29th Sep, 2016 : VTSeva Albany Conducted 5th annual volleyball tournament, raising    funds for Netra Vidyalaya Students


Hearty Congratulations to VTSeva Albany team for their successful 5th annual volleyball tournament for the students of NETRA Vidyalaya. Big thanks to Albany Telugu Albany Telangana Albany Andhra New York Albany Tamil Sangam - நியூயார்க் ஆல்பனி தமிழ் சங்கம் Albany Andhra Association and TriCity Indian association for their support. A great example of having fun and serving a cause , a great example of unity in diversity, a great example of coming together for a good cause, a great example of leveraging the framework and foundation laid to serve the people in need. Kudos to all the team and Congratulations.​


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June 2015

VT Seva and Albany Telugu Association raised funds to help the Nepal victims. We thank all the donors that contributed

Dec 2013

VT Seva serves Regional Food Bank of Northeastern New York. Around ~150+ lbs of food were delivered today to AT LATHAM, NY. We look forward to making this 500+ lbs next year.

VT Seva Albany thanks all the donors and supporters for their generosity during Holiday Food Drive of 2013. It was their support that made this possible. Special appreciations to Telugu Badi for reaching out to their entire group and engaging them in this service. We thank all the parents for involving their children. We encourage the youngsters to register for VT Seva volunteer hours as they will be eligible for US President volunteer Service Award program.   

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Sep 2013

VT Seva Albany Team organizes a Volleyball tournament to educate the visually challenged. VT Seva and ATA (Albany Telugu Association) jointly conducted 2nd annual Volleyball Tournament to raise awareness and funds to the visually challenged(Netra Vidyalayam) supported by VT Seva. There were 12 teams that registered to extend their support. About 150+ witnessed the event both days together. It was a wonderful 2 day event filled with sport for a good cause. Young volunteers helped at the front desk, food desk, setup nets and help referee as line man while other volunteers helped setup nets and serve as referees, maintain scores, match tally, capture the moments etc. Each and every one came forward in doing their part to putting this event together. The delicious food served both the days was prepared by our kind hearted mothers that feed all the players and volunteers, Special appreciations came from all for the delicious food. Albany Telugu Association(ATA) Team stood by in helping for the event to the best possible. It was whole-heartedly supported by one and all, hence it was very well received and ended with pleasent memories.

The event was witnessed by the VT Seva President, Sriman Dr Purnachander Sirikonda, Mr. Nagakumar Kalapala (President - ATA 2013 and Team ATA), Sriman Dr Vijay Adi garu(Advisor VT Seva, Albany Chapter) and Mr Benny Thottam (CIO - NYS Department of Education) and Mr James Lieb (IT Director - NYS Finance Regulation and Gaming Cluster). Dr. Sirikonda explained the mision and vision of VT Seva and how each one of the volunteers is making this happen by being part and supporting the good cause. He encouraged the youth to participate in future events going forward by VT Seva. He extended his appreciations to the guests of honor, by recognizing with an award of appreciation to ATA Team, Jim Lieb, Benny Thottam and Polish Community Center. Mr Jim Lieb said it was a wonderful event to be part of where all the community stood for the good cause. He mentioned that 17 years ago this place where we played the volleyball tournament was put together by him and other volunteers that took a solid 200+ voluntery hours. Such is the positive impact of voluntery to which we are still getting the fruits today of the work done 17 years ago. Mr Jim Lieb gave away trophies to Winners and Runners on behalf of VT Seva. Mr. Naga Kalapala (President ATA) expressed it was a great pleasure to serve for the need. Mr. Naga recognised all the volunteers with an award of appreciation on behalf of VT Seva.

Mr. Venu Daroori( VT Seva Albany volunteer lead) finally thanked each and every one, Dr Purna garu (President VT Seva, USA), Dr Vijay garu (Advisor VT Seva, Albany), Ms. Padma Jonnadula (Treasurer - VT Seva, USA), Mr. Krishna Kanth (Secretary VT Seva, USA) and Team VT Seva for extending the support. We look forward for 3rd annual event. During this event we raised ~ $6230 to support 12+ visually challenged for an year and awareness was raised in Albany, NY area about VT Seva activities world wide.  Click here for more pictures

Sep 2012

VT Seva Albany Team organizes a Volleyball tournament to educate the visually challengedVT Seva volunteer group of New York in association with Albany Telugu Association has successfully conducted the Volleyball Tournament to raise awareness and funds (~$5,400) to support the education and empowerment of visually challenged students at Netravidyalaya in Viziangaram, AP, India. 13 teams have registered and participated in the event to show their support for this noble cause. we want to support at least 10 kids and we achieved that target.

Venugopal Daroori thanked Albany Telugu Asociation - Mr. Nagakumar Kalapala, Secretary and Mr. Ram Lalukota, President for the help at every moment from planning to organizing the event. He acknowledged the guidance of Dr. Padma & Dr. Vijay Adi for all the VT Seva activities in Albany.

Young volunteers have helped at the front desk, food court and have also assisted the main referees. VT Seva extends appreciation to other volunteers who sponsored food and butter milk for the players, setup nets, helped administratively and much more. It was a wonderful team effort from one and all in "Volunteering Together" for a great cause. We look forward to more activities partnering with ATA in the future.

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