Did you know VTSeva has been in USA since 2008 ? In the last decade, from humble beginning with few volunteers, VTSeva has grown to 23 centers in USA and presence in 5 countries with thousands of volunteers worldwide. Below is a compilation of various unique activities that our volunteers participated in over the decade. VTSeva centers continue to have yearly, monthly and weekly events each year.  Interested to join us ? Explore our site for more information and contact the center directors or simply fill out the volunteer form

Support to visually challenged children

In last decade, VTSeva sponsored more than 2500 visually challenged children by providing free education, food and clothing. All of this was possible only by donations generated via events, sponsorships and generous volunteers.

Free education to tribals

VTseva sponsored schools in remote villages and provided free education, food to almost 3000 tribal children each yearly in last decade, which continues to help build a strong educational foundation to tribal children.

Community volunteering

Holiday or no holiday, VTSeva volunteers across USA served at multiple community centers during Memorial day, Thanksgiving and other holidays.

2018 California fires

Donated daily essential toiletries package and warm new blanket kits to the affected.

Christmas food bank volunteering

Each year in most all centers of VTSeva, volunteers reach out to food banks and help with food sorting.

2018 Stanford small cell research donation

In 2018 VTSeva donated $51,479 towards Stanford for small cell Carcinoma research in memory of Mr. Srini Eravelli.

2014 HudHud Cyclone

Andhra Pradesh (India) Hudhud Cyclone Relief - Raised more than $30,000 USD and donated Rs. 10 lakhs ($17,000) for Chief Minister relief operations, volunteers distributed food & clothes for the people impacted.

2013 Phalin Cyclone Relief

Odisha (India) Phailin Cyclone Relief - Donated Lanterns (kerosene Lamps) to 600 families at Ganga Vihar, Kotha Buxipalli village

2011 Japan Tsunami

Japan Tsunami Relief - VTSeva donated ~$44,000 USD to Japan Government. Mainichi Shimbun/Reuters

2012 Chase community Giving

VTSeva came in 3rd in 2012 Chase community giving program out of 2500 that applied. 196 charities were selected by Facebook users and VTSeva won the popular vote coming in 3rd winning a grant of $100k. The funds were utilized for two projects (Care on wheels & Equip the underprivileged children with better education facilities and technology)

2015 Child obesity walkathon

In 2015, VTSeva San Antonio held a child obesity walkathon with a mission to raise awareness and discuss preventative measures against childhood obesity, an epidemic affecting 40% of American children, through a 1 mile walk and informative lecture by Registered Dietician and exercise demonstrations by certified personal trainers.

2019 Suicide prevention walk

In 2019, Seattle center of VTSeva conducted a 5K walkathon for suicide prevention.This was followed by a seminar. All funds raised were donated to NAMI - SEATTLE

2017 Hurricane Harvey

In response to Hurricane Harvey, VT Seva provided immediate relief by engaging more than 500 volunteers in relief efforts for 20 continuous days to serve 20,000 meals, clean 200 flood affected houses, distribute 100,000 water bottles and provide immediate medical guidance. $25,000 has been donated to Houston Mayor on December 1st, 2017.

Adopt a Street

Multiple branches of VTSeva worked with the local county offices and took up "Adopt a Street" program, in which volunteers periodically go and clean the street. City of Lewisville, City of Irving, City of Southlake, Bay area, Seattle, San Antonio are some of areas served by VTSeva.

Old age homes + Senior Living

Going to Senior living or old age homes and providing help, support, serving food, reading books or simply playing a few games with the seniors are regular activities with most centers.

Burritos, Lunch or Dinner

Making burritos for lunch or preparing food for homeless shelter has been a regular activity at VTSeva centers. Youth volunteers most always call this the best fun activity they participate in. Who doesn't like making burritos ?

2017 nVidia Grant

VT Seva received a $50k grant from nVidia in 2017 to support 50 cancer screening camps aimed at preventing cervical and breast cancer in rural women in India and Nepal through VT Seva’s Bloom project. From Jan 1st, 2018 to Dec 28th, 2018, VT Seva organized 116 cancer screening camps raising awareness in more than 60,000 people and screened 10,602 women !

Playing for a cause

Volleyball ? Cricket ? Chess ? Playing for a cause has became a favorite activity for volunteers. This has helped bring the community together and have some outdoor fun, while providing for charity !.

