VT Seva CEO presenting New Jersey volunteers Presidential awards, July 15th, 2018

VT Seva CEO Sri Chinnajeeyar Swami presented VT Seva NJ youth Volunteers their 2017 Presidential Service Awards for community service. The youth thanked Sri Swami ji for the opportunity to serve the community through VT Seva. To learn more about volunteering activities of 2017, visit 2017 summary page, click here for  2017 Awardees! Vineet Duggirala Gold Abhijeet Rangesh Gold Nikhitha Dixit Gold Purvi Shakelly Gold Siddhant Shakelly Gold Vedna puskur Gold Kousthubh Gold Archit Mydam Silver Vishnu Divakurini Bronze Jamuna Puskur


VT Seva New Jersey volunteers at Soup Kitchen, July 4th, 2018
VT Seva volunteers at Soup Kitchen on Independence Day! What goes around comes around😊 see the name on brown bag we prepared brown bag lunches and delivered at Trenton Soup Kitchen NJ on July 1st. These brown bag lunches are distributed near by food serving centers and few of our VT SEVA volunteers who are volunteering at one of Robinsville center today were serving food with our brown bag lunches! 



VT Seva New Jersey prepared brown bag lunches, July 1st, 2018
VT Seva NJ volunteers prepared 200 Brown Bag Lunches to Trenton Soup Kitchen on 1st July 2018 at 222 Dey Road Cranbury ! Our sponsor for this month are Mr & Mrs Jaysree Sampath Rengarajan! VTSEVA thanked all volunteers and sponsers for taking active role in the community service. After finishing the food service all the youth volunteered sorting counting and catalogued books at the Jeeyar Book Store! Trenton Soup Kitchen NJ commended VTSEVA community services in their communication. Our next brown bag sandwich lunch preparation is on August 05 from 4pm to 6pm@ 222 Dey Road Cranbury NJ! The Following volunteers participated in making the brown bag lunches for Trenton Soup Kitchen! Sathvika Lanka Rithika Lanka Nidhish Somarouthu Ritvik Battula SriNeela Voddi Smitha Voddi Supriya Surabhi Abhijeet Rangesh Anirudh Rangesh Rangesh Jagannathan Rajani Gottiparthi Sreeya Gottiparthi Jaysree Sampath Sampath Rengarajan Anvith Ramadugu Pruthvi Narayan Apurva Savanur Satish Vellanki Aasha Vellanki Sanjana vellanki Anjali vellanki Rithika pathuri Rajayalaxmi Pathuri Vijaya Boyapati Sailaja Chapyala Neelima Kasuganti Sandhya Seelam Murali Duggirala Ravi Puskur Jamuna Puskur 



VT Seva New Jersey celebrated International Day of Yoga, June 25th, 2018
On the occasion of International Day of Yoga, VT Seva and Jeeyar Educational Trust NJ organised an awesome yoga and meditation session at the Jeeyar Asram; in a serene atmosphere with musical sounds of birds tweeting, and healing greenery all around. About 40 adults participated, and all were served refreshments after yoga session. Thanks to Mr. Balaji Yoga guru for conducting a peaceful and soothing yoga and meditation session. Also, thanks to Mr Narasimha Polkampally for the fruits and snacks!  




  VT Seva New Jersey Annual Event : Vasantham 2018 


  VT Seva New Jersey annual event  Vasantham is during the time when there is a transition from spring to summer. A shift from when life begins to grow again to when you truly see the beauty of nature and the world. This includes seeing so many students spending time outside reading books, playing outside, and spending time with friends. In another part of the world in India, students there do similar activities, especially those at the schools for tribal visually challenged and Tribal Students.

The goal of the event was simple, fundraise as much as possible, and help contribute to the education of children in India. While we are fortunate to be in a position to receive a public education that encompasses a wide range of subjects, sports, and activities, families in tougher positions in India lack this opportunity. Fortunately, through VT Seva, these children can have the same education as a student here would have. That is, they have access to computers, music, sports, and other activities in addition to their daily studies. 

