Sai Kusuma - Goal Reached.

    Dear Friends,

    We want to Thank you for your donation to Sai Kusuma Cancer treatment. We are floored with the response that we have received towards Sai’s treatment. Thank you for all your compassion and generosity. It’s only because of people like you, We strongly believe that there is hope and love in this world.

    Here’s update on little Sai Kusuma:
    • Sai Kusuma is currently getting the treatment in Vellore Christian Hospital
    • VT Seva transferred Rs. 400,000 to the hospital in December last week and remaining money Rs 300,000 will be transferred by next week.
    • Cancer treatment is draining her energy, however she is active, fun and preparing herself to school

    We thank you for your generosity and support.

  • Oct 6 2012

    UTSAV - A fusion evening to empower visually challenged kids with quality education

    VT Seva Seattle team had a wonderful opportunity to organize “UTSAV” on October 6th, 2012 to celebrate the success of visually challenged students from Netravidyalaya at Vizianagaram, AP, India. The school was awarded the Best in India at the sports and cultural meet organized by National Association for the Blind in Mumbai. UTSAV was a fantastic fusion musical & cultural event and was successful in raising awareness and funds for the visually challenged students. Click here for the pictures of the event.

    The seeds for UTSAV planning started on an unusual sunny afternoon in Seattle few months ago, when VTSEVA Seattle organizers Mr. Srinivas, Mr. Reddy, Mr. Aravind & Mr. Kiran met to discuss how they can utilize the wonderful team of volunteers and come up with a program to support the mission of VT Seva, and within a few weeks the paper napkin ideas turned into reality. The volunteers came up with many concepts with a great enthusiasm and everything

    The initial expected attendance was between 150-200 people, but the turnout for the evening was 250. For the first attempt of a public event in Seattle by VT Seva, everyone acknowledged that it was a great success. The initial modest goal was to raise fund to support at least 30 children, but with the confidence gained during next few weeks, the goal was revised to support 50 children. But with sincere efforts of dynamic duo of Mr. Kiran and Mr. Reddy and great encouragement of the local community of generous donors, more funds were raised to support the education of entire school (108 students) for visually challenged at Vizianagarm and also to improve the infrastructure (such as Braille printers, laptops and other facilities) with the help of corporate matching from Microsoft.

    The evening program started with the invocation prayer by a group of young artists. The Chief Guest, Mr. Hari Vilas Prabhu and and Guest of Honor, Mr. Sarabjit Singh gave encouraging and inspiring messages to the audiences. The young leaders, Mr. Pranav and Ms. Lasya took over from there and did a fantastic job as emcees in enthralling the audience throughout the evening. They were very articulate and talented that nobody believed that it was their debut as emcees for a major program. In the first hour, very talented youngsters captured the attention of the audience with beautiful items of Bharatanatyam, Kuchipudi and Folk dances. Half way through the program, the VT SEVA directors, Mr. Srinivas Khedam and Mr. Reddy Duggempudi spoke about the VT Seva vision, accomplishments and inspired all the audience to support the mission of VT Seva Seattle. Using his doctorate background of education leadership, Mr. Srinivas a quick and inspiring presentation on why one has to care for another in society. He shared about how VT Seva visionary HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji is inspiring thousands of volunteers in doing it and how it becomes our moral & ethical responsibility to support this mission. The Secretary of VT Seva, Mr. Krishna Kanth gave a wonderful message to the audience about VT Seva’s empowerment of the youth to volunteer & lead service activities and provided details on US President Volunteer Service Award Program certification to VT Seva. He shared the accomplishment of VT Seva standing 3rd out of 2500 organizations in Chase Community Giving Campaign by popular choice. Audience was really surprised and thrilled to hear HH Sri Swamiji’s video message especially for this event. The message inspired audience immensely.

    The evening was filled with variety of programs like classical dances, film music, folk dances, short play, and vocal performances by very talented artists of different ages. The last 30 minutes of the program sparked audience with melodious old Telugu and Hindi songs by the performers. The emcees Mr. Pranav and Ms. Lasya used this opportunity greatly and encouraged audience to sponsor and dedicate ach song. The crafts and clay work (handmade by visually challenged students) were sent around to audience to make them experience the creativity and vision of the Netravidyalaya students. Within 45 minutes we were able to raise more than $5000. This was a certainly a great conclusion to the performance part of the evening.

