It's in the news everywhere. The second COVID-19 wave is impacting life in unimaginable ways in India. The damage is irreversible. Several children orphaned or left with single parents without income, or old age parents left without their breadwinners. Life savings getting wiped out to meet hospital bills. 

VT Seva focus is on during and post Covid-19 rehabilitation efforts for communities in India. 

Where we help:

- Support Covid1-19 impacted families



Where can you help ?

Young Woman with Mask

On-going Support in Response to the Second Wave

  • Purchased 1000+ PPE Kits and 1000 Liters of Sanitizer in bulk, which we filled in 100 ml bottles and distributed to many needed frontline workers. 

  • VT Volunteers are helping in cremation of uncared or abandoned bodies following the safety measures and Protective gear.

You can donate through Zelle to with a note "Support India".