​VT Seva Detroit celebrated International Day of Yoga : June 25th, 2017

 VT Seva Detroit in association with Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh USA Isha Foundation and Art of Living - Michigan celebrated 3rd International Day of Yoga. Ms Kitty Prasad Kitty Prasad has taken a wonderful yoga introduction class. people really got impressed and inspired. started to enquire Ms Kitty about Yoga and to continue the practice daily.

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VT Seva Detroit Volunteering in Forgotten Harvest: May 6th, 2017

 VT Seva Detroit volunteers supported Forgotten Harvest in sorting the food for about 3 hours. We sorted about 6180 pounds of food.

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VT Seva Detroit Volunteered at Gleaners Community Food Bank  : April, 8th, 2017

 VT Seva Detroit Team Volunteered in Gleaner's Food Bank We collectively stamped about 10000 packets which would in turn raise about 50,000 pounds of food Gleaners Community Food Bank

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 VT Seva Detroit Joining hands in "Stamp out Hunger Project" : March, 2017


   VT Seva Detroit Volunteers joining hands with Stamp Out Hunger Project with Gleaners Community Food Bank This volunteering activity is done on every Sunday in the month of March.

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VT Seva Detroit supporting Mercado Food Hub , Feb 18th,2017

VTSeva Detroit volunteered to support Mercado Food Hub We joined Mercado Food hub's pantry program of Gleaners Community Food Bank helping around 50 families. The food is distributed absolutely free. Our volunteers got a wonderful first hand experience in directly serving the people in need. We understood how the system works here and who all are getting benefited with this program and the impact Ford Resource and Engagement Center is making.

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VT Seva Detroit Volunteered in Gleaners Community Food Bank  Feb 4th,2017

VT Seva Detroit volunteers helped in sorting and packing food in Gleaners Community Food Bank at Pontiac, Volunteer coordinator is surprised to see the overwhelming response from VTSeva volunteers with in a short notice.

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VT Seva Detroit 1st Annual Event "Ra:s" April 23rd
VT Seva Detroit 1st Annual Event "Ra:s" was Celebrated on April 23rd 2016. The main focus is to raise awareness, get involved in community service and raise funds for visually challenged kids in Nethra Vidyalaya. HH Sri Tridandi Devanath Jeeyar swami ji, delegate of VT Seva CEO HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji blessed the event with lighting the lamp and motivated every one of the importance of volunteering. VT Seva president Dr. Ramakrishna Prasad Pinnamaneni & community leader Dr. Mukkamala Apparao attended the Event and made the event a great Success.

"Ra:s" achieved the goal of sponsoring education of more than 50 visually challenged school kids of Nethra Vidyalaya. The event started with lighting lamp, US National anthem, Indian National anthem followed by Cultural programs.

The Ra:s cultural program includes Ra:ganjali (Songs on Social Reformer - Bhagavad Ramanuja), Musical Night by Mr. Venkat Gotur, Prajna kids skit, "Bakthi Mukthi Dayakam" dance recital by Natya Dharmi Foundation, And "Sakha" Dances on Sri Krushna by Ms. Lalitha Ravi and team. And most important, an excellent dinner was served and there were no entry tickets for the event. Thanks to all the volunteers for making it happen!

Appreciation for VT Seva Detroit – Ra:as

Thanks to VT Seva CEO HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami for inspiring VT Seva Detroit team to organize annual event "Ra:s" for empowerment of visually challenged children. Thank you all the Volunteers, organizers, sponsors, performers and mostly everyone who attended to make the event so successful.

Sudhakar Kolluri
VT Seva Detroit Branch Director

Volley Ball Tournament: Sept 12, 2015
Conducted Volley ball tournament to raise funds towards the Education of Visually challenged kids.  
Community Service at Gleaners - March 2015
Food bank on Stamp out Hunger program volunteered 100 hours on folding the 15,000 grocery bags that will be mailed to collect the food.  
Health Camp – Aug 17, 2014
VT Seva and DTA organized a Free Health camp around 200 participated to check get the health screening done.  
Volley Ball Tournament: July 19, 2014
Conducted Annual Volleyball tournament on July 19th 2014 and raised $7000 towards education of Visually challenged kids.  
Health Seminar – March 15, 2014
Around 150 participated in the seminar and learned on how to eat heathy balance the diet by Nationalist Lalitha Ravi  

Community Service at Gleaners Food Bank – March 2014
Community service at Gleeners Food bank on Stamp out Hunger program volunteered 100 hours on folding the 15,000 grocery bags that will be mailed to collect the food.  

Detroit Branch Director Contact:Mr. Mohan Reddy | Email: detroit.director@vtsworld.org |  phone: 213-399-2315

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