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Tampa Branch Director Contact:Sreedhar Gouravelli  | Email: tampa@vtsworld.org | Phone: (773)263-7521

VT Seva Nashville adopted Nashville Temple Premises,July 2017 

VT Seva Nashville has adopted the Nashville Temple premises. VT seva will provide services to clean up the premise and provide a clean environment. 8 volunteers spent about 24 hrs today to provide these services today. 

VT Seva Nashville volunteered at Second Harvest Food Bank, June 10th, 2017

VT Seva Nashville volunteered  at the second harvest food bank . Seven volunteers were involved (28 service hrs).

VT Seva Nashville celebrated Earth Day -Community Service Program, April 15th, 2017

 VT Seva Nashville in association with the Indian association of Nashville, organized Earth day event. Education, a key to change was undertaken by our youth volunteers on this global issue. The event was introduced by our dignitaries: Ms. Kathy Glapa, Program manager in the (TDEC) Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation and Ms. Mary Beth Ikard, Transportation and Sustainability Manager, Mayor’s office of Infrastructure, Transportation, and Sustainability. Metro Nashville Hands on work on activities with recycling and upcycling, were provided. A couple of youth volunteers discussed the “Why” and “how” one should reuse and limit food and other waste. A major area to accelerate green technology is Eco-friendly Living. Discussions on Lifestyle changes and home improvements was also presented by our enthusiastic youth team A special mention and kudos!!! to our youth for holding a successful event: Amirtha, Arnav, Dhruv, Esha, Nath, Sanjana, Simran, Srinidhi, Shriya, Zainab. When youth takes on these important issues, change for the better is bound to happen.

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VT Seva Nasville Youth donated food to Second Harvest food bank, April 11th, 2017

The VT seva youth committee in Nashville hosted a food drive aimed to help feed the underprivileged. More than 278 lbs of food was donated at Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee We would like to thank our generous supporters and volunteers who helped achieve our goal: Vanaja Manda, Mangala Venkat, Krishna Ramayya, Chunduru Rao, Padmavathi Marpaka, Nandini Reddy, Uma Nagappa and many many others! Thank you Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee for giving us the opportunity.

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VT Seva Nashville Conducted Breast and Cervical Cancer Awareness Seminar, Feb 26th, 2017 

VT Seva Nashville Chapter instituted in January 2017.

We started small by collecting some winter clothing for the underserved in Nashville and collected about 150 items ( coats/sweaters)

As a podium to introduce VT Seva to the Nashville community, we conducted a Breast and Cervical Cancer awareness program.

Following a brief introduction of VT Seva activities by Nishitha Reddy.

Youth committee members, Ms. Amritha ans Ms. Shriya Karam presented the outline of the education program and a personal experience of her recent visit to the School for the Blind at Hyderabad.

Dr. Saritha Voncha Reddy ( Family Practice physician) presented the current guidelines on breast and cervical cancer. She encouraged and educated all the attendees on the need for screening. Dr. Nishitha Reddy (Hematologist/Oncologist) discussed the importance of early detection and the high cure rates with latest treatment modalities.

This was followed by an excellent presentation of Yoga and wellness by our Nashville Yoga Mastero Mrs. Sujatha Yarlagadda. That yoga is not to be considered as a physical activity alone but to train oneself as a whole by combining the mind and body to recognize your inner self. The personal journey of her breast cancer diagnosis and treatment was shared with those attended that was indeed personable to many.

The discussion ended with an engaging audience seeking answers. The program was attended by well over 60 members.

A special thanks to our volunteers: Dr. Saritha Voncha Reddy, Kondal Voncha Reddy, Janak Ashok, Teja Sashank, Venkatesh Paidakula, Ashok Bhaskarudu, Dr. Jyotheen Karam and our youth Volunteers: Ms. Amirtha, Ms. Shriya Karam, Arnav Reddy, Dhruv Reddy and Ms. Esha Karam Photogrpahy: Anitha Gautham

Nashville Branch Director Contact:Ms. Nishitha | Email: Nashville.director@vtsworld.org |  Phone: (615)-209-0599

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