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Rohan Bindu

Presidents volunteer service award

Presented to

Rohan Bindu




San Jose, CA

I have been volunteering for VT Seva for the past 6 years, doing many charity events and participating in local community fundraisers. I have participated in events such as burrito wrapping, feeding the homeless, walk-a-thons, and cleaning up dirty streets. When I was small I would always see homeless people in the streets, or videos of people struggling because they lack vision or hearing, and I felt really bad for them. I wanted to find a way that I could help them and stumbled upon this organization. I visited the visually challenged school in India called Netra Vidyalaya. I saw these visually challenged children doing many activities that we could do, as well as we could, if not better. I was really inspired and I wanted a find a way to help. I called three of my friends one day and told them about my heartwarming experience. They were inspired too and were really motivated to help. So we created a basketball tournament, Court Vision Classics, to raise money for these visually challenged children.

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