2017 Hurricane Harvey - Katy area

Hurricane Harvey caused major devastation. In Katy area, VTSeva volunteers delivered 300 meals, water, delivered hot lunches door to door and helped clean houses!. Apart from this, VT Seva donated $25,000 to Mayor of Houston and donated $10,000 to city of Rockport

Health awareness - International Yoga day

To raise health awareness, VTSeva volunteers started to bring community together for International Yoga day !. Apart from this regular yoga workshops, teaching of Yoga, 30 day Yoga challenge are few other activities.

Science fairs

VTSeva Houston and Katy centers took the next level in creativity for a greater cause, and to serve mother Earth by starting the first ever science Fair in April of 2018. They continued the following year ! Science fairs continued with North Jersey and Dallas centers joining as well !

2015 Nepal Eathquake

Devastating earthquake in Nepal in May of 2015 caused damage beyond imagination. VTSeva volunteers put together a relief package costing just $32 and collectively donated to the victims.

2018 PayPal Grant

In Oct of 2018, PayPal granted $4000 to procure digital Colposcopes to aid cancer screening camps in India and Nepal.

Bone marrow drives

Spreading awareness of bone marrow started off in 2011 in New Jersey center of VTSeva and continues to this day. Volunteers explain about bone marrow to potential donors and sign them up !

2010 Haiti Earthquake relief

In 2010, Boston center of VTSeva organized a benefit show by showing movie "Maya Bazaar" to the audience. All proceeds were donated to UNICEF to aid the children affected by the earthquake.

2018 Toy homes, shelter build for underserved

In 2018, Bay Area center of VTSeva took up volunteering with Habitat for Humanity. The joy can be seen in the volunteers for building small homes and shelter for the underserved. Atlanta center also participated with Habitat for humanity.

Canned food drive for Thanksgiving and Christmas

Collecting canned food for homeless shelters began in Nov 2010 and continues to this date each year. Thousands of pounds of food is collected across all VTSeva centers and donated in last decade through generous volunteers and donors.

2014, 2016 LinkedIn Grant

In 2014 & 2016, VTSeva also received grants of $10k from Linkedin twice!. The LinkedIn grants were used to build and digitize education curriculum and for mobile application "Arogya Vikas".

2012 Hurricane Sandy Relief

In Nov 2012, VTSeva volunteers donated 547 disaster relief boxes, 9000 meals and sorted clothes for kids.

2012 First fund raising event for tribal students

New Jersey center of VTseva organized the first benefit event for education of 172 tribal students in April 2012 and named it as Vasantham. The annual events continues to this day, along with Tarangini (Texas), Utsav (Seattle), Bloom (Boston), Prerana (Charlotte), Mamatha (North Jersey) and Raaga (Bay Area) annual events.

2018 City recognitions

In July of 2018, VTSeva was recognized by the City of Fremont for its contributions. Along with Fremont, California, VTSEVA received recognition from Dallas.

Presidential Volunteer Service awards (PVSA)

VTSeva became a certifying organization for adminstering Presidential Volunteer service awards. More than 350+ youth volunteers received the award from the white house in last decade.

2018, 2019 NFL hall of fame - Patrick Willis

In 2018, Bayarea hosted a charity basketball tournament and invited NFL Hall of fame - Patrick Willis to the event. Seen above are Rishi Gandham, Rahul Mamtora, Patrick Willis, Radhir Chenna and Rohan Bindu (L to R).

2017 Record number of meals cooked

In 2017, VTSeva - Virginia team helped cook a record 5400 meals for the homeless.

VTSeva grows to thousands of volunteers

From a humble beginning of couple of hundred volunteers in 2008, VTSeva has grown to 23 centers in USA, with presence in 5 countries and thousands of volunteers worldwide.

Dance Competitions

Dance competitions got added to events VTSeva supported across the nation, bringing additional awareness to VTSeva activities in addition to promoting culture.

2019 New Website

In April of 2019, VTSeva moved to a new modern looking mobile friendly web-site, with low maintenance, centralized calendar event visibility and self serving event/ blog handling model to keep up with the growth.

2019 First eco challenge

In October of 2019, VTSeva organized a first ever eco challenge called as #motherearth. In this challenge youth volunteers were asked to come up with a project on environment and run it for 90 days. Seven teams reached the finals which were voted by volunteers and audience. "Death by Trash" received the most popular vote.

