VT Seva Atlanta team volunteered at Atlanta Food Bank

29th Sep Atlanta VT Seva did volunteer at Atlanta food bank. Volunteers sort out, and packed food for homeless. Volunteers participated in this event are: Sreya Nandanampati Hanuman Nandanampati Harshith Gutha Sid Kolichala Rujula Khadri Sivarani Chintalapati. Thanks Sandhya Yellapragada


VT Seva Atlanta team volunteered at Homeless of Metro Atlanta

VTSeva Atlanta chapter participated in Food sorting in food back for Home less of Metro Atlanta on 18th August. From 1PM to 4PM.


​VT Seva Atlanta on participated in Atlanta community food bank


VT Seva Atlanta on 8/4/2018 participated in Two events Event-2 VT Seva Atlanta on 8/4/2018 participated in Atlanta community food bank to sort out and pack food for homeless. Volunteers from 1PM- 4 PM sorted food and packed boxes. Volunteers participated in this event are: Arun Darpally aarush Darpally Archisha Darpally Mahesh Nukala Sivarani Chintalapati Chowdary Chitturi Sahithi Chitturi Sandhya Yellapragada


VT Seva Atlanta volunteers volunteering in Blood Drive


VT Seva Atlanta on 8/4/2018 volunteeed for IACA- Red cross blood drive on Saturday morning from 9AM to 1 PM. Volunteers helped in setting, registration and helped donors. IACA approached VTSeva to conduct the drive. Volunteers who participated in it are: Srinivas Chilakamarri Sumana Chilakamarri Abhiram Chilakamarri Mahesh Nukala Sahith Kancharala Sivarani Chintalapati Sandhya Yellapragada


VT Seva Atlanta team served food​, July 14th, 2018

VT Seva Atlanta team, part of the on going Habitat for Humanity Project, this Saturday 7/14/2018 served food for all volunteers at construction site, for about 50 people Volunteers cooked, and bought food around noon. Volunteers who are involved with this event are: Radhika Gundala Sudha Nandanampati Pramada Kolicherla Chowdary Srinivas Chilakamarri Harini Krishmachary.


VT Seva Atlanta 2nd Annual Day, July 8th, 2018

VTSEVA Atlanta hosted a divine musical evening to celebrate it's 2nd Annual Day. A lot of music lovers of Atlanta attended and cherished this wonderful event. The program started off with Jyothi Prajwalana and a prayer song by Ms. Shanthi Medicherla . Ms. Jyotsna Yendapally, an EMCEE for the evening, talked about VTSEVA and urged the audience to become members and donate to the cause by describing all the various activities VTSEVA does and what causes it stands for. Mr. Chowdary, another EMCEE, then invited the artist of the evening, Sri Phani Narayana Vaddali - a renowned Veena player to the stage, by describing all his accomplishments and the depth of knowledge he has and the distinctive style that he has created in film music. He was accompanied by Atlanta's local artist and a great Mrudangam accompanist, Mr. Subba garu. MS. Harini Krishnamachar greeted the artists on the stage with flower bouquets. The audience were then captivated by a scintillating musical performance by Phani Narayana. He performed several Krithis, medleys and also rendered some melodious Telugu and Hindi film songs. He then involved the audience by playing a movie song and asking them to figure out the song and the raga behind it. It was very well received and the music lovers had a feast. Next up was a presentation of the VTSEVA's video highlighting the accomplishments of Atlanta's chapter and the success of VTSEVA as a whole. As part of this program, Praneet, another EMCEE and a VTSEVA youth volunteer, invited chief guest, Mr. Sunil Savale. onto the stage. Mr. Sunil Shavele recognized and praised VT SEVA's efforts. He then distributed the Presidential Volunteer Service awards to the winners from Atlanta. Shreya, Srikar, Mahesh, Harika Reddy, were the recipients of Gold and Bronze medals. The program concluded with a vote of thanks by Atlanta chapter's coordinator Ms. Sandhya Yellapragada. She thanked the renowned artists for graciously accepting her invite and performing for the event, Thanking Mr. Krishna Vilas for providing the snacks, Mr. Suresh Volam for photography, and all the volunteers for their time and finally the audience for their presence. She then invited Sri. Ramesh Valluri onto the stage to felicitate the artists.


