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29th September,2016 : VTSeva Charlotte Summer camp for teaching children STEM subjects

Kudos to Charlotte youth volunteers of VT SEVA and their parents who successfully organized a first summer camp for teaching children STEM subjects from 6/27/16 to 7/1/16 while raising funds for Netra Vidyalaya. It is certainly inspiring to see kids use their passion and knowledge to share the same and also supporting a great cause.

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9th November, 2014 : VT Seva Charlotte Walkathon 

On Sunday 11/9 the first Charlotte VT SEVA walk-a-thon and fun games festival happened from 1.30 PM to 4.00 PM. About 70 people attended the event. Even though the event was conceived just a couple of weeks ago, the children planned and worked for the event with the help of adult volunteers to get everything ready in time. One of the student volunteers, Priya started off the event by welcoming all the participants and introducing the four volunteer chess coaches Steve, Cameron, Suraj and Daniel who have been volunteering teaching chess for the past couple of years raising funds for the school for visually challenged. These volunteer coaches spoke of the importance of volunteering and the benefits such as leadership and communication skills they acquired while volunteering for VT SEVA. Another student volunteer Soumya spoke about the damage to the Netra vidyalaya caused by Hudhud cyclone. Few Student volunteers displayed posters depicting various VT SEVA service activities across the world. A few school children sold Lemonade and food to raise funds for VT SEVA at the event. Many other children and adults volunteered at the event helping with setup, packing etc.

All the participants then started off the walk in the mild afternoon weather. All of them had a good time and enjoyed each other’s company. Children organized some fun games such as tug of war, musical chairs, and sponge bucket making it interesting. It was a memorable afternoon for all the participants, and volunteers.

Kudos to Kalpana Gottiparthiji of Charlotte VTSeva team for conducting their first walk-a-thon and promoting VTSeva causes and also raising about $1500 towards Hudhud cyclone relief operations. It's amazing to see how so much was organized within a week. Thanks to SriGowri, branch director of VTSeva Dallas for guidance and support.

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Charlotte Branch Director:Ms. Kalpana Nellutla | Email: charlotte.director@vtsworld.org |  phone: (704) 244-1516

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