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Discovering the gifts of service, empathy and love in 2021

With willpower, we can build an inclusive society, where visually challenged or other underprivileged people, would not be treated as a hindrance to progress but measured as a strength in building an all-inclusive society says Lalitha Killaka, who won silver and bronze medals in 100meters and 400m running competitions at 3rd Indian National Para Olympics. Lalitha has had vision and hearing impairment since birth, her parents are laborers for who simple expectations like eating meals every day is a dream, they live in a very remote tribal area that is not accessible. Lalitha is a true inspiration, she never let her challenges become obstacles in life, she has shown dedication towards her game practice and studies successfully. She says, “I am an asset at any place I go, I always seek new opportunities and through my hard work, want to break the belief that visually challenged people are a liability. I dream of being self-sustained and build a house for my parents. This dream would not have been envisioned without Netra Vidyalaya.” She believes Netra Vidyalaya is a pillar of strength that lifts underprivileged visually challenged students and gives them a safe space, where even their state of mind is understood and guided in the right direction.

Dear friend, Thanks to you

  • All the 1300+ underprivileged and visually challenged children’s education and complete care is taken care of for the year.

  • Put in a total of 35,000+ volunteer hours to conduct a total of 250+ events in USA to serve many community projects like

  • Homeless shelters.

  • Walkathon’s for causes like ending hunger, cancer awareness..etc.

  • Summer Camps/Workshops.

  • Environmental awareness events.

  • Professional Seminars/Health camps.

  • Built 75 toilets in remote villages in Southern India.

  • Partnering with like-minded organizations to create a digital library for all the visually challenged across India.

  • Sponsor T20 cricket championship team for visually challenged.

  • Inspire 1000’s of youth across USA through service leadership programs.

On behalf of all of them, THANK YOU for your generosity, support, and kindness. At VT Seva, we believe that everyone has a gift. We call this light because a gift is something you give away, but the light is something you share. Like a lighted candle that ignites another candle and transforms all who are present, both the giver and receiver’s light get brighter. All of us have needs and all of us have gifts.

At VT Seva, we believe that the purpose of life is to discover those gifts and share them with others in the name of service, empathy, and love.

If you haven’t had a chance to empower a child this year or would like to empower one more child or for any specific cause, we urge you to donate now to take advantage of the 2021 tax-deductible donations.

Because of YOU, we have the ability to touch people's lives in a way that they probably never thought possible at the moment that they need us the most.

Because of You, We Serve.

Because of You, We Empower.

Because of You, We Save Lives.

Because of You, We Don't Give Up!

Your Support is Our Strength



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