VT Seva Atlanta team partnering with Habitat for Humanity, July 7th, 14th, and 21st, 2018



VT Seva Atlanta joined hands with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a low income family. Mr. Chowdary , Mr. Harshith Gutha, Mr. Mahesh Nukala and Ms. Sandhya Yellapragada participated in it. Its a 8 weeks project (8 hours a week). Our volunteers learned how to build the basic structure of a house, and bringing walls together. We participated through Upahal which builds houses in the community. 


VT Seva Atlanta volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, June 30th, 2018

VT SEVA Atlanta volunteer s Jyotsna Yendapally, Gayatri Kadiyala, Usha Nemani volunteered at Habitat for Humanity. They painted and continued the construction of the house.


VT Seva Atlanta celebrated International Day of Yoga, June 24, 2018

VT Seva Atlanta branch joined hands with Indian Consulate in celebration of International Yoga day. Volunteers gathered in the morning at 7 AM and worked till 10.45 AM at midtown. We helped in setting up the stage and managed water and snacks booth. Volunteers participated - Sreya Nandanampati Hanuman Nandanampati SivaRani Chintalapati Harini Krishnamacharya Kondal Nallajerla Praneeth Kolicharla Sandhya Yellapragada. VT Seva was recognized by Indian Consulate for the partnership. Thanks Sandhya Yellapragada.



VT Seva Atlanta team volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Wk-2, June 16th, 2018


VT Seva Atlanta team volunteering with Habitat for Humanity Week 2 Four volunteers from VT Seva joined for construction of the House near Atlanta downtown. Volunteers - Sahith Kancharla Ganesh Shankar Aarav Rajput Mahesh Nukala. They volunteered for 8 hours each. Sandhya Yellapragada



VT Seva Atlanta organized Blood Drive with American Red Cross, June 16th, 2018


VTSeva Atlanta sponsored a Blood Drive for American Red Cross at Old Atlanta recreation center. It was conducted from 10 AM to 2 PM. We received 29 donations. Its a one of the successful blood camp for Redcross. Volunteers - Shreya Nandanampati Nikila Vishnubatla Anvitha Peddi Chowdary Chitturi Kondal Nallajerla SivaRani Chintalapati Sandhya Yellapragada (Volunteers received 6 hours for this service)



VT Seva Atlanta team volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, June 2nd, 2018

VT Seva Atlanta joined hands with Habitat for Humanity to build a home for a low income family. Mr. Chowdary , Mr. Harshith Gutha, Mr. Mahesh Nukala and Ms. Sandhya Yellapragada participated in it. Its a 8 weeks project (8 hours a week). Our volunteers learned how to build the basic structure of a house, and bringing walls together. We participated through Upahal which builds houses in the community.


VT Seva Atlanta Volunteered at “Open Hands of Atlanta” , May 26th, 2018


 VT Seva Atlanta gathered together and served at “Open Hands of Atlanta”. This organization serves fresh food to less fortunate cronic patients like HIV, Cancer etc. 
VT Seva volunteers packed food for three hours. They all together packed for 500 food parclers, in which 400 Lunch and 100 dinners are packed. 
Volunteers joined are:

Harshith Ghuthi
Sharanya Gowrisetti
Mahesh Nukala
Meghana Nallajerla
Kondal Nallajerla
Chowdary Chitturi
Sandhya Yellapragada​.


VT Seva Atlanta Earth day Celebrations, April 21st, 2018


 VTSeva - Atlanta Earth-day celebration. 

Today 21st April morning 9AM we have gathered together for celebrating Earth-day  . we all have along with  Ranger Dave Thomas at chattahoochee National forest, Sandy Springs worked for four hours. Under Rangers’ guidance the whole team worked on trail maintenance.  
We have worked on 2 and half mile walking trail.
Volunteers joined for this event are:
Harshith Gatha
Lasya sarraff
Siva Rani
Mehesh Nukala
Jyosna Yandapally
Vasu Yandapally
Ramya Arekepudi
Chowdari chitturi
Kondal Nallajerla
Sandhya Yellapragada​


VT Seva Atlanta volunteers meet to serve food at mobile Food bank, April 14th, 2018


