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Rishi Gandham

Presidents volunteer service award

Presented to

Rishi Gandham




San Jose, CA

I have been volunteering at VTseva for a little over a year now My motivation to join VTseva is to help the underprivileged while doing fun activities and events. The biggest one being Court Vision Classics. Last year I happened to see some videos about a blind school in India called Netra Vidyalaya. This inspired me to take on the challenging CVC project with three of my friends. Recently i was fortunate enough to visit Netra Vidyalaya in person. Knowing that it's all going to towards a good cause, I am willing to take on any VTseva project Court Vision Classics, was hands down the most exciting activity because I was able to incorporate my passion of sports with helping an amazing cause. The basketball tournament event was a highlight of my VTseva experience, along with speaking at the Kronos event and preparing for it was also really fun.

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