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VT Seva Alliance Academy Youth Club

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

VT Seva Alliance Academy Atlanta Youth Club is Thankful to have their family, friends, and the members and supporters of Atlanta VT Seva this Thanksgiving on Nov 23rd, 2023!

Watch out this video to see what the team is thankful for this year! -


On November 16th 2023, Alliance Academy VT Seva, AAI HOSA, ICA, and Student Diversity hosted a Bollywood Night sponsored my Suvidha International Market. Students were able to participate in Bollywood dances, cheer on their friends performing, and enjoy the night with Samosas, Vada Pav, Bread Pakora, Malai Jamun, and Thumbs Up brought to us by Suvidha. Students had a great time learning more about the Bollywood Culture. Big thank you to Suvidha International Market for making this happen!


In the month of October 2023 , Alliance Academy VT Seva youths serviced their community by participating in a Trunk or Treat! They were able to interact with young children and have fun with their community. At the October Chapter meeting, youths made meaningful connections with one another by playing Halloween games and learned about the core values of VT Seva.


Alliance academy VTSEVA youth club had 1st chapter meeting in October where they talked about the upcoming projects.110 kids signed up to join the club at this meeting.

Kate Chirapornsuk - Alliance academy VT Seva youth club Vice President traveled with her family in Summer 2023 to Bangkok to volunteer and give back to an organization-The Pakkred Babies Home. We were able to support the cause by donating 7000 Baht to the organization to support children’s education, medical bills, and food costs.

The Pakkred Babies

50 years ago, The Pakkred Babies Home in Bangkok was created to help newborns until age 6. Their goal is to be able to help those kids who suffer family issues including mental illness from the parents, abuse, or even lack of funding. All of the donation money goes to support the child's ability to fully recover in society. Volunteers can also donate necessary items to the organization such as cleaning supplies, hygiene supplies to support the children, and essential items to help the kids succeed at school.

To respect the children’s privacy, we blurred the faces of the children. Please go support our cause by Liking and Sharing on Instagram.

Atlanta Alliance Academy Mental Health Workshop

During the month of April, Alliance Academy VT Seva Youths participated in a Mental Health week from April 18th-April 21st. Throughout the week, Kate Chirapornsuk (Vice President) and Suveer Jaisingha (Public Relations Officer) created content on Instagram that promoted healthier living and pushed a focus on better Mental Health. Those activities included tips on how to manage stress, a mental health check-in, and various discussion questions such as: “What are you grateful for?” and “How do you like to manage stress?” This gave AAI VT Seva members and students the opportunity to discuss and share their feelings about the topic.

On Thursday, April 20th, Alliance VT Seva Executive Officers went around their school to interview fellow students and teachers about their thoughts on mental health-related topics about how they are, what they are grateful for, and how they manage stress.

Interview Video

To end the Mental Health Week, on Friday, April 21st, Alliance Academy VT Seva hosted a Mental Health Workshop discussing healthy study habits and learning about managing stress. The workshop idea was created by Rishi Vempati (President) and then was planned and hosted by Kate Chirapornsuk and Aviral Gupta (Vice Presidents). The vice presidents invited guest speakers, Mr. Neighbor and Mrs. Kim Han, counselors at Alliance Academy to the workshop. There, they went over topics about exam preparation, confidence building, and the importance of maintaining a positive outlook. Then, officers served a light breakfast of pastries, juice, and coffee to those who attended the workshop. All foods and beverages were provided and set up by the Yotakhong/Chirapornsuk Family and Karnav Trivedi (Treasurer).

Look this presentation for more information:

And here are more highlight:

VT Seva Atlanta Alliance Academy Youth Club Letters of Love

VT Seva Alliance Academy Youth Club wrote Letters of Love to the Ukrainian refugees on April 29th, 2023 to instill hope and demonstrate in a personalized way that each refugee is not alone during this hardship. The refugees highly appreciated the mindfulness and kindness of Alliance Academy youth. They have received a Certificate of Appreciation and a Thank You Letter from the Ukrainian Authorities.

February Meeting 2023: The goal for this meeting was to introduce this club, and gain members who were interested in volunteering opportunities. Here we were able to introduce the executive officer team, Rishi Vempati (President), Kate Chirapornsuk (Co-Vice President), Aviral Gupta (Co-Vice President), and Rishi Desai (Director of Operations). Then we went over the ins and outs of how VT Seva works. We also discussed past projects as well as future projects at VT Seva including, April Cool, Digital Book volunteering, and the Raffle plan to support those in need in Turkey after the earthquake. We ended by answering questions from new members.

March Meeting 2023: Our agenda for this meeting was to gain new members as well as introduce new projects for March and April. Our most notable project is sending/writing cards to children in Ukraine. Their main idea of this workshop is that if we come together, we can make a global impact. This initiative is led by Kate Chirapornsuk, and Aviral Gupta. Another project is our Spring Bootcamp where volunteers teach younger children important life skills that will help them throughout their middle/high school years. These skills can be anything such as English, Math, Programming, Art, etc. More information to come once we get more volunteers. Our raffle plan is currently under review! Official information will be released soon. We ended our March meeting by serving Krispy Kreme donuts, and getting to know the 30 new members we gained.

Alliance academy youths created thoughtful cards for the kids of Ukraine to help them stay strong during this tough time


YEAR 2022

Alliance Academy youths had a strong desire to open VT Seva club at their school. It’s a private high school in which starting a VT Seva youth club is very very tough. No teacher was ready to become the club sponsor, but our VT youths didn’t give up and looked into all the possible ways to make it happen. After 5 weeks to hard work, persistence, and going back & forth with the school authorities finally they found a WAY (where there was no way) and got 2 sponsors - Mr. Philips & Mr. Demerly and now VT Seva Youth Club at Alliance Academy was established on Sep 20th, 2022.

VT Seva Alliance Academy Youth Club members made ‘Thank You’ cards and gave small gifts to the custodial and kitchen staff members of Alliance today to appreciate their sincere efforts in keeping the school clean and providing healthy lunch. This initiative is from Kate Chirapornsuk, the Secretary of the club. This club promotes diversity & inclusion and many Americans are youth members of this club. It’s a gratifying experience for all the club members of Alliance Academy For Innovation on December 15th, 2022.

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