The event itself was conducted by our very own VT Seva youth volunteers. It began with introductions by Vedna Puskur, and was then followed by Veda renditions and sloka chanting by JET Prajna students. Then came the introductory dance performances, and then a stage walk on by the students who helped during this event. This was followed by the first presentation of the VT Seva mission by Ananath Madabhushi who raised 11 sponsorships for Visually Challenged and Tribal kids education during the first donation drive. Following this, there were several song and dance performances by various groups, all of which captivated the audience’s attention. Then Vedna Puskur and Sriya Polkampalli presented the mission of VT Seva. After several more dance performances Kausthubh Vedantam and Sanjana Vellanki spoke to the audience about VT Seva’s tribal schools and raised few more sponsorships. There were other musical performances that came afterwards before Neela Voddi and Nikitha Dixit informed the audience of VT Seva’s activities in NJ. We have an international presence and aim to serve communities locally and around the globe. Rounding out the numerous performances and wonderful dinner were talks by Siddanth and Purvi about VT Seva Youth Intern experiences, followed by Vasant Ritu Kathak Ballet !

Our VTSeva youth Volunteers, Archit, Abijit, Kausthub, Purvi, Nikhita, Vineet, Vishnu, and Vedna, were given 2017 Presidential Service Award for their community services by NJ Assemblyman Upendra Chivukula!

Donation boxes for Business establishments and Offices for fundraising were launched by Ananth Madabhushi and Mr Govind Rajulu Thota. 15 people came forward to keep it in their commercial establishments.

The event was spectacular and our fundraising efforts paid off. 

The donations will allow for future researchers, scientists, lawyers, writers, artists, musicians, and even athletes. One of the greatest qualities we were granted by God was the ability to learn. Thanks to the efforts of our volunteers and the audience members who donated, these children will have excellent educations and make great contributions to society.

VTseva NJ also thanks Prajna Music School Mrs Vijaya allaki  for composing customized VTseva song ,Nritya Madhavi Dance School, Nritya Ranga Dance School, Nrityanjali Institute of Dance ,Chaitanya Dance School, Kalanjali Dance School, Tarana Dance Academy,Shobna Music Academy, Balaji Flowers, NY Life Insurance, Ananth and Ayush Madabhusi for technical Support , Mrs Jyothi Yareeda for Photography ,Mrs Aparna Dingari for catering Services ,Our Media partners Tv Asia, Ebox, V6 , NTV, Sakshi Tv for covering our event and all the  individual donors for their support for education empowerment for the underprivileged!

Jamuna Puskur​
VT Seva NJ


  VT SEVA NJ volunteers prepared 200 Brown Bag Lunches, May 13th, 2018


 VT SEVA NJ volunteers prepared 200 Brown Bag Lunches to Trenton Soup Kitchen on May 06 2018 at  222 Dey Road  Cranbury !                   
Our sponser for this month are Mr & Mrs KLN Narayana
VTSEVA thanked all volunteers and sponsers for taking active role in the community service.                          

Trenton Soup Kitchen NJ commended VTSEVA community services in their communication.

Our next brown bag sandwich lunch preparation is on June 03 from 4pm to 6pm@ 222 Dey Road Cranbury NJ! 
The Following volunteers participated in making the brown bag lunches for Trenton Soup Kitchen!
Sathvika Lanka
Rithika Lanka
Akhil palraj
Keshav Ratara
Mihika  Busireddy
Sreya polkampally
Sanjana vellanki
Anjali vellanki
Srikar bobbati
Preeti Bobbati
Spandana bondalapati
Srika anugula
Rakhee Anugula
Madhavi Mydam
Rangamani varadachary
Madhavi polkampally
Srija Polkampally
Rinku soni
Deval Soni
Rithika pathuri
Rajayalaxmi Pathuri
Ritu ratra
Narasimha polkampally
Vijaya Boyapati
Sailaja Chapyala
Neelima Kasuganti 
Ravi Puskur

Jamuna Puskur​


 VT Seva New Jersey Earth Day Celebrations, April 22nd, 2018


 A very eventful day was ahead of us. Our way of celebrating Earth Day in Edison, NJ was by volunteering at the local park lake Pappiani clean up event. We had tons of youth volunteers help out in cleaning up the park and making it look like an image on a postcard. We collected so much trash that would have otherwise harmed the environment. 

