Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What does VT Seva stand for?
VT Seva stands for Volunteering Together for Service/Seva. 

What are the primary focus areas of VT Seva?

The primary focus areas of VT Seva are
-VT Seva serves the underprivileged children from remote tribal areas by providing quality education for free. The areas where VT Seva built schools and providing free education, boarding, food, clothes and primary medical care were earlier infested by extremists. VT Seva is transforming the tribal communities through education.
- VT Seva serves the low socio-economic blind children by providing high quality education with the usage of latest technology to make them self reliant. Although there are many organizations which are serving the blind people by performing free cataract surgeries, supplying eye glasses, the area of empowering the blind children is neglected. VT Seva established blind school and college and for the first time in the world, the students have appeared for the 10+2 examinations on laptops without any help of the scribes.
- VT Seva is reaching out to the rural areas by engaging youth volunteers to promote cancer awareness and conduct cancer pre-screening. As the saying goes "Prevention is better than Cure", because of these efforts 25% of the people surveyed were detected with cancer. Many lives are saved. 

Why should I volunteer for VT Seva?
Here are the few reasons on why you should volunteer for VT Seva -
- VT Seva is a volunteer driven non-profit service organization.
- Each and every volunteer is treated with dignity and respect and your passion for volunteerism will make a positive difference in sone ones lives.
- VT Seva actively engages youth to lead the service activities. If you are a youngster  or who is young at heart, this is the place where your valuable time and talents will be greatly utilized.
- VT Seva organized events and programs are full of energy and fun.

Why should I donate for VT Seva?

Here are the few reasons on why you should donate to VT Seva -
- Your donation is utilized for above noble causes with very low administrative expenses because the organization is supported by many committed volunteers.
- Transparency and accountability. VT Seva will provide you the details on the latest status and progress of the projects.
- You may visit the project anytime to have first hand information on how your money is utilized at the grass root level
- Results speak for themselves. Progress reports of the projects will be provided to the patrons on regular basis.

Can I donate money for a particular cause/project?
Yes, VT Seva highly encourages you to select the specific cause/project that you want your money to be utilized. 

Can I meet or talk to the beneficiaries?
VT Seva encourages volunteers and patrons to communicate with the beneficiaries and provides the facilities for you to visit the project and get first hand feel of it.

Who are the employees of VT Seva? 
As mentioned earlier, VT Seva is a volunteer driven service organization founded by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. All the Board of directors, Branch Project Committee chairs and Webmasters are volunteers. The teachers and staff at the Tribal schools and Blind schools are also committed volunteers who are paid nominal salaries. 

Volunteering Together for Service

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