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Educating and Empowering the Blind using latest technology

The immediate requirements for this project are:

  • Sustain the education of currently enrolled 203 students with free accommodation, food, study material, clothes and primary medical care. $480 per student per year.
    • Netra Vidyalaya School, Vizianagaram – 101 students
    • Netra Junior College, Hyderabad - 66 students
    • Netra Degree College, Hyderabad – 36 students
  • 2 sets of School uniform per student - $16 per year per student
  • Thirty Five (35) laptops. A standard laptop with core2duo processor, 2GB RAM, Network Port, WI-Fi enabled, a quiescent Headphone set and standard accessories, Windows7 (Ultimate) Operating System. Price/Cost for each laptop with mentioned OS - $500
  • For above 35 laptops, Multi–user licenses for a standard Screen Reader Package: License of JAWS latest version (software) from Freedom Scientific, for all the laptops. Price/Cost per item -$200
  • Student excursions, twice a year
  • Setup corpus fund for continuing to support the schools and college

VT Seva empowers visually impaired youth by providing them free quality education with the best use of latest technology. VT Seva runs a school and a college for the blind students. The students are provided complete care with free quality education, accommodation, food, clothes and primary medical care. The students are educated using computers equipped with Braille software and Braille printers.

The school at Vizianagaram houses about 101 students up to 10th grade. The students are also provided vocational training to nourish their extra curricular skills. The Nethra Vidyalaya Junior & Degree College at Hyderabad is first of its kind in the state of Andhra Pradesh, India with 102 students and 16 member faculty. The unique and revolutionary achievement of the organization is making the blind students self reliant by not only providing the best facilities but also empowering them to appear for exams with out any help of the scribes. The final results proved that the students performed better when they were allowed to use laptops on their own instead of relying on scribes to write exams on a paper. The students of the school also won state level prizes in sports and other accolades in various other activities.

Few youngsters from USA have volunteered their time and talents at the Blind College in Hyderabad. Two students Mr. Akhil Chandra and Mr. Bharani Pusukur stayed at the college from 28th July to 9th August and volunteered their services to the blind students.

In their own words - "We love how this type of free education is available to these students! We enjoy volunteering here, for, the students here actually want to learn more about the world and they are well informed in whatever subjects they are currently studying. After we took a class we felt excited because the students understood what we were saying. They wrote 3-4 pages of notes and we got a first hand experience of what it means to teach these students. Teachers are so good and doing a wonderful job! Computer is a boon for these students"

VT Seva encourages you to volunteer your time, talents and support to make a difference in the lives of these talented and differently gifted students.

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Students taking exams using Laptops without aid of any scribes

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