Protecting nature is one of the key pillars of VT Seva’s philosophy. Even though we worked hard we were able to enjoy ourselves and discover interesting things. We had all sorts of volunteers helping out, from high schoolers to children half their height. 

Our youngest volunteer Anuj found a small fossil while we were cleaning up. He was helping out because he thought cleaning the park would be like cleaning up after playing with toys. In his mind, his reward for helping clean the park was his fossil.

Cleaning was not the only enjoyable activity we partook in at the park. End plastic pollution is the theme for 2018 Earthday Celebrations and we did 2k Walkthon to support it.
We also met lots of other interesting groups and volunteers, ranging from a radio station to an artist who painted a miniature earth in the womb of a mother. One of our volunteers Sanjana took the concept of recycling and used small pieces of shopping bags in a poster she made to promote recycling. Other groups helped us make corsages using ferns and local flowers – in essence promoting the use of the beautiful nature around us. Regardless of why others came to park, we all made friends of each other while protecting the environment.
This year’s Earth Day was exciting and memorable.After all the only way we can make the Earth clean and beautiful if we do so around the world.

Jamuna Puskur​


 VT Seva New Jersey prepared Lunches for Trenton Soup Kitchen, March 4th, 2018


    VT SEVA New Jersey volunteers prepared 180 Brown Bag Lunches to Trenton Soup Kitchen on March 04, 2018 at  222 Dey Road  Cranbury !                     

Many new volunteers joined to serve the noble cause .                                                

   Our sponsers for this month are Mrs Vishali  and Mr. Balaji.               

VTSEVA thanked all volunteers and sponsors for taking active role in the community service.                     


  Our next brown bag sandwich lunch preparation is on April 01, from 4pm to 6pm@ 222 Dey Road Cranbury NJ! The Following volunteers participated for the March month sandwich making                                      


      Archit Myadam  Adithya Kalyan  Sanjana Vellankil Lakshmi Rajula Malay patel Srineela Voddi  Smitha Voddi  Shelija patel Prathush Neelagiri  Shrika Anugula  Rithika Busireddy Ayush Madabushi  Anjali Vellanki Tanay Patel Saanvi Madabushi Aanya Kasuganti and others!

Jamuna Puskur​


 VT Seva New Jersey prepared lunches for Trenton Soup Kitchen, Feb 11th, 2018


 VTSEVA NJ volunteers prepared 180 Brown Bag Lunches to Trenton Area Soup Kitchen​ on February 11th .

  Young and Adult volunteers involved in preparing the Sandwiches .
Our sponsors for this month are Mrs Rajani Sudha and Mr. Ananth.
 VTSEVA thanked all the volunteers for supporting the noble cause . 

Our next brown bag sandwich lunch preparation is on March 04, 4pm to 6pm@ 222 Dey Road Cranbury NJ!      

   VTSEVA would also like to congratulate all volunteers for completing one year of food preparation.This is a tremendous accomplishment and we are proud of all volunteers, sponsors for spending their time improving the local community.We hope to continue this success into future by recruiting more volunteers and assisting more people in need.


VT Seva NJ Brown Bag lunches for Trenton Soup kitchen, Jan 15th, 2018


 VT SEVA NJ volunteers prepared 180 Brown Bag Lunches to Trenton Soup Kitchen on January 15th at  222 Dey Road  Jeeyar Asram Cranbury !

 Serving the hunger  is the 1st VTSEVA NJ activity for the year 2018 and successfully the 11th one in a row. 

