VT Seva North Jersey kids volunteering at senior citizens center, July 28th, 2018
VT Seva North Jersey kids volunteering at senior citizens center on July 28th. One batch of girls and their moms were thoughtful and got red roses for all the seniors. They were pleasantly surprised to receive those. You can also see the seniors clapping and enjoying the performances. We have one more on August 18th which is the last session. Lauren did a great job talking about vtseva and hosting the event.


VT Seva North Jersey youth volunteered at Senior center, July 26th, 2018
VT Seva North Jersey youth volunteered at Senior center : We had another group of kids go to Montville senior citizens center headed by our coordinator Vamsi. Kids played mostly instruments and few of them sang English songs. Audience were very excited to have them and clapping along for the songs. Maureen the coordinator called us and said they would like to see vtseva kids again.

VT Seva North Jersey Picnic day, July 2nd, 2018
We had a good picnic today attended by more than 100 people. Kids enjoyed playing different games. Adults enjoyed sniping and listening to live orchestra by our VT Seva youth singers Laya and Shrija.



VT Seva North Jersey Annual Event "Mamatha-2018", June 2nd, 2018
VT Seva North Jersey annual event - "Mamatha 2018" went very successfully with the amazing programs and emceeing with kids and Rama. Message about VT Seva Pillars : School for Tribal children and Visually Challenged children and Cancer Screening camps was well received. Also we managed to get some awareness of the different activities we do, voluntary hours and Presidential Volunteer Service Awards for youth. The beauty of the event was the voluntary spirit in everyone involved. We thank all the dance schools for their invaluable support in making this event successful. And thanks to our sponsors and vendors for their support. Heartfelt thanks to all the volunteers who lent their unconditional support to the event. Thank you ! Kudos to all the supporters: Dance schools : Kalashri school of Arts Siddhendra Kuchipudi Dance Academy Khushi Dance Academy Taal Dance School Shree Raaga Carnatic Vocal Music School Food Sponsors; Chutneys & JET USA Photography: Praveen Pilli Media Coverage: Yo-Yo TV Stage Decoration: Sowmya and Team Henna Booth: Preethi & Team Sponsors and Vendors: Agadia Systems Inc Manjula Jewelers Inc Payal Beauty Salon Pakwaan Restaurant Indus American Bank Triveni Gurikar Aruna KasiReddy Robotics Team Annu Swarna Essex Primary Care Vintech Solutions Academy of Allied Health sciences Sipporters: DR Santosh Chakilam Anuradha kamarajugadda padma Nandigam vijitha devanapalli savitha katta lalitha mullapudi Lauren Murphy Vamsi Narahari Indira Vinjamuri Shalini Miriyala Judith Levin Aruna Prabhala padma Vedala Mamatha Gadarla Seema Parthiban Suvarna musuku Dr deval Gadhvi Amita Aviur Amit and Shilpi Jain Shailaja Chapyala Keerthi thotakura madhav and mamatha Ravichandra sitara team Annapurna Ponugoti karuna Yalamanchili Vijay and Purvi panchomia Ramanuja Sanduga Ravinder Thota Main Emcee: Rama chatrathi VTSeva Youth Emcees: Vishaal Katta Samhitha Laya Ishwar Shreenidhi Sunisha Rahul Amoolya Sound system: Krushant Putrevu Soumit Madireddy



VT Seva North Jersey volunteers at Community Food Bank, March 10th, 2018


VT Seva North Jersey volunteers volunteered at Community food bank 

The Community Food Bank of New Jersey​ 


 VT Seva North Jersey team volunteered at Food Bank, Feb 17th, 2018


 VT Seva North Jersey team volunteered at a food bank.


 VT Seva North Jersey Volunteered at Interfaith Food Pantry , Jan 3rd, 2018


 VT Seva North jersey volunteers raised and donated 1700 lbs of food to the Interfaith Food pantry in a short time frame of 2 weeks. 

High school kids went around different communities. This is the highest amount we collected so far. 

