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Cancer Awareness and Prevention

At least one in a family is a victim of cancer disease. Unfortunately India tops the chart with number of patients at critical stages of breast cancer and cervical cancer. “If the woman is healthy then the house will be safe and the society will flourish”, is the motive of VT Seva. With this mission, VT Seva started Women Health Care Project – Mahila Arogya Vikas in 2007 .

Since, then more than 1200+ free camps, 250,000+VIA Cancer tests, 6379 + biopsies, 219+ breast surgeries were conducted, bringing awareness to more than 1.2 M women.


VT Seva is providing services to the society in a subtle manner by avoiding the usage of the word ‘cancer’, as it scares the locals.

Mahila Arogya Vikas is conducting camps in remote villages in Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, Delhi, Tamilnadu and Maharastra states. The free camps are  giving second life to many women. 150 to 170 women are screened in each camp. Free medicines are provided to each patient for treatment.

Cancer Awareness and prevention

The first Cancer Screening Outreach program started on Oct 22nd 2007. Mobile van equipped with mammogram, ultrasound, X-rays, etc was used to help diagnose the cancer patients. Vikasa Tarangini Activities include

  • Free cancer screening services in remote areas

  • Breast and cervical cancer screening using colposcopes – VIA tests

  • Provide Free Medicines

  • Provide self-help materials, advisory consultations and follow-up support


Women health care highlights

  • Free medical lab is set up in the location where people live.

  • Tests are done free of cost

  • Results are immediate

  • The captured picture of the patient’s condition in a laptop is shown to the patients immediately.

  • The patients are explained about their condition.

  • Medicines are dispensed to patients free of cost.

  • If required, they are also recommended for follow up.


Conduct a camp in your area

A small encouragement from your side can bring a huge change in at least 500 women in ONE HEALTH CAMP. VT Seva invites you to come forward and bring a change in hundreds of families.

What do you need to conduct a camp?

  • Arrange a room with electricity

  • 4 to 5 tables

  • Water, Toilet facility

  • A gas cylinder

To organize a camp, on an average $ 1000 is spent including medicines.
If interested, contact us. Give back to the villages where we came from, save those women from this deadly disease.


How you can help ?

  • VT Seva volunteers engage in multiple health related activity in each location

  • You can participate in these activities as a volunteer or support by joining the group

  • Please find the center nearest to you and check the activities, and connect with the center director.

  • Alternatively you can also go to any of the events near your location or simply donate on line.

  • Sign up as volunteer and we will send you information when the need arises or when we have an event in your location

  • Below is a just a sampling of various health related activities from VT Seva


Sponsor a Vehicle

Vehicles are very much required to move from one place to another with kulposcope, instruments, and other materials from place to place. Please reach out to us


Sponsor Medicines

​Each patient is given medicines to treat infections. If you would like to be part of donating medicines, contact us.


Sponsor Education Materials

Handouts and information leaflets on self examination, cleanliness etc are handed over to women during survey. You can sponsor the educational materials. For details contact us.


Sponsor a Camp

You can sponsor a medical camp in your place. You can be a part sponsor or a full camp sponsor. For more details contact us.


Sponsor Materials

​Materials used in camp Autoclave for sterilization, BINS, Speculams, Acetic acid 5% Cotton swabs, Savlon, Normal saline, Surgical spirit, Green cloths, Surgical gloves If interested, contact us right now.


Fund Raise for a Camp !

Now you’re part of a powerful community that heals women. Your fund raising ideas will make a great impact in their lives. Contact us with your ideas

Join health and cancer prevention events !