Young and Adult volunteers involved in preparing the Sandwiches and the boxes were delivered at Trenton Soup Kitchen!    

                This month our sponsor is Mr&Mrs Rajasekhar Divakaruni !           

 VTSEVA thanked all  the volunteers for supporting the noble cause!         
   Our next brown bag sandwich lunch preparation is on February 11,4 pm to 6pm @ 222 Dey Road Cranbury NJ!


   VTSEVA NJ volunteers prepared to Trenton Soup Kitchen , December 3rd 2017 


 VT SEVA NJ volunteers prepared 180 Brown Bag Lunches to Trenton Soup Kitchen   


VT Seva New Jersey Walkathon 2017 , October 1st 2017


  VTSEVA  New Jersey Walkathon was held at Etra Lake Park East Windsor on Sunday October 1st.Vital moves began with putting up the banners giving T shirts to the participants in the park.

       When everyone gathered around 10am a brief introduction on VTSEVA activities were given to the participants and stressed the need for walkathon for fundraising for causes.

          VTSEVA youth lead the walk and adults joined them. The youngest was 5 year old Nihal who completed one lapse .Sandeep along with his 6 year old son Arjun from NY joined the walk.Many young kids had fun jogging ,running around the trail.

                   Weather was beautiful and so cooperative to the walkers.Following the 2 lapses of full 5 k walk around Eltra park Arboretum participants enjoyed a full brunch.
Proceeds from the walkthon goes to the Harvey Houston Disaster Relief.
VTSEVA thanked all participants  food donars for their support in reaching the target .


For more pictures please click here


VT Seva New Jersey volunteers prepared Lunch Bags for Trenton Kit , October 1st , 2017 : 


VT Seva New Jersey volunteers prepared Brown Lunch Bags for Trenton Soup Kitchen! Trenton Area Soup Kitchen Around 200 brown bag lunches were packed in an hour.


For more pictures please click here

 VT Seva New Jersey Successfully Conducted Blood drive , August 27th, 2017 :


 VTSEVA NJ successfully conducted Blood Drive for American Red Cross at Sai Cultural Centre Iselin .
We promoted the drive among our friends group and many preregistered before and some were walk-ins !
Our youth volunteers sitting at the desk from 10 am to 3 pm explained the visitors about VT Seva activities and distributed fliers and VT Seva cards!

Small kids who accompanied their dads had many innocent questions about the drive and our youth volunteers explained very well !They promised themselves to be part of this noble cause when they grow older.
Few of my friends were disqualified as their hemoglobin was less and they were disappointed They were advised to take more iron rich foods by the staff!

American Redcross were able to collect 21 pints of blood on a goal of 19 pints!The staff is so happy about that and we had to say no to five donars as it was closed at 3 pm!
Blood donated by a person is divided into 3 parts and each part is meant for saving 1 life situation. Hence donating blood once we can save 3 lives. There is no substitute for Human blood.


For more pictures click here



VT Seva volunteer Nikitha donating her Dance performance funds


Ms Indira Sreeram Reddy​ daughter Nikhita Dixit is donating her Dance performance : Arangetram 🎁 money to VTSEVA 's Tribal Students Education fund! Way to go Nikitha 

Arangetram : 
Arangetram is the debut on-stage performance of a former student of Indian classical dance and music. This first performance follows years of training. Many Indian classical dance forms perform an arangettam once the time has come for a disciple.


for more pictures click here


July 2nd , 2017 : VT Seva NJ Lunch bag preparation for Soup Kitchen


VT Seva NJ Monthly Brown Lunch Bag Preparation for Trenton Soup Kitchen. Trenton Area Soup Kitchen.


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June 4th, 2017 : VT Seva New Jersey preparing brownbag lunches


VT Seva New Jersey volunteers preparing 150 brownbag lunches for the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen at the Jeeyar Asramam.


