Mother Earth



VT Seva supports environmental programs. Multiple centers frequently engage in volunteering events of planting trees, cleaning of creeks, adopt a street activities. 

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Tree plantation

Volunteers periodically signup for tree plantation activities

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Adopt a street

Across USA, many cities have adopted a street and do regular voluntary cleanup 

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Creek cleanup

Volunteers proudly help with keeping our creeks, park and other community places clean !

Mother Earth - contest results

Multiple volunteers of VTSEVA took up the 90 day environment challenge and put together a video of their accomplishment. They ALL made a difference ! 


Read about their project, what excited them and watch the video. 



Composting: Saving our Planet

Participants: Arnav Reddy, Esha Karam

About the project


Our video is about a composting effort that we started at our local temple. We noticed that every Sunday, a lot of leftover food gets thrown away at lunch. So, we started an initiative to divert that waste from the landfill and compost it instead. We got our temple to buy compostable disposable plates to reduce waste going to a landfill, and now we compost every week at the temple.

It showed us how small behavioral changes could have a large impact. Everyone in our community just had to stop for a few seconds and separate their trash, but it made such a difference in the end.


Participants: Harish Jaisankar, Oviya Jaisankar, Kaavya Karnati, Hrudaya Kishore, Shruti Satish

About the project


Eco-lution takes on the challenge of pollution by informing people and showing them how they can help save the Earth.

We got to learn a lot ourselves about the problems the Earth is facing and it was enlightening to inform people and make a change. We were incredibly happy when we saw people appreciating and implementing our tips.


Participants: Srivaishnavi Marreddy, Abhiram Dingari, Lokavya Marreddy, Neela Rajesh, Lalit Palepu, Shrivetha Senthil, Rifah Mirza and Saanvi Rudraraju.

About the project

We as an Austin team have decided to address a simple, yet a very important problem in front of us today. How best to properly dispose off our own daily trash/waste? is by providing education early in life and bringing the change in one's own behavior to Reduce, Reuse, Recycle For Earth.


the project we took-up is exciting to our team because it is practical, sensible, easy to implement, scalable and over the time will have a maximum impact by Reducing, Reusing, Recycling For Earth.


Participants: Yashica K Gondhi, Arushi Gondhi, Madhavi Katta, Pranathi Katta

About the project

Project to raise awareness and impact our Mazdabrook community (100+ households) to reduce and reuse plastic.


We were making a difference in our community and eventually encouraging the sustainable living to help the environment.


Participants: YPranuti Kalidindi, Aashrita Nanduri, Aditi Srinivasan, Anushka Sharma, Madhavi Vivek, Nidhi Munikote, Niranjana Kannan, Pranav Kammili, Sumedha Kanumuri, Yashita Banwar,

About the project

Our solution was a 30 Day Challenge. We created a 30 Day challenge calendar with 30 impactful yet straightforward activities that everyone could partake in. Statistics show that it takes 21 days to make a habit, so by participating in this 30 Day challenge, people made a habit of living environmentally friendly. By sharing pictures of themselves participating in the activity of the day, they were able to motivate their friends and families on social media to participate as well. Over we had over 1,000 people participate over the month, and our reach for the challenge went beyond Seattle to many other chapters and other organizations as well. Instead of holding an event where people only participate once and forget, we made a daily impact on people's lifestyles through this solution and began to transform our community.


This challenge was exciting for the team because it was an innovative way to solve the problem. Many times we see people trying to solve the problem of climate change by holding events, physical campaigns, advocating, etc. We instead used the power of social media. Social media has a vast reach, and we capitalized on that to spread our message. Our idea was also simple and easy to implement. It took less than 5 minutes to do the daily task, which motivated a lot more people to participate. We were excited to see how our simple, easy, yet vastly impactful idea would be received by the community, and we were glad to see that it did very well. It was also quite challenging for us because every day, we had to post on social media to announce the challenge of the day and motivate people constantly to participate. We were always on our toes looking for the posts and finding ways to encourage people throughout the month. So overall, it was a roller coaster experience, which we very much enjoyed and also are grateful that we could make such impacts on people's lifestyles and bring changes in our community.

Saving our Earth or Zero Waste

Participants: Rohitha Sanka, Bhaavita Nekkalapudi, Suvid Sowmedik Thungathurti, Varsh, Boorugadda, Manas Annugu

About the project

This video portrays our journey through the last month to help "SAVE OUR EARTH".


We loved this project as it was very fun, but also very beneficial to the Earth. We felt like we were making an impact throughout this project, and our journey will not end here.

electronics recycle

Participants: Ayush, Sreeja, Sucheth, Akshar, Deeksha, Suchir, Aditi and Keertana

About the project

Recycle old electronics to save environment and also help blind/tribal schools to raise money at the same time - Feel Good Twice


Team had worked on multiple ideas to raise awareness and rallied around for a good cause to help blind/tribal kids at the same time help to save environment