We thank the north jersey volunteers for their efforts to do this in spite of the bad weather.

VT Seva North Jersey Youth made greeting cards for hospitalized kids, Jan 2nd, 2018


 VT Seva Parsippany Young volunteers had a wonderful time decorating treasure chests and making greeting cards for hospitalized kids. These cards will be given to St. Claires hospital by end of January

  VTSeva Parsippany Youth made greeting cards for hospitalized kids, Dec 20th, 2017


 VT Seva Parsippany Young volunteers had a wonderful time decorating treasure chests and making greeting cards for hospitalized kids. These cards will be given to St. Claires hospital by end of January


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  VT Seva Parsipanny Walkathon 2017, Oct 15th 2017


   VT Seva Parsipanny Team had a very successful walkathon with around 130 people attending the walkathon. Main crew and kids were on site at 8:30. Registration and serving table set up was done by 9. From 9-9:30 registrations were being done by kids Abhishek, Richa, Shreenidhi and Richa with an adult volunteer suvarna. 9:30 poster presentations were done by kids in front of Mayor Barberio and Council Vice president Lou valori. Mayor Barberio presented VTSeva volunteer hours certificates to the kids after presentations. Dr. Mamatha Gadarla spoke about the common cancers timely vaccinations and steps to take to get diagnosed early.

Sridath reddy thanked everyone. Followed by him Mayor Barberio and Council Vice president Lou Valori spoke few words encouraging the kids. Mayor Barberio shared about losing his mother to lung cancer. Afterwards VTSeva team members Anjani Savitha Seema gave update on vtseva finances collected for every event future events thanking the sponsors etc. 

Walk started around 10:15 and by the time we wrapped up it was 11 am. Serving stations of Bagels, Coffee and tea started right from the morning. Thanks to the serving crew sunitha durbha and surekha who took care of serving from begining to end. Thanks to Indus American Bank for sponsoring the walkathon event.  An anonymous donor donated funds to have a medical camp done at her village.
Thanks to Baldwin Bagels and Bakery Deli for donating Bagels who has done the same for previous 2 walkathons.


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  VT Seva Parsipanny Organized Charity Cricket Tournament, September 23rd 2017


    VT Seva Parsippany team has organized a wonderful charity cricket tournament in Fairlawn . 8 teams participated in this event. It was a wonderful and well organized event proceeds of which will be going towards hurricane Harvey relief efforts. 


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  3 Youngsters supported VT Seva with their performance  August 20th 2017 :


 3 youngsters prithika, krithi and vinaya donated their arangetram money to VTSeva. 
    We are inspired by them and their moms Sowmiya, Annu, Arjitha and their dads for for encouraging them to do so. We congratulate their parents for not only bringing up their children to preserve their culture but also encouraging them in doing this noble act.

Anjani Polsani​ Seema Chittalae​

Arangetram : Arangetram is the debut  on-stage performance of a former student of Indian classical dance and music. This first performance follows years of training. Many Indian classical dance forms perform an arangetram once the time has come for a disciple.


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 Mamatha 2017 - VT Seva Parsipanny June 21st, 2017 


  MAMATHA 2017 went very well with efforts from sincere and good hearts of one and all who worked to make this event a success. We had a good evening with dances and music from mostly parsippany dance and music schools. Everyone felt happy and blessed to be part of this noble cause. As you said 'It is a boon to be involved in such good causes', we all felt the positive vibrations on the evening of mamatha. We exceeded our goal of supporting the education of 50 visually challenged children. It felt like a big family event with everyone enjoying the event and participating in the event. Presence of Mayor Barberio and councilman lou valori added made occasion more memorable. Song performances were awesome. Jatayuvu moksham was portrayed very beautifully. All in all it went very well. 


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​ March 31st,2017 : VT Seva Parsipanny Team at Community Food Bank of New Jersey


           VT Seva Parsippany volunteer team arrived at the Community Food Bank of New Jersey, Hillside around 11:30 AM. Service team at the facility welcomed us and gave us instructions on how to sort and also identify damaged/expired products. 