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May 7th, 2017 : VT Seva New Jersey supporting Trenton Soup Kitchen :


We all got together at the Jeeyar Asramam and prepared the Brown Bag lunches to be delivered to the Trenton Soup Kitchen. We prepared a total of 168 Brown Bag lunches in about two hours. 

This has been the third month that we have done this successfully. Anya's parents Neelima and Ajay Kasuganti will be delivering the sandwiches to the soup kitchen.


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April 29th , 2017 : Vasantham : VT Seva New Jersey Annual Event


  VT Seva New Jersey team organized annual event Vasantham.


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 April 2nd , 2017 : VT Seva New Jersey supporting Trenton Soup Kitchen : 


  VT Seva New Jersey , we had 13 volunteers who packed 115 Brown Bag Lunches to be donated to the Trenton Soup Kitchen over a period of 2 hours. Mr. Sagar will be delivering these brown bag lunches to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen Thank you to all the volunteers for your time and effort.


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April 2nd , 2017 : VT Seva New Jersey team participated in Autism Awareness Walk : 


  VT Seva New Jersey team , In Edison, Ms. Jamuna and a few VTSEVA volunteers from JP Stevens high school participated in Autism Awareness walk conducted by "NJ Autism group"


​  for pictures click here 


 March 5th , 2017 : VT Seva New Jersey supporting Trenton Soup Kitchen : 


 VT Seva New Jersey started the "Brown Bag Lunch" packing and delivery program at the JeeyarAsramam. With the help and contributions of our volunteers we packed 160 lunch bags in a matter of two and half hours. Mr. Sagar will be delivering these brown bag lunches to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen Thank you to all the volunteers for your time and effort. 


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Volunteers Partake In Red Cross Blood Drive

​​On Sunday, July 19th, 2015, an American Red Cross blood drive was conducted at the Jeeyar Asramam in Cranbury. Our young VT Seva  volunteers took part in this endeavor and helped make it a success. Red Cross sent a large ambulance bus with advanced facilities to draw and store the blood. A blood donor would go to the registration desk of our young and dynamic volunteers to sign in, either for their predetermined appointment or for a walk-in. From there, they would walk to the well-conditioned Red Cross bus, where kind veteran nurses would assist   them through the process of drawing a pint of blood. Afterwards, they would be given energizing refreshments by our young volunteers.

For each pint of blood donated, an entire 3 lives could be supported. About 19 pints of blood were collected, thus being able to serve 57 people. Thanks to the campaigning efforts of VT Seva and one young volunteer in particular, this many people were able to donate. Shri Srinivasan is an upcoming junior in high school who decided to donate her summertime into organizing and conducting this blood drive, with the sole purpose of being able to make a difference in the lives of people suffering from blood problem. Thinking about the welfare of others, she executed this event with passion and helped set an example for other upcoming young volunteers about implementing the idea of service. Shri expressed her sincere joy for the number of people that were able to give 15 minutes of their time and donate, and is determined along with the other VT Seva volunteers to do more service events in the future. 


For more photos from the event, click here

Giving Back To Our Community

Since the beginning of October 2014, young volunteers have gone to the Jeeyar Community Center to clean-up and organize the buildings. Every Sunday, these dynamic youngsters give up two hours of their time to clean, organize, and vacuum the community center. They readily give back to their community, and at the same time are cleaning up the environment around to make the center a welcoming place for all.


Serving Ukraine

A colleague of one of the volunteers was making many selfless attempts to try and collect clothing and medical supplies to send to his native village in Ukraine. Here is some more info, said by him, on what was happening:

As a quick background, due to the military situation in the eastern part of Ukraine there are literally millions of refugees who had to relocate to other parts of the country where situation is “stable” at the moment. Due to a very limited support from the government most of these people rely on the help of volunteers who organize shelters, food, clothing, etc. Many shelters have newborns, kids of various age, lots of disabled children and adults. It so happened I have friends who directly involved in curating few of such shelters around my home town Kyiv… this is my personal ongoing effort in trying to help those volunteers, this is not an “official business”. We send packages “by sea” as they fill in and it takes about a month to get there.”

