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The coronavirus pandemic is affecting tens of thousands of people in profound ways.  VTSeva is stepping up efforts to aid organizations that are working to ensure food, aid and medical supplies are delivered to those who need it.

How ? VT Seva is seeking your generous donations to collectively donate to the organizations in your local areas.  

How you can help ? Select the nearest branch of VT Seva you belong to and click on the donate button.

Why choose VTSeva ? VT Seva always stepped up to help the community during natural disasters and as you all know COVID-19 is declared as a pandemic and we would like to encourage our patrons to do their part in helping the people in need. You may scroll below to see the list of all natural disasters VT Seva has helped in the past.

Are my donations tax deductible ? All donations are Tax Deductible under IRS section 501 (c) (3) rules to the extent permitted by the law.

Which organizations VT Seva is supporting ? Please scroll below to know which organizations the collective donations will be sent to.

Questions ? Email us at: covidresponse@vtsworld.org

vtseva will match upto $25,000 of total donations received

$ 115,000

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Beneficiaries by branch

Below are all participating VTSEVA branches and the beneficiaries to whom the collected donations will be sent to. Please use form above for donations.



VTseva volunteers have made tremendous efforts in past each time a natural disaster struck. You may learn more by clicking the button below

Albany/New York

The New York State COVID-19 Volunteer and Donation Assistant Program

VT Seva Covid 19 Relief aid in India

N-95 masks / PPE Kits in heavily impacted cities


$ 1,219




$ 886


For India






$ 301


New Jersey

Franklin Food Bank 

Trenton Area Soup Kitchen

N-95 masks / PPE Kits in New Jersey

VT Seva Covid 19 Relief aid in India


$ 8,625


North Jersey


$ 14,339.13



Past disaster recovery efforts by vtseva

2018 California fires

Donated daily essential toiletries package and warm new blanket kits to the affected.

2014 HudHud Cyclone

Andhra Pradesh (India) Hudhud Cyclone Relief - Raised more than $30,000 USD and donated Rs. 10 lakhs ($17,000) for Chief Minister relief operations, volunteers distributed food & clothes for the people impacted.

2013 Phalin Cyclone Relief

Odisha (India) Phailin Cyclone Relief - Donated Lanterns (kerosene Lamps) to 600 families at Ganga Vihar, Kotha Buxipalli village

2011 Japan Tsunami

Japan Tsunami Relief - VTSeva donated ~$44,000 USD to Japan Government. Mainichi Shimbun/Reuters

2017 Hurricane Harvey

In response to Hurricane Harvey, VT Seva provided immediate relief by engaging more than 500 volunteers in relief efforts for 20 continuous days to serve 20,000 meals, clean 200 flood affected houses, distribute 100,000 water bottles and provide immediate medical guidance. $25,000 has been donated to Houston Mayor on December 1st, 2017.

2017 Hurricane Harvey - Katy area

Hurricane Harvey caused major devastation. In Katy area, VTSeva volunteers delivered 300 meals, water, delivered hot lunches door to door and helped clean houses!. Apart from this, VT Seva donated $25,000 to Mayor of Houston and donated $10,000 to city of Rockport

2015 Nepal Eathquake

Devastating earthquake in Nepal in May of 2015 caused damage beyond imagination. VTSeva volunteers put together a relief package costing just $32 and collectively donated to the victims.

2010 Haiti Earthquake relief

In 2010, Boston center of VTSeva organized a benefit show by showing movie "Maya Bazaar" to the audience. All proceeds were donated to UNICEF to aid the children affected by the earthquake.

2012 Hurricane Sandy Relief

In Nov 2012, VTSeva volunteers donated 547 disaster relief boxes, 9000 meals and sorted clothes for kids.

2015 Hurricane Joaquin - South Carolina

VTSeva volunteers donated $10,001 to support 1000 year flood 'Joaquin' in South Carolina.

2009 Andhra floods

5000 Flood Relief Kits, Flood relief kits to 10000 Families in 100 Villages. 300 Boats to Fishermen, Food and Free Medical Services_. Distributed 20Tons of Corn seeds worth of $100,000 to the Farmers(sufficient for 2500 Acre)

Thinking of TAX deductible GIVING ?


VT Seva appreciates your help coming from your heart for giving to your causes. Volunteers of VT Seva ensure every penny goes to the causes you supported


You can volunteer with us at your location and provide community service


Double your donation via corporate matching. Most companies have corporate matching your donation and doubling them. 


VT Seva (Volunteering Together for Service) is a volunteer driven global non profit organization. It was registered as 501(C)3 non-profit organization in USA in 2008. It's Sister Organization ‘Vikasa Tarangini ’(VT) established in India in 1992 has been rendering yeoman services with more than 75,000 active volunteers. It is also active in England, Australia and Tanzania.

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