Mother Earth - Environment challenge



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#MotherEarth national competition videos, read about project.

The competition has ended. You can view our final entrees below.


Project requirements

The project needs to be on environmental issues, what idea you have implemented that would reduce waste, reduce single-use plastic, protect our oceans, reduce negative impacts to our climate and ultimately save the earth.

Who can participate

The youth from each chapter takes up a challenge and implement a solution that would solve that issue. Present a 3-minute video explaining and showcasing the project you've taken up to your branch director

why participate?

to participate

Step 1

Pick an environmental issue

Step 2

Register your project


Step 3

Come up with an idea to solve the issue

Step 4

Implement the solution

Step 5

Make and present a 3-minute video explaining and showcasing the project

Step 6

Upload video !


Step 7

Compete &  Win a prize !


Oct 20: onwards: Register project

Oct 20: Dec 15: Run the project

Dec 17: Final video submission deadline

Dec 18-20: Public voting 

Dec 23: Top 3 entries from each branch selected

Dec 24: Winners announced

Need more info ? contact ->

or - contact your local branch director by clicking HERE

rest of details

Voting Methods:

1. We will have our CEO pick the top three prizes.
2. We will also have a popular choice voted by everyone. You can promote this video to families and friends to inspire them to vote.


The top winner prize is $500 followed by $300 and $200. They can use this prize money to implement their project in bigger way.

Timeline of this challenge:

Step 1 - Project Kick off Oct 14th Week - When we are communicating this FORM with all the local chapter directors
Step 2 - Local teams will start to register their team name and project details in this FORM
Step 3 - Local Teams start working on their project starting Oct 15th till December 15th.
Step 4 - Local teams also document their activities during this 2 months as photos, videos and data.
Step 5 - At the end of Dec 15th, teams will produce a 3 minute video to showcase their work. They are welcome to add photos and spreadsheets and other documents to build a case for their work.
Step 6 - Local teams deliver their final work by Dec 20th.
Step 7 - Local Director will decide a winning entry for their chapter and deliver to by Dec 26th
Step 8 - ClimateChallenge Committee will decide the top 3 winning entries between - Dec 27th/28th/29th
Step 9 - CEO will announce the winners on Dec 31st in a live Skype Call.

Project Winning Criteria:

We want the youth to work on projects that have the following criteria.
- Have a maximum number of people and kids take part in your project
- Do projects that bring behavioral changes towards the environment and climate change.
- Specific issue - Specific solution
- Maximum short term or long term impact

Types of Projects:

We feel these are the types of projects that will have a good chance of winning
- 1- Community/school driven campaigns where the maximum number of people take part to create maximum impact
- 2- Event or couple of events to get maximum people involved to do something towards this cause and/or raise $ that you can donate to NGOs who are focused on solving the climate challenges.
- 3- App or Website or some tech but with lot of traction and activity.

1. From each chapter, we can get only one participant to national. We have 26 chapters so at the end, max 26 candidates get elected for national.
2. There is no age limit but they need to be part of the youth team in that respective chapter.
3. Either single youth or team of youth from that branch can participate to represent as one.
4. There is a $10 per team registration fee. Local Directors are expected to collect the registration fee from local teams.

All the national elected participants will have a Skype session with our CEO. The winners going to be published on the website and recognized by our CEO.

This is great opportunity for the youth.

Please join us.
Contact info - local chapter directors
Contact info for national level: Email:;