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Did you know VTSeva has been in USA since 2008 ? In the last decade, from humble beginning with few volunteers, VTSeva has grown to 23 centers in USA and presence in 5 countries with thousands of volunteers worldwide. Below is a compilation of various unique activities that our volunteers participated in over the decade. VTSeva centers continue to have yearly, monthly and weekly events each year.  Interested to join us ? Explore our site for more information and contact the center directors or simply fill out the volunteer form


Support to visually challenged children

In last decade, VTSeva sponsored more than 2500 visually challenged children by providing free education, food and clothing. All of this was possible only by donations generated via events, sponsorships and generous volunteers.


Free education to tribals

VTseva sponsored schools in remote villages and provided free education, food to almost 3000 tribal children each yearly in last decade, which continues to help build a strong educational foundation to tribal children.


Community volunteering

Holiday or no holiday, VTSeva volunteers across USA served at multiple community centers during Memorial day, Thanksgiving and other holidays.


2018 California fires

Donated daily essential toiletries package and warm new blanket kits to the affected.


Christmas food bank volunteering

Each year in most all centers of VTSeva, volunteers reach out to food banks and help with food sorting.


2018 Stanford small cell research donation

In 2018 VTSeva