                       20 volunteers from VTSeva got to work and worked non stop for two hours in completing the job by putting various items into different boxes based on categories, which helps the people in need. We worked along with Border Patrol team in sorting out the products. Thanks to one and all for your enthusiasm in this activity.


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 Jan 4th, 2017 : VT Seva Parsipanny 4th Annual Food Drive


 VT Seva Parsipanny conducted 4th Annual food drive: Happy to say that we raised and donated close to 1100 lbs to interfaith food pantry which supports 2500 homeless families of morris county. Because of the activities going on we couldn't focus on this too much. But still thanks to the sincere volunteers of VTSeva Parsippany who came forward voluntarily with cash donations and food donations, and those very few people who i know would like to do it i had to give a little nudge, we were able to maintain our goal of donating over 1000 lbs every year. Thank you one and all for contributing to VTSeva's annual food drive.

Oct 18th, 2016 : VTSeva Parsippany Cancer Awareness Walkathon


VTSeva Parsippany walkathon went very well which was attended by parsippany mayor James R Barberio, Council VP Rob and Council man Lou Valori. Talk given by Dr. Gadvil was very informative. And the posters done by high school and middle school kids were appreciated by one and all. We had a walk followed by lite refreshments. 
         With the funds raised we were able to sponsor 6 cancer camps. Thanks to one and all who came to support the walkathon and for all those whose contributions made this possible. It is only from efforts of all of us that we are able to make a difference in different causes like visually challenged and cancer diagnostics.


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Aug 31st,2016 : VT Seva Parsippany youth volunteer supports to VTSeva in her Arangetram 


Our heartfelt thanks to Vaishnavi Ramanan and her parents Buvana and Venkat Ramanan in for dedicating Vaishnavi's Arangetram event to VTSeva. We were given space to have a stall and also give a small presentation. The audience felt it was a great cause and few philanthropists, young adults, women stopped by to give us donations and register themselves. It was a very postive experience. Congratulations to Buvana And Venkat Ramanan for not only preserving our culture through their daughter but also for instilling such good values in her. Thanks to Guru Suba Parmarji for supporting our very first event Vasantham in Parsippany, NJ which was where vaishnavi and her parents got to learn about VTSeva.

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June 18,2016 : VT Seva Parsippany organizes MAMATHA event to empower visually challenged children

VT Seva Parsippany's MAMATHA 2016 event was conducted very beautifully by all the volunteers present last sunday June 18th at Madison High school to support the empowerment and education of visually challenged students. Nearly 600 people attended the event. Kalashri School of Arts by Guru Bina Menon - their students who have performed in New york when Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited in 2014 gave amazing performances at Mamatha. Audience were thrilled to watch their performances. The choreography was exceptional. Sidhendra Kuchipudi Art Academy by Guru Swathi Gundapuneedi performed a wonderful dance ballet 'Sri Bhashyakaara Raamanuja'. It was very beautifully portrayed The feedback was that the dance ballet touched their hearts and it was a very amazing ballet performance applauded by one and all. Arya Dance performances were very cute done by young kids. NJ carnatic kids did a great job singing different variations of Vande Mataram song and Ramanuja Pahimam song. Mrs. Rukmini Ranjit and Mrs. Durga Iyer did a great job on the 'Mounangaane' inspirational song.

LSamatha Music Academy group performance of Ramanuja songs filled the audience hearts with devotion.ight Music bollywood performances by Windsor rhythms was very melodious. Apart from the performances the volunteers at reception, serving and cultural worked as one unit. Some people stopped me in the hall and complimented the team saying 'IT was a very organized event'. It shows how united the team is and how everyone worked towards the event. It was mainly possible with the cooperation of mazdabrook parsippany volunteers cranbury volunteers and other committed volunteers from different parts of parsippany and other parts. Heartfelt thanks to each and every volunteer to their efforts towards the event. Our goal of the event - education for 50 visually challenged children has been achieved. Thanks to all the VTSeva Parsippany donors for their generosoty towards this good cause. Thanks to Mazdabrook Parsippany Volunteer Srinivas Madireddy for taking the pictures.