  VT Seva Atlanta volunteers meet to serve food at mobile Food bank


VT Seva Atlanta Branch Set up stall at JET Atlanta, April 7th, 2018


 VT Seva Atlanta Branch Set up stall at JET Atlanta local event. We try to bring awareness about VT Seva, causes, and upcoming events 
Volunteers participated
Harshith Gatha
Mahesh Nukala
Jyosna Yendapally
SivaRani Chintalapudi 
Harini Krishnamacharya
Sandhya Yellapragada​


VT Seva Atlanta volunteers at Books for Africa, March 24th, 2018


 VT Seva Atlanta volunteers at Books for Africa. 
Books For Africa​

Volunteers joined are
Chowdary Chitturi
Sahithi Chitturi
Abhi Nalla
Kondal Nallajerla 
Sandhya Yellapragada. 

Volunteered for two hours packed 5 pod books ready to ship to Africa. 

Thanks to all volunteers joined today. 



VT Seva Atlanta Volunteered at Atlanta Community Food Bank, March 3rd, 2018


VT Seva Atlanta has volunteered at Community food bank.
Volunteers are
Sahithi Chitturi
Chowdary Chitturi
Sumana Chilakamarri
AbhiRam Chilakamarri
Srinivas Chilakamarri
Harshith Gutha
Lasya sarraff
Sushma Aleti
Neha Ravula
Bharath Musunuri
Abhi Nalla
Neeraja Vishnubhotla
Nikhila Vishnubotla
Kondal Nallajerla
Sandhya Yellapragada​. 

We volunteer on picking, sorting and packing the food for homeless people. We together packed 9860 meals.  


VT Seva Atlanta volunteered at Atlanta Community Food Bank, Feb 17th, 2018


VT Seva Atlanta Team volunteered at Atlanta Community Food Bank. 

They have worked for three hours,  clearing, sorting, packing and labelling the food. They have together   packed 14000 pounds of food which will be used for 9000+ homeless people in and around Atlanta. 

Volunteers that are joined in today event are:
Ashmith Bhavanam
Ronith Thallapally
Harshith Gutha
Mahesh Nukala
Kondala Nallajarla
Bharath Musunuri
Abhi Nalla
Sanjay Srikakulapu
Jyotsna Yendapally
Sivarani Chintalapati
Sahithi Chitturi
Narayana Rao Chowdary
Saranya Gourisetti 
Harini Krishnamacharya
Venu Boinpally
Sandhya Yellapragada​.


VT Seva Atlanta team went to “Books for Africa” , Jan 27th, 2018


VT Seva Atlanta team went to “Books for Africa” and Completed two hours of volunteering.

Volunteers participated are:
Abhi Nalla
Mahesh Nukala
Jyosna Yendapally
Gayatri Kadiyala
Gayatri Kasibatla
Kondal Nallajerla
Sandhya Yellapragada. 
We cleared 5 piles of boxes sorted books depends on the class they go, and set them ready for packing.  


VT Seva Atlanta collected and donated to Atlanta Food bank , Jan 13th, 2018


VT Seva Atlanta collected food and donated the same to Atlanta food Bank today. 
Total food collected 1507 lb’s equalent to 750 meals. 
Volunteers who collected the food cans are:
Rami and Harika
Jyosna and Srikar
Sivarani and Mahesh
Hari Duvuri
Kondal Nallajerla
Swapna and Suresh Peddi
Madhu Nemani
Sandhya Yellapragada​



VT Seva Atlanta Volunteered at HTA, Jan 1st, 2018


​VT Seva Atlanta chapter started New Year 2018 on January 1st with food distribution at HTA. 8 volunteers of    VT Seva Atlanta joined other HTA volunteers to make the January first celebration a successful one.. 

We gathered at HTA around 9 AM in below freezing temperatures. We distributed the food to 3 thousand people till 1 PM. 

