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Srija Ponna

Presidents volunteer service award

Presented to

Srija Ponna




San Jose, CA

I have been volunteering for VT Seva for 5 years. There are millions of people around the world that are unable to lead the lifestyle that we are fortunate to. Earning a good education is only one of the many privileges that we take for granted and that those millions of people cannot afford. On top of not having access to standard education, there are more millions of people that are visually impaired, which only makes it harder for them to follow their dreams. VT Seva is an organization that helps the children with these obstacles in India by providing a good education. I wanted to join VT Seva to support this important cause and be able to aide these children overcome the obstacles that hold millions back. In the past year, what inspired you to take challenging projects in VT Seva? I was inspired to be more active in my role of helping blind children in India. I wanted to take initiative and do something on my own that would benefit these children, which led to the idea of organizing a charity chess tournament, of which all the funds would benefit those children. It was challenging to set up such a big event, but I think it was definitely worth it, since the raised money helped more children have access to education, and thus, their dreams. •The most fun activity in VT Seva was for me was organizing the charity chess tournament to fundraise money for Netra Vidyalaya. My friends and I were able to hang out together and raise money to support blind children in India at the same time. It was also the first time I had ever organized an event at this level, so I enjoyed learning new things along the way, too.

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