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June 18th, 2016 : VT Seva Event : 'MAMATHA'

We welcome you to VT Seva 'MAMATHA' event in Parsippany. The proceeds of this event will go towards education of underprivileged & visually challenged children, studying at schools and colleges supported by VT Seva in Vizag and Hyderabad. For More Details Click Here 

April 23, 2016 : Serving at the 'Community Foodbank'
Parsippany Branch Director Ms.Anjali along with all volunteers Conducted Community Foodbank on April 23rd, 2016. Everyone was very enthusiastic and worked very hard in packing food for 2 hours from 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM. Most of all we really enjoyed doing it and all of us felt we should do this on a more regular basis from now on. Total of 30 people attended this activity. It was a good opportunity to engage youngsters in such activities which we will be doing more regularly from now on. Thanks to one and all who participated so enthusiastically and took the time out to do something for others!. For More Photos Click Here

Jan 4th,2016 : 4th Annual food drive


Happy to say that we raised and donated close to 1100 lbs to interfaith food pantry which supports 2500 homeless families of morris county. Because of the activities going on we couldn't focus on this too much. But still thanks to the sincere volunteers of vtseva parsippany who came forward voluntarily with cash donations and food donations, and those very few people who i know would like to do it i had to give a liitle nudge, we were able to maintain our goal of donating over 1000 lbs every year. Thank you one and all for contibuting to VTSeva's annual food drive.

Dec 2015 : Chennai Flood Relief

Padmavathi Nandigam took the initiative on raising funds for Chennai flood relief. After we sent out the email announcing our fundraising efforts, regular members pitched in with their contributions. And then we went campaigning outside indian stores to raise funds for Chennai.

Clothes sorting for Chennai flood victims:

Miss Seema Chittalee took the intiative from parsippany side to collect lightly used indian clothes and send it to Chennai. She got a tremendous response in 2 weeks time and reached out to us to help in sorting out the clothes. Very proud of mazdabrook community members and other VTSeva team members who came by and took care of it from beginning to end. Adults who participated in the event from VTSeva are Sandhya Naini, Sunita Kapuganti, Jai Putrevu, Sanjana Gaddam, Sasipriya Madireddy, Ramesh Makkena, Madhu Katti, Padmavathi Nandigam, Anjani Katikaneni and Pruthvi Katikaneni. Kids who came for Chennai cloth soring – Vidisha Naini, Vishnu Naini, Shreenidhi Katikaneni and Krushant putrei.

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Nov 2015: Annual Holiday Food Drive

This year there was more awareness in the community because of the past 2 food drives we had. We collected 1500 lbs of food for interfaith food pantry which serves 2000 homesless families in Morris county. People were more responsive and expecting our kids to knock on their door after the initial email was sent to the community. As always it was a great team effort by parsippany youngsters and their moms. Kids who went around the community for this effort were: Soumith Madireddy, Shreenidhi Katikaneni, Sunisha Busarajan, Vidisha and Vishnu Naini and Sidharth Kapuganti. As usual after we collect the food we gather as a group and sort the food into separate food items and weigh them. Adults who helped on the sorting day were Sridath Reddy, Pruthvi Katikaneni, Prakash Yalamanchili, Ram Satish Katta, Jai Putrevu and Sunita Kapuganti. Kids who helped in the soring were Aniketh Yalamanchili, Soumith Madireddy, Krushant Putrevu, Siddhu Kapuganti, Shreenidhi Katikaneni, Ishaani Kulakarni, Vidisha Naini and Sunisha Busarajan. Special thanks to Shivani Alla for taking the initiative to collect a lot of food from her relatives and friends. Thanks to Parsippany Council man Lou Valori and Frank from parsippany focus for coming to Interfaith food pantry and helping us download the oollected food bags. For Media, please click here 

