​ VT Seva Tampa Volunteering event at Feeding America,  May 26th, 2018

 VT Seva Tampa Volunteering event 4th Saturday Event (26-MAY-2018) Feeding America (9.00 AM to 12.00 AM) at 4702 Transport Dr #6, Tampa, FL 33605 

 VT Seva Tampa volunteering at Feeding Bay , April 28th, 2018

VT SEVA TAMPA MONTHLY (Fourth Saturday) service activity at Feeding Bay

  VT Seva Tampa team volunteering, April 21st , 2018

 VT SEVA TAMPA team did the volunteering at the METRO MINISTRIES as part  of the every third Saturday of the month


VT Seva Tampa volunteering at Feeding Tampa Bay, March 24th, 2018

 24-MAR(4th Saturday) VT SEVA Volunteering Event ...

One on Every Third Saturday of the Month AT Metropolitan Ministries​
One on Every Fourth Saturday of the Month Feeding Tampa Bay​

 VT Seva Tampa volunteering at Metro Ministries, March 17th, 2018

 VT SEVA TAMPA Volunteering Event on 17-Mar-2018 at Metro Ministries Distribution Center

Volunteers had fun sorting ..moving and working with forklifts at METRO MINISTRY DISTRIBUTION CENTER ...THEY express IT AS A DIFFERENT EXPERIENCE ..πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


  VT Seva Tampa volunteered at Feeding Tampa Bay , Oct 28th, 2017

   VT SEVA Tampa volunteered at Feeding Tampa Bay We had 18 Volunteers in action.

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VT Seva Tampa volunteered in Food Packing , June 24th , 2017

 VT SEVA Tampa (Every Fourth Saturday Monthly EVENT) . We had 11 Volunteers today from VT SEVA Tampa and along with other volunteers. we helped pack about 5850 Meals

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VT Seva Tampa supported Feeding Tampa Bay, April 22nd , 2017

VT Seva Tampa volunteers packed and sorted food at Feeding Tampa Bay This event happens every 4th Saturday. anyone interested and who are in and around Tampa International Airport Please reach out our : VT Seva Tampa Branch Director

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VT Seva Tampa supported Feeding Tampa Bay, March 25th, 2017

VT Seva Tampa volunteers packed and sorted food at Feeding Tampa Bay This event happens every 4th Saturday. anyone interested and who are in and around Tampa, Florida Please reach out our : VT Seva Tampa Branch Director : Sreedhar Gouravelli

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VT Seva Tampa Supporting Feeding America , Feb 2017

VT Seva Tampa Volunteers supported Feeding America and Sorted the food of approximately 14694 pounds of food and this would make around 12,245 meals.

A great Achievement for the month of FEB Overall, VT SEVA Tampa did about 150-250 hours of volunteering at Feeding America.

Kudos to all VT Seva Tampa Volunteers!!!

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Regular monthly volunteering work at feeding America

[Monthly Volunteering] VTSeva tampa volunteers regularly on a monthly basis at feeding America . We started doing this since 2013 onwards. We do this every month unless most of students are absent either because of exam on that day or if it is an official holiday. 

Youngsters enthusiastically do this every month. Their parents are proud of their kid's service to the community. We are sure that this regular service will instills sense of responsibility towards their community as they grow and will continue through their lives. Following are the names of youngsters who participate in this activity regularly. 

Sreedhar Gouravelli, Jagan Punjal, Ramakrishna, Lahari Sadineni, Priyanka Yealuru, Prathima Yealuru, Nikhil Yealuru, Satvik Muddana, Lohita Sakamuri, Satya Dantuluri, Pranav Dantuluri, Pranav Simha, Akshay Thoutam, Sai Manthena, Rachana Kandra, Manojna Thota, Nidhi Bangalore, Latha Yealuru, Kaushik Guduru, Abhiram Nellurii, Manoj K, Meghana Nelluri, Narasimha Nelluri, Sathvik Nelluri, Rajesh Butta, Sree Vani Chalasani, Sai Chappadi, Pranav Kambhampati, Shreyas Jajrapu 

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VTSEVA Annual Food Drive 2014

[VTSEVA Annual Food Drive 2014] VTSeva Tampa did the first annual food drive from Nov 30- dec 14, 2014. We raised 900 lbs of food to be donated to Feeding America in a short time frame. Thanks to all the volunteers and organizers who came forward for this drive. Special thanks to subra Nekkalapudi and Hari Nagabandi for their enthusiastic participation and encouragement. Following are the names of the youngsters who participated in this... 

Sreedhar Gouravelli, Subramanyam Nekkalapudi, Hari Nagabandi, Sreeram murthy, Jagan Punjal and many other volunteers who actively participated and contributed to this effort. 

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APRIL 22, 2012 Earth Day 2012: Tending to an organic farm of 4 acres

VT Seva Tampa volunteers helped the community on Earth Day by tending to a community farm. We partnered with the Sweetwater Organic farm, which is a non-profit community based farm. It operates where volunteers grow vegetables on the plots of land owned by the community. Then these grown vegetables are sold to people in the community for their welfare. It contributes to their welfare because they get organic food that doesn't have the harmful effects of pesticides and other chemicals that non-organic foods may contain. On Earth day, VT Seva Tampa volunteers from the ages of 5 to 63 came to help out the community. Everyone lent a hand in removing pesky weeds in the farm. This is an important task because the vegetables can't grow if there are too many weeds. All together there were over 30 dedicated volunteers who tended to the farm and had fun at the same time. The kids got together and made a game out of weeding the farm. It was as such; who ever pulled out the weeds the fastest in their row got a cupcake. This motivated all the kids to weed out the farm quickly and efficiently. 

All volunteers worked with a great enthusiasm and removed weeds from 4 acres of land. The Sweetwater organization was spellbound with the great work done by the team in few hours. The whole activity was a great experience especially to all kids who learned a lot about the importance of the Mother Nature and more importantly why they need to protect it. Mr. Sridhar Gauravelli made the day more educational and interesting by conducting an ad-hoc quiz on Earth Day for all the kids. Seeing 

the enthusiasm of the Kids, the farm management took them on a tour of the entire farm that consisted of various flowers, herbs, fruit trees, green houses and their well water system. Kids had loads of fun petting the animals on the farm too. 

Mr. Kamal Sakamuri, VT Seva active volunteer from Tampa coordinated the activity and played a key role in organizing the event. Some of the pictures of the event are available at 

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Tampa Branch Director Contact:Mr. Sreedhar Gouravelli | Email: Tampa.director@vtsworld.org |  
Phone: (773)-263-7521