Tree plantations and farm visits

Many VTSeva centers picked up tree plantations and visit to farms as one of the activities to help with environment.

2015 Hurricane Joaquin - South Carolina

VTSeva volunteers donated $10,001 to support 1000 year flood 'Joaquin' in South Carolina.

Animal Shelter

Few of VTSeva centers picked up animal shelter activities in last decade.

Books of Africa

VT Seva Atlanta visited Books For Africa warehouse for sorting of books. Books for Africa is a program at nonprofit organization Hands on Atlanta to sponsor school books to African kids for their elementary, middle and High school education along with some leisure reading.

Seminars on breast and cervical cancer

Multiple seminars on breast and cervical cancer were organized by VTSeva centers throughout USA.

Redcross blood drives

VTSeva volunteers participated and also organized blood drives in collaboration with red cross.

Donations from garage sale

Volunteers and donors alike got innovative by collecting funds via garage sale and donating it to VTSeva.

2018 Chess clubs and competition

In 2017, VT Seva Charlotte started chess club as means of fund raising. In 2018, VT Seva Bayarea started chess competitions as well !

2017 Yoga day with Baba Ramdev

In 2017, VTSeva DC, teamed up with Ramdev Baba for yoga day celebrations.

Java and computer learning for high schoolers

Teaching JAVA and othe computer science courses such as database and Hadoop was taken up as an activity by many volunteers.

Just have fun - Annual picnic's

Why not add fun via annual picnic's ? Volunteers love these annual picnic's. It brings the community together for talk, food, games, occasional yoga and fun !.

2017 Refugee service center visits

In 2017, VTSeva Charlotte picked up teaching children at Refugee service center. A high-five to the volunteers!

Christmas greeting cards

Minneapolis VTSeva young volunteers made greeting cards during Christmas of 2018 and donated to the local hospital.

2018 Bake sale to help local cops

IN 2018, VT Seva North Jersey organized a holiday Bake sale at New York ferry station by volunteer Lauren to benefit the local cops.

2018 Packaging shoes !

Who would have thought packaging shoes as a volunteering activity ? VTSeva Detroit team in 2018 worked with a local church to package more than 500 pairs of shoes to be sent to children in Africa as a Christmas gift !.

Singing competitions

Last decade marked going into organizing fund raising via various competitions. Pictured above is singing competition held in 2018 in Detroit.

Microsoft micro volunteering

VT Seva Seattle conducted a Micro volunteer program at Microsoft GIVE campaign. Nearly 40 people attended and with their help we made photo magnet frames with VTSeva sponsored kids pictures.

Cooking contest

Detroit center of VTSeva held a cooking contest in 2018 as a way of fund raising. Yum !.

Working with special needs kids

VT Seva, Cary volunteered at Miracle League's Base ball event in 2018, to assist and engage the special need kids to play the base ball tournament. Miracle League is an organization that conducts baseball tournaments to the special need kids and make those kids to feel proud to participate and win the game.

2009 Andhra floods

5000 Flood Relief Kits, Flood relief kits to 10000 Families in 100 Villages. 300 Boats to Fishermen, Food and Free Medical Services_. Distributed 20Tons of Corn seeds worth of $100,000 to the Farmers(sufficient for 2500 Acre)

2013 United EcoSkies Grant

In 2013, VT Seva received United EcoSkies grant of $5k, which VTSeva Houston used to raise environmental awareness and to make local Houston ISD schools greener.

Friends of children with special needs

VTSeva Bayarea is regularly working with Friends of children with special needs. The volunteers took training and are supporting this organization, in the process learning how to work with children with special needs.

Speech competitions

Speech competitions have become a regular activity across many centers. These events are creating a competitive mindset and preparing the youth for the future.

2015 Chennai / Cuddalore floods

Raised $30,388.95 to support immediate and long term relief operations during Chennai / Cuddalore floods

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VT Seva (Volunteering Together for Service) is a volunteer driven global non profit organization. It was registered as 501(C)3 non-profit organization in USA in 2008. It's Sister Organization ‘Vikasa Tarangini ’(VT) established in India in 1992 has been rendering yeoman services with more than 75,000 active volunteers. It is also active in England, Australia and Tanzania.

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