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San Diego Branch Director Contact:Ms. Harini Eravelli | Email: sandiego.director@vtsworld.org |
 Phone: (868) 472-3367

Because of You, We Serve. 
Because of You, We Empower. 
Because of You, We Save Lives. 
Because of You, We Don't Give Up!

Your Support is Our Strength to Serve!

*All donations are tax deductible. Fed Tax ID # 80-0271287 

About This Campaign : The San Diego branch of VT Seva is running the beautiful Encinitas Half Marathon On March 26th, 2017 to raise donations. VT Seva plans on using these donations to buy a mobile diagnostic van to help those affected by cancer in India. This cause has been more personal for some. A youth volunteer for VT Seva, a 13 year old, has experienced cancer within his own family and has used this fact to motivate himself for the cause.

VT Seva has screened over half a million women across India for breast and cervical cancer. This was all done through borrowed medical vans and private transportation, thus constraining us to limited distances and timings. Then came the thought of equipping our dynamic team of volunteers with a Mobile Diagnostic Van. Imagine the outreach, Imagine the distance covered, Imagine the number of women screened, Imagine the patients cured, Imagine the lives saved, Imagine a cancer free society. Yes, we can do this.

It is very sad, but we all know at least some one dear to us suffering from cancer. Unfortunately, India is one of the highest countries for patients at critical stages of both breast and cervical cancer. 

This mobile diagnostic van will be equipped with a mammogram, ultrasound, X-Ray, and digital Colposcope, all the items required for conducting medical camps in any corner of India. As you know some common cancers such as colon cancer, pancreatic cancer and breast cancer are all curable, but only if they are caught in the early stages. So, early detection and awareness is the key. Let’s come together to make this dream come true, it’s much easier than we think if we all work together. Please donate and help this great cause. Let’s make this human chain of compassion grow and expand and help those who are struggling the most.

We solicit you to be part of this noble cause by donating your desired amount per mile. The dynamic youth volunteer and beautiful people in need for these camps are counting on your generous donation. Let's show our youth that good effort is always valued.

100% of the funds raised goes directly towards the cause, 100% of the donations are tax-deductible(Tax id: 80-0271287. Web Site: http://vtsworld.org/). VT Seva is an all volunteer driven organization. Your Support is Our Strength to Serve.!

Thank you, 

Praneeth Eravelli, Aditya Mandapaka, Chitra Ramesh, Pavan NeelaKanti, Harini Eravelli 

(VTSeva San Diego Half Marathon team)