July 2015 :Cooking for a cause session

We had a summer cooking for a cause session at home for young boys and girls. Menu included: frying chapatis, making pita bread pizza, cutting vegetables for pizza and making potato curry and dosas. Kids really enjoyed the session. We were surprised to see that most of the kids didn’t know to hold the knife strong enough to cut the veggies, were not comfortable switching on the stove or handling the pan. They felt they learned a lot in the session and enjoyed eating what they made. Kids who came to the session are Sunisha Busarajan, Shreya Durbha, Sivani Alla, Richa Iyer, Shreenidhi Katikaneni, Krushant Putrei, Ishanni Kulkarni, Sneha patel and her sister. Adults who helped in the session were Padmavathi Nandigam and Janakigaaru. Amount collected went towards buying pairs of shoes and uniforms for 25 tribal children. 

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June 2015 

Interfaith food pantry honoring VTSeva as one of their major sponsors. VTSeva was put as one of the leaves on their Giving tree 2014 wall mural 

June 2015 : International Yoga Day

We had international yoga day celebrations at PAL building along with art of living and Hindu swayamsevak sangh organizations. We had a very good event. Thanks to the art of living volunteers Sowmya Ramakrishnan, Khevana, Deepak and Nirav for coordinating and helping in organize this event. Yoga was led by Mr. Srinivas Kopishetti from VTSeva and Deepak from art of living. Sowmya led the meditation while Khevana MCd the event. Gopalji from Hindu swamyam sevak sangh and Me (anjani) from VTSeva spoke for couple of minutes about out organizations. We had tables with all the informational materials. Fresh fruit, Fig bars and water bottles were given to participants. We had close to 150 people who participated in this event  For Media, please click here 

June 2015 : Nepal Earthquake Disaster Relief

Parsippany team did a very coordinated effort for this nepal earthquake relief campaign. The ways we tried to raise the money is by door to door campaign, campaigning outside the stores, core members motivating friends and family to donate and setting up VTSeva table in indian shopping exhibition. 

Kids who helped in the campaign: Shreya Durbha, Amulya Durbha, Pravar Vedala, Pravid Vedala, Shreenidhi Katikaneni, Krushant putrei, Aniketh Yalamanchili, Siddharth Kapuganti, Sunisha Busarajan and Richa Iyer. 

Core volunteers who were active in this campaign are Padma Nandigam, Shashi and lalitha Mullapudi, Padma vedala, Shalini Miriyala, Rajshekhar Kondapally, Madhavi Polkampally, krishna Naidu, Aishwarya Vennamaneni and Ramanuja Sanduga. 

I would like to share one very inspiring moment in the campaign. First day when we started campaigning outside the stores after 15 minutes we were getting disheartened. I thought of what swamiji said that lord is the one who is actually doing it and was asking the lord asto why he is not taking care of things. Within 5 minutes one lady came and gave 500$. It was a reassurance from the lord that he is helping and overseeing our service. 

Special thanks to 2 year old young volunteer pravid. It was touching to hear when the 3rd grade pravar was campaigning in the temple his two year old brother pravid would go with the basket and say 'money money' and helped him in raising funds. Also Rama putrei’s commitment to the cause in spite of her physical health at the time was really inspiring. 

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Feb 2015 : Parsippany charities recognize VT Seva for their contributions

Interfaith Food Pantry, Parsippany recognized VT Seva for their exceptional service. VT Seva would be listed on the organization's Annual giving tree for 2014. VT Seva has also been nominated as the charity of the month by Actavis. We thank all the volunteers for their participation and contributions. 

Dec 2014 : VTSeva Parsippany donates over 1,250 lbs of food to Interfaith Food Pantry

VTSeva Parsippany held its second annual food drive from November 17 to December 7. This year the group raised a total of 1,250 pounds of quality food items.  The team delivered the food to Interfaith Food Pantry on December 8 and Carolyn Lake, Director of Community Relations and Development conducted a tour of the facility. 