    Now coming to thanksgiving, Ms. Vardhani took the responsibility of putting together the cultural event and she worked tirelessly coordinating with different artists. Her work was remarkable as she carefully selected high quality performers and also young children with talent and commitment to perform in a fundraising event.

    The dynamic duo Kiran & Reddy were proactive in encouraging many people to pledge for sponsorships. In one month time they were able to find 50 individual sponsors. At that point, team became optimistic of reaching the goal of 100 sponsorships. Mr. Jayapal Reddy worked diligently bringing onboard all the sponsors ranging from educational institutions to grocery stores. Ms. Mala worked diligently to find an optimal venue for this occasion and all her hard work was paid off when she signed up ‘Redmond Senior Center’ which had all the facilities and in middle of everywhere.

    With weekly conference calls, and great coordination the team was able to build extended volunteer group. Every volunteer took responsibility for different tasks and fulfilled the responsibility with a great dedication. Ms. Mahathi and Mr. Anil Reddy rallied the youth participation by engaging them with volunteering at the event.

    First of all, Seattle team offers humble gratitude to VT Seva founder HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji for his inspiration, support and encouragement through service activities. Team is grateful to all the local volunteers who worked tirelessly for more than a month to make this program happen in a successful way. Also, team offers thanks to the VT Seva volunteers all around the world, especially Vizianagaram team of volunteers who take care of the Netravidyalaya. Your encouragement was definitely a big booster for us in making this event a successful one.

    The Seattle team is looking forward for many opportunities in future to walk in the path that VT Seva has showed in making a difference in the lives of the underprivileged anywhere in the world.

    Please Click here for photos from the event.

  • Please help Tarun Campaign - Goal reached.

    Dear Friends, With your support, we raised the funds needed to help Tarun undergo Allogenic Peripheral blood Stem cell transplant (PBST) and save his life.

    If you would like to know more updates about Tarun, please Contact us

    If you would like to know more about Tarun's health issue, please Click here

    We thank you for your generosity and support.

  • April, 2012

    Earth Day, Every day in Ever Green State

    The VT Seva Seattle group of volunteers joined together to clean up a neighborhood park in City of Sammamish. We teamed up with Sammamish City personnel from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM for this Earth Day park cleanup activity. Adult volunteers helped to clean up the trash bins, picnic tables, barbecue stations and walls of a shaded area. The youngsters and children picked up the broken branches and cleared the walkways. Some adults also removed the weeds in the garden and helped with other garden activities. It was a wonderful experience to all those who participated, and city personnel appreciated them all. We combined this event with picnic, and children enjoyed playing games after traditional Indian style luncheon (Pulihora, Daddojanam, Fruit Salad, etc).

    We signed up to help with the clean up throughout the year and are looking forward to be instrumental in protecting our environment in our neighborhood. Children were also educated about how much dependent we are on environment and how we can work together to keep it clean and safe.

    Here is the link to all earth day photos

  • Jan 7, 2012

    VT Seva voluteers at Northwest Harvest food house

    At the Northwest Harvest Food warehouse, 25 memebrs of VT Seva volunteered in packing around 7,500 lbs. of pasta shells. All the volunteers had so much fun that there was an immediate request to have an event again. Reddy, the Seattle branch director is working on scheduling more.

    The Northwest Harvest Food Bank has been very appreciative of the continuing support of VT Seva.

    Please click here for photos from the event.

  • Dec 9 2011

    Seattle volunteers organize food drive for the holidays

    VT Seva organized a food drive to support the Northwest Harvest food bank The team encouraged their families, friends, colleagues and neighbors to get involved in the food drive.

    A total of 500 lbs. of non-perishable food like canned vegetables, canned fruits, beans etc has been collected.
    This food will feed 300-400 people.

    Please click here for photos from the event.

  • Dec 2011

    VT Seva supports Orphanage

    VT Seva Seattle (Done through Abhayaprada) has donated Rs. 50,000 to Cheers Foundation orphanage towards school fees for orphaned children.

  • Dec 2011

    Abhayaprada is now part of VT Seva, Seattle

    VT Seva welcomes the volunteers of Abhayaprada. Abhayaprada has been dissolved and now and its service activities will be done through VT Seva.

    For the last 15 years, the volunteers of Abhayaprada have been supporting various social causes such as supporting kidney/heart operations, providing education, food. medicines, scholarships to orphan chidren.

    Srinivas & Kiran, the founding members of Abhayaprada, will now be the branch director for VT Seva Seattle and the coordinator for the pillar of education.

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