Volunteering Together for Service

​​​​​​​​VT SEVA

treasurer: Ms. Sumana Garlapati 
Phone: 734-560-5056 
Email: treasurer@vtsworld.org

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ViCE President: Ms. SriGowri Koduri 
Phone: 817-454-4766 
Email: vicepresident@vtsworld.org
Advisor : Mr. Sarma Allaki ​
​                 Ms. Aparna Kamatam
secretary: Mr. Kiran Vangala
Phone: 513-315-5719
Email: secretary@vtsworld.org

For any enquiries or interest in volunteering, projects, partnerships, corporate matching grants, sponsorship opportunities, new chapters, please contact: president@vtsworld.org, secretary@vtsworld.org, gifts@vtsworld.org

For enquiries related to the website, please contact webmaster@vtsworld.org. 

To contact our sister organization, VT India, please click here 

PRESIDENT: Mr. Krishna Kanth Vennamaneni 
Phone: 972-935-8955
Email: president@vtsworld.org

Because of You, We Serve. 
Because of You, We Empower. 
Because of You, We Save Lives. 
Because of You, We Don't Give Up!

Your Support is Our Strength to Serve!

*All donations are tax deductible. Fed Tax ID # 80-0271287 

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jOINT sECRETARY: Ms. Madhavi Donepudi 
Phone: 508-881-7768
Email: jointsecretary@vtsworld.org
joint treasurer: Mr. Murali Duggirala 
Phone: 609-642-4262 
Email: treasurer@vtsworld.org
jOINT sECRETARY: Dr. Reena Bommasani 
Phone: 703-867-2713 
Email: jointsecretary@vtsworld.org

Mailing Address  :        VT Seva

                                             PO BOX 406

                                             Princeton Junction 

                                             New Jersey