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Atlanta Waste Water Facility Tour


April Tour 2023

VT Seva Atlanta facilitated 2nd Waste Water Facility Tour on April 4, 2023. More than 70 plus VT youths and parents participated in this educational tour. We had a warm welcome by the organizers, David Horton and Camilla Russell and were led into the main conference room. Their we learned about trash, debris, etc are present in waste water and what prices it goes through to get clean drinkable water again. We understood how important it is to use the water responsibly without wasting it during brushing the teeth and taking long showers. We had a wonderful Q&A session in which VT youths participated actively and got to know information like how this facility cleans 12000 tons of water every day and send that water to residential areas, businesses and finally, extra water to Chattahoochee river. Later, we were taken inside to see the waste water plant and we got good insights on architectural design, monitoring system, and how they control the odor and sound of this big plant. This waste water tour was facilitated by Jeya, Hithesh, and Madhu, Atlanta VT Seva core members.

Overall, Atlanta youths had a great interactive session where they got the insights on waste water treatment process, dewatering, recycling, wastewater landscape and much more… We have build good relationship & partnership with the Johns creek environmental officials and they were thrilled to see our youths participation and feedback from the last tour. We all had fun, got color changing water bottles as a gift from them, and went home with some really good take-homes. As a VT Seva team, we gave them VT Seva Calendar, Brochure, and hand-made Thank you cards. They have never heard about VT Seva before, but now it’s in their minds and they want our youths to come forward and collaborate & help them in their research projects. Its’s a great learning, enriching, and rewarding experience for us as Atlanta VT Seva team.


March Tour 2023

Have you ever thought about where your water goes from the sink and toilet once it flows down the drain? VT Seva Atlanta inspired youth to know what goes behind a water treatment facility and how to use water responsibly and take action to make a difference. At the amazing Johns Creek Wastewater treatment facility on March 10th , 2023, around 30 Atlanta youth toured the facility to learn the importance of water.

The facility staff had been extremely professional and showed us all the processes that go on in the facility. The first process Bar Screening takes away all the big items like rags, plastic, and other big items. Then it goes to the grit chamber where this whirlwind takes down all the grit, rocks, and sand. Then the water goes to a place where they let the water sit because the small particles will slowly sink to the bottom allowing the top water to be cleaner. After that process, the water reaches this chamber where small microbes and membranes will break down the harmful bacteria in the water. Before the UV light process it is taken to a tank where this membrane technology called Zeeweed has microscopic holes that will transport only the clean water to the top so the treatment can continue. Next it is sent to this UV light that is able to destroy the rest of the harmful bacteria. Last but not least they add chlorine and other helpful chemicals to make it extremely clean. All that water that has been made will go back to the Chattahoochee River for further uses.

The tour was very educational and helped us learn about water and how to treat it before sending it back into the river. This is a sustainable way of recycling important Mother Earth’s natural resources which is water, and keeping the Earth clean for other animals, aquatic, plant life and future generations.

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