VT Seva NJ thought it could lend a hand. Within a mere week, VT Seva collected over a thousand pounds of bags of clothing that are enough to supplymany refugees. The benevolent man was overjoyed, and now many deserving victims can receive their necessities. The clothing was collected the week of April 13th, 2015, and is to be directly delivered to the village.


Vasantham 2014- Empowering the Youth


After one month of speedy and diligent preparations, the VT Seva youth team of New Jersey pulled off our amazing Vasantham event on May 18, 2014! The Vasantham is an annual event for VT Seva NJ that started in 2012. The Vasantham allows our youth to take part in fundraising and gets them to be involved in their communities. All of the funds that are collected are specifically donated to our schools in India to improve them.To make things interesting, volunteers in their high school/ college years were asked to be MCs for the event (no adults!). In between performances, our high schoolers gave small presentations about the different pillars of VT Seva. Also since many of them have been with VT Seva NJ since its inception in 2009 and have visited the different schools in India, many of them shared their wonderful experiences with the audience to get them interested in the organization.The MCs worked hard and met every weekend before the event to perfect their presentations and memorize their scripts. VT Seva NJ recognizes our four main MCs, who did an awesome job of running the show that day: Akshith Ramadugu, Mounica Thota, Rasagnya Kota, and Srilaya Bhavaraju.

In addition to our volunteers MCing, the participants of the event did a      wonderful job in their performances, and were able to see conspicuously  how their performance served our tribal schools and visually challenged  schools in India. Everyone had a great time and to top it all off, our  benevolent CEO HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji was the keynote  speaker.

Swamiji was very happy  with all of the high school MCs and the participants of the show, and hopes that in the future many more youngsters will participate in beneficial events such as the Vasantham. In His inspiring speech, Swamiji talked about the crucial difference between “helping” and “service”. When we say that we “help” someone, we expect them to do something for us in return. Helping a person means that we put ourselves in a higher position than the one in trouble, and so therefore we help them to somewhat show off our authority and “benevolence”. When “helping” people, it is not out of a necessity, but just because we think we are in a better position than the person we are trying to support, we give them that support. However, Swamiji emphasized how we are supposed to serve people. To “serve” means assisting one another as a family member would do; not out of the goodness of our heart, but because we are connected to them and it is our duty to support them. It is our duty to serve people in tough positions as fellow human beings, and since it is our job we should not expect any sort of reward in return. As a mother does not expect a trophy for everything she does in our life, we should not expect any recognition in serving our fellow beings. Rewards and such come by themselves, but the foremost thing to do is our job. In all the efforts of the volunteers, we were able to raise enough funds to support 100 tribal students. All of the volunteers were happy to gain new knowledge and experiences, and were happy to serve their tribal and visually challenged friends in India by raising funds for their education. A job well done in our 3rd Vasantham!

A special thanks to all of our diligent youth volunteers that emceed for the event:

Tribal Schools and Bone Marrow Drive: Srilaya Bhavaraju; Anusha Gunti; Murali Gunti; Sriya Vudata

Care On Wheels Project: Akshith Ramadugu; Harika Penematcha ; Ruchika Moturi ;Rahul Sirikonda

Schools for the Visually Challenged Sanjana Chapyala; Vamshi Eppanapally ;Sanjana Duggirala ;
Neha Annapureddy ; Rasagnya Kota

Healthcare and JIMS Hospital Vidisha Naini; Shubha Kapuganti;Shivani Rao ; Hemanshu Uppalapati ; Sujay Busarajan

VT Seva US Activities: Suhrudh Daaram; Rasagnya Kota

For more pictures from the event, click here


Food Drive Sorting at Local Church 2013

The youth team of VT Seva NJ gathered at the Cranbury Church on November 15 2013, to help the volunteers there sort out all of the generous food donations that were given for Thanksgiving. Rather than spend their Sunday treasuring their freetime, our youth volunteers pitched in with the volunteers of the church and was able to make a difference. The volume of donations was rather large, but the volunteers at the church were thankful for the help of our young volunteers for swiftly working, and cutting down the amount of time it would have taken. Our young volunteers enjoyed the work , and are looking forward to participating next time as well.