Volunteers -
Madhu Nemani
Mahesh Nukala
Divya Yendapally
Vasu Yendapally
Kondal Nallajerla
Harini Krishmacharya
Sandhya Yellapragada​


​VT Seva Atlanta Annual Event , Nov 18th, 2017


  VT Seva is a non-profit organization that serves the community from within. Getting to know the people around us and their problems helps us better understand what we can do as a organization. We pride ourselves in providing service for a wide range of challenges that can be solved with a helping hand. Some of the major events we did this year are Food bank, Habitat for Humanity, Books for Africa, Earth day event, blood drive, etc. Over the past year our volunteers did over 745+ hours in service. 
Our first annual cultural singing event was on November 18th and we had over 70 contestants participated from various Music schools around the Atlanta suburbs throughout the day. The age groups of the singers ranged from 6 to 15. This was a rewarding experience for the young talent and a great way to build their confidence for their future achievements. Our chief guests were from consulate general office of India Sri. Saileshji  TANA general secretary; Chowdaryji and the invitees from the Sheriff's department all spoke about how they enjoyed the program and its important in a child’s development. One of the attendees; a 7 year old boy said “he enjoyed the event and had a great time!” Our sponsors from paramount and sunshine pediatrics also attended and are very happy to represent such a cause. The shields and gift cards were awarded to every 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. We also gave out a certificate to all the participants for putting in their efforts. VTSeva Atlanta coordinator presented the yearlong events of VTSeva. Plaques were awarded to four young volunteers, Srikar Yandapally, Mahesh Nukala, Sravya and Harika who completed more than 100 hours of volunteering. 

Acknowledgments: The food was provided by cake-world. The photos were taken by Suresh Volam and sound by Srinivas Durgam, and Udaya for event designs. Smt. Seeta Valluri, Bhanu Vabilakolanu, and Kishor Meduri acted as judges to the program.VT Seva volunteers Sravya, Maahesh, Srikar, Krishna sandilya, srikar, veda presented the core concept. Harika acted as a emcee for the event. All in all our volunteers did a great job managing the event. The names include; Rami Reddy, Raghava Tadavarti, Sivarani, jyosna Yandpalli, Harini Boyinpalli, Radhika Gundala, Syamala Gangaraju, Srinivas Meduri, Gayatri Kasibatla, Madhu Nemani.

Thank you V6 News​ for covering the event.


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VT Seva Atlanta creating awareness about the organization , Oct 28th, 2017


VT Seva Atlanta set up stall at a local event . volunteers created awareness about VT Seva in Atlanta


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VT Seva Atlanta volunteered at Healthfair, Oct 14th 2017


VT Seva Atlanta team volunteered at Healthfair


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VT Seva Atlanta volunteers responding at Hurricane Irma affected families


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VT Seva Atlanta supporting Habitities for Humanity


VT Seva Atlanta Volunteers joined to complete home for homeless in Atlanta Habitat for Humanity & ReStore Volunteers participated on every weekend of August 


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VT Seva Atlanta volunteering with Habitat for Humanity


VT Seva Atlanta volunteers are volunteering with Atlanta Habitat for Humanity & ReStore​. This is a 8 weeks committed program with 8 hrs per weekend.

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VT Seva Atlanta participated in International Day of Yoga : June 25th, 2017


VT Seva Atlanta volunteers participated in the celebration of International day of Yoga.


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VT Seva Atlanta volunteered for food packing  : June 17th, 2017


 VT Seva Atlanta volunteered for food packing.


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VT Seva Atlanta volunteered at Atlanta Food Bank : May 13th,2017


 VT Seva Atlanta volunteers visited Atlanta Community Food Bank. We helped sorting food and packed food for 800 families. Volunteers Harika Reddy Mahrsh N SivaRani C RamiReddy Kondal Nallajerla Sandhya Yellapragada .


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VT Seva Atlanta Hosted Red Cross Blood Drive: April 29th, 2017


 One more fantastic event is been hosted by VT Seva Atlanta. Kudos to Ms. Sandhya Yellapragada :Branch    Director ! VT Seva hosted a blood drive with American Red Cross at Old Atlanta Park and Recreation    Center Cummings from 11AM to 4PM. Total 24 blood donations are received. Volunteers like Sravya    Ambadipudi, Mahesh Nukala donated blood first time (they are just 16) in this donation along with their day   long service. Red cross mentioned it as a successful drive. This event helps our young volunteers to learn the importance of serving community along with Red cross service to the community. The volunteers learned the importance of donating blood for the community. Sandhya Yellapragada Rama Gaddiraju Ramireddy Parvatha reddi Hari duvuri Sivarani Chintalapudi Mahesh Ved Janaki Vijaya Janaki Jyosna Yendapalli Roshan Gaddiraju Kondal Nallajerla Sravaya Ambadipudi Sriya nandanampati Volunteers bought fruits to serve donors after the blood donation along with the water and juice. Rami Reddy bought food for volunteers. A special thanks should mention for Rama Gaddiraju's contributed to the drive in booking the place.