Middle school and high school children from Mazdabrook Preserve went throughout the community distributing flyers and collecting donations for the annual food drive. The impact in raising awareness in the community, helped some people responding very positively. 

Mazdabrook Commons community also did active campaigning for the food drive and some people became involved in VTSeva this year. The group had excellent participation from Baldwin Manor Apartments and Vail Garden Apartments who were more than happy to contribute to the food drive. Few members from Isckon NJ community, a small groups from Montville, Paramus and Clifton participated very enthusiastically in contributing towards this year’s food drive. With team work and the efforts of sincere, dedicated volunteers they were able raise almost twice the amount of food as the group did last year. 

VTSeva Parsippany sincerely thanks the participants and the donors for their support. 

For coverage of the event in the local media, please click here 

Aug 2014 : Parsippany youth organize Cancer Awareness Walkathon

The morning rain didn’t stop the many walkers on Saturday during VTSEVA’s “Cancer Awareness Walkathon” held in Central Park, Morris Plains. The walkathon was led by Parsippany Youth. The walkers made a suggested donation is $5.00 per student, $10.00 per adult. All proceeds will be donated to local cancer care centers. 

May 2014 : VTSeva parsippany teamed up with VTSeva NJ team for the fundraising event Vasantham in May 2014

The funds collected in the event went towards supporting the education of tribal children. Parsippany youth were given the topic of healthcare ond JIMS project for their MCing. They came up with a very good script with the information they had and edited the short video they would play at the event. They did a great job on doing a voice over of the video. And did multiple practices in spite of their busy high school schedules till they memorized the script. Kudos to parsippany youth Vidisha Naini, Sujay Busarajan, Shubha Kapuganti, Shivani Rao and Himanshu Uppalapaati. Shreenidhi Katikaneni participated in the skit which was performed for the event. Leha Naini, Sadhika Uppalapati, Sunisha Busarajan and Shreenidhi Katikaneni had a organ donation stall at vasantham. They gave out pamphlets and small gift items for interested people. Parsippany team members coordinated with the dance teachers and helped with the fundraising efforts towards the event. Special thanks to Shalini Miriyala and Raj Shekhar Kondapally who did fundraising from Fort Lauderdale towards this event. 

Nov 2013 : Thanksgiving food drive

VTSeva Parsippany collected and donated over 500 pounds of food to the Parsippany Food Pantry, just in time to help families in need for Thanksgiving. 

June 2013 : Vasantham - Spring of Joy and Hope for the colleges for visually challenged

VT Seva, NJ Parsipanny team organized its 2nd annual fundraising cultural event VASANTHAM 2013’, a fun filled evening with dance, music and food on Saturday, June 15th 2013 at Madison High School, Madison, New Jersey. The event was emceed by youngsters Shreya, Sujay, Himanshu and Shubha. They raised awareness about service activities of VT Seva in local communities, outreach projects and encouraged youth to become a volunteer. The event was a great example of youth volunteerism, with more than 200 young performers volunteering their time and talent (dance and music) for a wonderful cause.

Vasantham lived to its name - Spring of Joy and Hope. It started with a goal of educating 66 visually challenged students of Netra Degree College. It ended with an accomplishment of funds enough to support the education of 108 students - 66 students (All the students of Degree College) and 42 students (Out of the 61 of Intermediate College). 

The program began with a Peace prayer by PRAJNA students and followed by US National Anthem. Acclaimed group of dance academies Kalashri School of Arts, Shubanjali School of Performing Arts and Kuchipudi Art Academy gave scintillating performances. Ms. Keertana Annamaneni sang a very inspirational song "Mounam gaane edagamani mokka neeku chebuthondi" while pictures of the accomplishments of visually challenged were displayed on projector next to the dais. Kolaatam – Andhra folk dance was performed with perfect coordination for ‘Govinda Naamalu’ by Baldwin manor and Mazdabrook Commons ladies. TAALSADHANA - School of Indian Classical Music gave a wonderful and soothing musical performance. The program was unbelievable and appreciated by everybody...kept everybody on the edge of their seats till the end. 