5k run/walk-a-thon

On Sunday October 27 2013, the young volunteers of VT Seva New Jersey planned and participated in a 5K walkathon, to help support the Netra Vidyalaya school for the visually challenged. The youth team diligently and energetically participated in the walkathon and gave 101% of their spirit to conduct a successful event.

The walkathon took place at Etra Lake Park in East Windsor, NJ. The youth team was also given the challenge to raise the most funds in their neighborhood. Everyone gladly pitched in and went around their neighborhood over the weekend, spending their time doing a benevolent act rather than taking advantage of a work-free weekend.

All of the young volunteers managed to not only collect a generous amount of funds, but also managed to spread awareness about VT Seva in their community. Not only did they collect the funds for the walkathon, but they worked hard on the posters and slogans that were used in the walk. Some of the more excited youngsters participated in the running race.

Thanks to the hard work of the young team of volunteers, the event was conducted successfully, and received positive feedback from the participants of the walkathon. The youngsters had much fun, and got more educated on social service activities that they can conduct themselves.​


Vasantham: Spring of Joy and Hope

On Saturday June 15th 2013, the VT Seva NJ team organized its 2nd annual fundraising cultural event Vasantham at Madison High School in Madison, New Jersey. The event was organized by the younger generation of VT Seva volunteers in Parsippany, NJ. They raised awareness about the service activities done by VT Seva in local communities, the ongoing projects done to help those in need, and they also persuaded other youngsters to take a part in community services. With the help of their parents and 15 other adult volunteers, the team was able to conduct the event successfully to raise money for the education of the visually challenged students of Nethra Vidyalaya in Shamshabad, Hyderabad in India.  The event was a great example of youth volunteerism, with more than 200 young performers volunteering their time and talent (dance and music) to raise funds for this noble cause. 

Vasantham lived to its name: spring of hope and joy. The goal was raise at least $50,000. Thanks to the efforts and diligence of Anjani Polasani, Krupali Bandi and their team (who encouraged young volunteers to take the initiative to run the event), they were able to reach the goal with ease.

The program began with a peace prayer by young children and was followed by the US National Anthem. The dance  [vasantham-340_small]  academies Kalashri School of Arts, Shubanjali School of Performing Arts and Kuchipudi Art Academy gave scintillating performances. Ms. Keertana Annamaneni sang a very inspirational song while pictures of the accomplishments of the visually challenged and of VT Seva were displayed in a slideshow. Kolaatam, an Andhra folk dance, was performed by Baldwin Manor and Mazdabrook Commons ladies. Then, the School of Indian Classical Music gave a wonderful and soothing musical performance. The program was unbelievable and appreciated by everyone, and kept them on the edge of their seats till the end. 

The founder and CEO of VT Seva, His Holiness Sri Chinna Jeear Swamiji, greatly appreciated the team, especially the younger generation, for their efforts and hard work that were put into this event. As VT Seva’s mission is “to promote understanding and tolerance in society by empowering our youth with the value of volunteering and philanthropy”, Swamiji was grateful that the event was thanks to the efforts of the young volunteers.

The pictures and videos that were presented moved the audience and gave more insight on VT Seva activities, and how they can benefit the underprivileged with their support and contributions. The video snippet of one of our students, Parmeshwar Rao from Nethra Vidyalaya, on the program “Paadutha Theeyaga” (one of the vocal music competitions on a popular Telugu channel) made every attendee give a standing ovation. 