 VT Seva Atlanta Earth Day Celebrations : April 22nd, 2017


Volunteers, in which half them are young volunteers join hands to clean and maintain the trail in Long Island park, sandy springs. 
Around 8 am volunteers gather at the park. Under the guidance of the park ranger.
Mr David , worked continuously for 5 hours and set the trail ready to face the rainy season. 
The group of volunteers learned lot about the nature and how the parks are maintained.
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VT Seva Atlanta supported "Books for Africa" : April 6th, 2017


VT Seva Atlanta team visited Books For Africa - Atlanta to do volunteering for spring back. We helped the organization to pack and ship two containers of books for elementary and middle school kids. These containers will ship to Africa and distributed there to young school kids. Our young volunteers learned a lot about the book donations and how they change the life of kids in Africa. 


Few volunteers participated in that program are Ved Janaki Sravya Ambasipudi Srikar Yendapally Mahesh Nukala Sivarani chintalapati Sandhya Yellapragada


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VT Seva Atlanta youth stepping up as leaders! kudos to youth 


VT Seva volunteer Srikar is a sophomore at Alpharetta high school. Computer science, teaching, and helping others are his passions. He started a club at his school on January 10th 2017, through VTSEVA Atlanta, called VTS Coding Coach. Their motto is to empower the youth to be able to adapt to the changing technology. They meet once every week for 45 mins on Tuesdays at school and once every other week Wednesdays at Ocee library for 1.30 hours. He recruited Dhreraj Eidnani, Manoj Niverthi, Anand Krishnan, David Zhang and together they go to libraries to teach JAVA to students who want to learn. He and his team are inspired to do Service through teaching. These pictures from Ocee Library ( North Fulton county). Atlanta-Fulton Public Library System .


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March 21st,2017 : VT Seva Atlanta supported "Books for Africa"


VT Seva Atlanta visited Books For Africa warehouse for sorting of books. Books for Africa is program of a nonprofit organization Hands on Atlanta to sponsor school books to African kids for their elementary, middle and High school education along with some leisure reading. These volunteers have sorted books, packed and sealed class books for high school and middle school kids. 

Those parcels will be transported to Africa through ship, where those books will help school kids to do their education without break. In two hours these volunteers sorted two huge containers of books for elementary kids, packed 40 boxes of school books, sealed and labeled, set them ready to ship. Kudos to our volunteers Sandhya Yellapragada Rama Gadireju Harini Krishnamachary Sivarani Chintalapudi Radhika Gundala


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March 7th & 11th, 2017 : VT Seva Atlanta Volunteering at Atlanta Community Food Bank 


​VT Seva Atlanta team volunteered at the Atlanta Community Food Bank
sorted food. Helped the community in packing food boxes for 4000 people.


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Decmber 27th, 2016 : VT Seva Atlanta supporting Atlanta Community Food Bank


The VT Seva Atlanta Chapter of USA has conducted a food drive on as a first event since resuming activities from Dec 2016. A total of 587 pounds of food was collected and donated to Atlanta Community Food Bank. Food was collected through four collection points at Alpharetta and Cummings. 


VT Seva Atlanta received a special letter of thanks from their Atlanta food Bank. Indicating that the food donated severs 587 meals. That warmed our hearts and is giving us additional motivation and energy to do many​ more such drives. Several people contributed to this effort, but special thanks are due to VT Volunteers from Alpharetta for their enthusiasm, support and for providing a lion’s share of donated food. The VT SEVA Atlanta wing just started to resume core activities, and looks forward to contribute to local community in the form of SEVA in a significant way.


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VT Seva (Volunteering Together for Service) is a volunteer driven global non profit organization. It was registered as 501(C)3 non-profit organization in USA in 2008. It's Sister Organization ‘Vikasa Tarangini ’(VT) established in India in 1992 has been rendering yeoman services with more than 75,000 active volunteers. It is also active in England, Australia and Tanzania.

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