Volunteering Together for Service

Building a permanent school with $170K+ for the children impacted in Nepal Earthquake. Built school for the fishermen children who lost their school during tsunami. All the schools also serve as safe shelters during such incidents

Distributed 20 tons of seeds to the cyclone affected farmers. VT also donated boats and fishing nets for fishermen to provide livelihood for their families.

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A full fledged colony with 88 houses was built with good infrastructure such as roads, electricity. And 20 houses were built in Pumpuhar for tsunami victims. 5000 + tents were distributed during Nepal Earthquake

VT Seva: Volunteering Together for Service

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We train a "Quick Response Team"

People loose their comfort of their lives and really need some help during such difficult times. VT Seva provides  services during calamities. Our  volunteers form a quick response team, and are among the first people in the disaster affected area.

VT Seva provides different services including provision of clothes, food, emergency and routine medical help, supplying daily food rations, creating new means for a livelihood, constructing housing colonies, building schools, etc.
With natural disasters frequenting all over the world, VT initiated programs to train people to help others in such adverse situations. The organization trained more than 200,000 volunteers as a ‘quick response team’ to be readily available to serve the victims of natural calamities.

The organization trained many volunteers as a ‘quick response team’ to be readily available to serve the victims of natural calamities.

More than 25 + Rescue and rehabilitation operations are conducted in major natural disaster relief activities

During calamities VT distributes food materials to victims. In the recent Kedarnath disaster and Chennai Floods, VT was lauded by one and all for rendering free and tasty food to victims who were stranded without any help

      Environment Sustainability and Protection/ Disaster Relief

10,000+ kits were distributed which has daily essentials. Survival kit contains toothpaste, soaps, matchbox, candles, vessels, bucket, mug, 5 kg rice, pluses, salt etc.

Relief Activities Snapshot

  • Provided 5000+ tents and blankets as immediate relief for Nepal Earthquake relief, building a permanent school with about $170,000 for the children and houses for the victims
  • Donated $10,000 to Red Cross for the South Carolina 1000 yr flood
  • Donated $20,000 towards hurricane in India
  • $12,000 to fire victims in Woodbridge New Jersey​
  • 2011 Japan Tsunami - $44,000 relief to Japan Govt.​
  • 2009 AP Floods:​
  • 10,000 flood relief kits to 100 villages​
  • 300 boats to fishermen, food and free medical services​
  • 20Tons of corn seeds worth $100,000 to farmers​
  • 2004 Tsunami - Built 50 houses and a school in Pumpuhar, TN​
  • 2001 Gujarat Earth Quake – 86 houses and com. hall in Vallabhapur​
  • 1997 AP floods –83 houses and community center​
  • Many more..

Whenever disasters occur our VT homeo doctors provide their services by administering free checkups & medicines. Blankets, towels, clothes are provided to the victims.