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Current Projects

Educating and Empowering the Blind using latest technology

Netra College                 Netra Vidyalaya

VT Seva empowers visually impaired youth by providing them free quality education with the best use of latest technology. VT Seva supports a school and a college for the blind students. The students are provided complete care with free quality education, accommodation, food, clothes and primary medical care. The students are educated using computers equipped with Braille software and Braille printers.

The school at Vizianagaram houses about 110 students up to 10th grade. The students are also provided vocational training to nourish their extra curricular skills. The Nethra Vidyalaya Junior College at Hyderabad is first of its kind in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India with 57 students and 16 member faculty. The unique and revolutionary achievement of the organization is making the blind students self reliant by not only providing the best facilities but also empowering them to appear for exams with out any help of the scribes. The final results proved that the students performed better when they were allowed to use laptops on their own instead of relying on scribes to write exams on a paper. The students of the school also won state level prizes in sports and other accolades in various other activities. Read More ...

Transforming the lives of Tribals through quality education

Care on Wheels

VT Seva has established schools in rural areas infested by extremist activities, where even government officials fear to step in! Free education, boarding and accommodation are provided to these underprivileged children. As the tribal communities live in remote forests, they lack basic facilities such as drinking water, transport, schools and telecommunication networks.

It is a challenging task to provide education without building the basic infrastructure . VT Seva has taken responsibility to build a drinking water plant, lay roads, provide education, food, accommodation, clothes for Free. The places which were deprived basic necessities are now equipped with advanced computer labs and science labs along with dedicated and competent faculty. VT Seva is acting as Power House by reaching out to the tribals and transforming their lives by building entire infrastructure to educate them. Model citizens are being developed who otherwise may have gone in the wrong path. Read More ...

Cancer outreach programs for early detection and awareness

VT Seva has organized Cancer awareness programs in USA, India and Australia. Youngsters enthusiastically led these programs by dedicating their time and talents with real passion. The volunteers have conducted walkathons in various cities to promote Cancer awareness and reached out to the rural areas to perform cancer pre-screening tests and surveys.

At least 25% of the people screened turned out positive with few of them in advanced stages. Because of the passionate volunteerism of the youngsters, many lives are saved. Various hospitals, mayors and other like minded organizations have joined VT Seva's efforts to volunteer together for this noble cause. Read More ...



Environmental Awareness and Protection

VT Seva has organized Earth day awareness events around the world with the purpose of spreading awareness about conserving our natural resources, recycling and to lead an earth friendly life style. Read More...



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