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Amulya Bindu

Presidents volunteer service award

Presented to

Amulya Bindu




San Jose, CA

I have been volunteering for VT Seva for 4 years My motivation to join VT Seva was to help people in need. We take things that we have for granted; food, water, clothing, education. But some people don’t even have those things. I wanted to help people live their live, and have a good one. So I joined VT Seva because I know that this organization will help me achieve my dream of helping other people get a better life. During the summer, I went to India with my mom. We went to the visually challenged school called Netra Vidyalaya. There, I saw all the children doing things that even we can’t do. They were trying their best to do challenging stuff even if they have a disability. This is what motivated me to raise money and help them. There were two events that were really fun. One was Court Vision Classics which was a basketball tournament. A lot of people came along with a special guest star. Another event was KRONOS where a lot of people came to too. A volunteer activity we do every other three weeks is burrito wrapping which is very fun. There are about 15 kids who come and we always end up finishing quickly.

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