In words of Anjani Katikaneni thanking all the supporters and volunteers, "I want to share a few words of why I got motivated to work for this cause. During my brief stay in India last year, I had the pleasure of working with two great youngsters - Ramesh and Naresh who are visually challenged. During our period of work of one month Ramesh informed me about his decision to pursue a career in banking. He cleared the bank exam and secured a position at a bank. He dedicated his success story to Netra College for the blind. That was my first close interaction with Netra College students. Ramesh told me how he did not even know the basics of spoken English when he joined the college. Despite being blind Ramesh was able to pursue a career of his choice all because of this college. All the students come from low income families and with permanent visual impairment. Yet they are like normal children in their hopes and aspirations, at peace with their disability (different ability) and excelling in whatever they are exposed to. Their zeal and determination in overcoming their visual challenge is clearly evident in them. Netra Vidyalaya has both degree and intermediate colleges. The current enrollment is 61 Intermediate students and 66 Degree students in the college. It is the only college in India which is instrumental in having the students, write exams independently without the help of scribes. Netra college students are delivering promising results with distinction. This year in B.COM final year – 95% of them scored above 80% and one student scored 92%. Many of our students got employed at various banks, Railways, and with other employers. Rajkumar got a job in State Bank of Hyderabad, Ramesh (my friend) got a job in Central Bank of India. Salma, a second year degree student got a job as a government teacher. Koteshwar rao got a job in Road Transport authority, Khammam. Lathasri a final year degree student with 87% is aspiring to become an I.A.S officer. We are all blessed to enjoy this colorful world….but they are not. They are trying very hard to overcome their disability and their financial disadvantage to compete with the rest of the world. We ask you to encourage them by lending them your helping hand and helping them SEE a new world by realizing their aspirations." 

VT Seva President Dr. Purnachander Sirikonda shared about the recent accomplishments of VT Seva such as its support to JIMS Hospital, "Care on Wheels" project supported by Chase Community Grant of $100,000 for educating underprivileged tribal students in Adilabad district and Multi Organ Donation Awareness Walkathon engaging 50,000 people. . He encouraged one and all to take part in VT Seva activities and appreciated the teamwork and dedication of Mazdabrook community and other telugu communities in parsippany. He extended his support to Vasantham event by pledging support to educate 21 visually challenged students. Ms. Padma Vudata, VT Seva treasurer shared the financials of VT Seva and mentioned that the administrative expenses are kept very low, and that too most of them are taken care by core team of VT Seva board members. Vice President Mr. Ravinder Thota who supports the education of more than 120 students a year encouraged the attendees to contribute 'Dollar a Day' towards the noble cause. Mr. Krishna Kanth, VT Seva Secretary shared summary of VT Seva activities in US and invited one and all to visit the outreach projects in India to have a firsthand experience of how their support is making a positive difference. All the board members expressed gratitude to HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, for the inspiration and bestowing them with opportunity to be a part of social service activities through VT Seva. They appreciated the grass root team of volunteers, teachers and organizers at the outreach projects in India. Mr. Sarma Allaki, VT Seva Advisory Board Member, Mr. Sagar, Mr. Govindaraju Thota presented mementos to the dance teachers and generous sponsors of this event. 

HH Sri Chinna Jeear Swamiji sent message after learning about the event - "All this happened because of the concern our volunteers have and the respect showed to the audience and performers. We are sure that this tradition continues always in all the activities and events to come." 

The pictures and videos presented moved the people and gave more insight about the VT Seva activities and how they are benefitting the underprivileged with their support and contributions. The video snippet of one of our students, Parmeshwar Rao from Nethra Vidyalaya, on ‘Paadutha theeyaga’ program (one of the vocal music competitions on a popular Telugu channel) made every attendee give standing ovation. 