Testimonials from Dance Schools –

“I am so glad everything went very well and our kids thoroughly enjoyed the program and were very happy to be part of this noble cause. Keep up the great mission. You will always have our support.” 
-Ms. Suba Parmar , Shubanjali School of Performing Arts 

"I want to thank the organization for giving us an opportunity to perform at your event. I have to congratulate all of you for organizing such a beautiful event.” 
– Ms. Swathi, Gundapuneedi Kuchipudi Art Academy 

“Thank you for having us yesterday at the fund raiser, we immensely enjoyed the whole event. It was well organized and we are happy to be part of this noble cause” 
– Mr. Anil Khare, TAALSADHANA – School of Indian Classical Music 

“We participated with over 80 classical dancers in VT Seva fundraising event and it raised 50k in few hours benefitting Colleges for Blind in Andhra Pradesh. We felt like a divine power guiding us through the event.” 
– Ms. Bina Menon, Kalashri School of Arts 

“Lastly … just want to mention one observation … I felt the organizers were very nice. I have been to so many programs. No one ever kept water bottles in the makeup room for the participants. Though it is a small thing … it is such a good gesture. They were very courteous throughout. Felt good being part of the program. Please thank them when you talk to them next time.” 
– One of the parents of a performer 


Hurricane Sandy
VT Seva – NJ partnered with the Food bank of New Jersey  [sandy1]  on Nov 11 to help the  victims of hurricane sandy. We went to their warehouse where the food  cans were stacked floor to ceiling; donations of food and money were  made by people and corporations all over USA. The only thing left to be  done was to get them to the victims. This is where we helped out. As soon  as our group of 35 people was formed (14 of us were VT seva); they  allocated all the heavy lifting to the boys of VT seva. They were in charge  of searching and lifting the heavy packed cans and putting them on  the tables. Then the rest of us put in cans of spaghetti sauce, sweet corn,  pasta etc., into each of the boxes. Each box held 18 cans of non- perishable food. We made 547 disaster relief boxes that convert to  9000 meals for the people in affected areas.
“What do we do? – We feed New Jersey”  This was the slogan we said while working.

Red Cross Nov 18: Volunteers of the Red Cross were making disaster relief packages for Victims of sandy. VT Seva – NJ worked with Red Cross to sort warm clothes for little kids. There were 12 of us from VT Seva and about 30 people in our group.  There were a lot of kids coats all mixed up and we were sorting them according to ages. Then they would go in to packages according to age and be given to the kids. It was very humbling to see that although we had suffered a huge loss everyone was coming together to help out those in need.


​Click here to see more Pictures


Woodbridge Fire
VT Seva New Jersey, in the presence of Sri Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji, had a fruitful meeting on August 5th  with the victims of  the fire that occurred in the Woodbridge Village apartment complex in Woodbridge, N.J. We are happy to announce that VT Seva, along with Sri Sri Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji, were well received by the victims and the interaction with them was very successful.

Sri Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji spoke words of encouragement and  hope  to the victims. He expressed empathy and sorrow for the loss of the  victims, yet  he also noted that a greater catastrophe was averted: loss of life.  Ultimately, he said, material possessions can be recovered, but life cannot be. He  expressed that he genuinely felt the victims would come back from this disaster stronger than before, and rebound into a prosperous life within short time. He advised them not to become pessimistic, and conveyed his belief that he had full faith in their strength and courage. Nothing could convey the ethos of VT Seva better than Swamiji’s own encouragement of the victims. 

The names of the victims’ families were called out one-by-one and $300.00 were given to each. The victims were grateful for the contribution made by VT Seva. They received it with dignity, and appreciated the support very much. Several of the victims were also given a chance to convey their feelings about the disaster and the aftermath, and many did take the opportunity to do so. It was heart warming to see that they had not lost hope and were recovering each in their own way, by taking steps in the direction of normalcy and recovery. The team concluded with the message that VT Seva is ready and willing to assist the victims in their negotiations with the Community’s Management about the next phase of their lives, specifically the issues of their destroyed residences and possessions. The meeting ended on that positive note, with the hope that VT Seva will be able to effect a positive outcome for the victims in their transition. ​

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