Vote of Thanks – 
VT Seva Parsipanny - Ms. Kavita and Satyapal Pareddy, Ms. Padmajaand Guru Uppalapati, Ms. Sanjana Gaddam, Ms. Shailaja Vodapalli, Ms. Krupali Bandi, Ms. Krishna Naidu, Mr. Satya and Sujani Chitneedi, Mr. Srinivas and Shashipriya Madireddy, Ms. Sandhya and Venkatesh Naini, Ms. Lata and Prakash Yalamanchili, Ms. Sunita Kapuganti, Ms. Aruna and Sridath Busarajan, Ms. Rama and Jai Putrevu, Ms. Shreenidhi, Mr. Sridhar Vajinapalli, Ms. Manjula and Prasad Jonnalagadda, Ms Madavi and Ramsateesh Katta, Mr. Madhu Vodapalli, Mr. Jayaram Chigurupati, Mr. Ravichandra, Mr. Ramanuja Sanduga, Ms. Jyothi and Vijay Alla, Ms. Aruna Makkena, Mr, Bhaskhar Nayini, Mr. Bhaskar Ravva, Ms Padma Nandigama, Mr. Venkat Chivukula. Mr. Shashi Mullapudi, Mr. Raj Mahajan, Dr. Raval and Ms. Sravanthi Kantipudi. Thank you is a small word! 

Special thanks to Lalita Mullapudi and her Baldwin manor team for raising awareness and collecting donations in the area by going to different apartment complexes and indian stores on a daily basis to educate everyone about Netravidyalaya and the event. Shailaja Chapyala for sponsoring delicious mango lassi for the event. 

VT Seva NJ Team - Mr. Murali Duggirala, Mr. Krishna Bhavaraju, Mr. Srinivas, Bhagawat Swami, Pavan Swami, Ms. Aparna, Ms. Shailaja, Ms. Pallavi, Ms. Rajani, Ms, Sunitha Pinninti, Ms. Sandhya, Ms. Jamuna for active support. 

Photography – Vikram Nalamada(volunteered his services for free), Sound System - Mr. Nanda 

Dance Teachers - Ms. Subha Parmar, Ms. Bina Menon and Ms. Swathi Gundapaneni Music - Mr. Anil Khare, Ms. Deepal Chodari, Singing - Ms. Keertana Annamaneni 

City - Madison board of education, Ms. Cheryl Bernstein, Marylou Yoccom, Madison police department, Fire department and other city officials for their co-operation to this event. 

Testimonials from Dance Schools - 

"I am so glad everything went very well and our kids thoroughly enjoyed the program and were very happy to be part of this noble cause. Keep up the great mission. You will always have our support." -Ms. Suba Parmar , Shubanjali School of Performing Arts 

"I want to thank the organization for giving us an opportunity to perform at your event. I have to congratulate all of you for organizing such a beautiful event." - Ms. Swathi, Gundapuneedi Kuchipudi Art Academy 

"Thank you for having us yesterday at the fund raiser, we immensely enjoyed the whole event. It was well organized and we are happy to be part of this noble cause" - Mr. Anil Khare, TAALSADHANA - School of Indian Classical Music 

"We participated with over 80 classical dancers in VT Seva fundraising event and it raised 50k in few hours benefitting Colleges for Blind in Andhra Pradesh. We felt like a divine power guiding us through the event." - Ms. Bina Menon, Kalashri School of Arts 

"Lastly .. just want to mention one observation .. I felt the organizers were very nice. I have been to so many programs. No one ever kept water bottles in the makeup room for the participants. Though it is a small thing .. it is such a good gesture. They were very courteous throughout. Felt good being part of the program. Please thank them when you talk to them next time." - One of the parents of a performer 

For photos from the event, please Click here 

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VT Seva (Volunteering Together for Service) is a volunteer driven global non profit organization. It was registered as 501(C)3 non-profit organization in USA in 2008. It's Sister Organization ‘Vikasa Tarangini ’(VT) established in India in 1992 has been rendering yeoman services with more than 75,000 active volunteers. It is also active in England, Australia and Tanzania.

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