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COVID-19 Response: Partnership to Protect Doctors and Medical professionals

Cincinnati, Ohio is one of the highly impacted cities with COVID-19 pandemic. VT Seva Cincinnati was set to help the local community by raising funds for local food banks in these times of need. However, the need for PPE for healthcare professionals came in as a very urgent need as the number of COVID-19 cases were very quickly increasing and the doctors and Health care professionals were getting infected while trying to care for the patients.

VT Seva Cincinnati partnered with Tarangini - Telugu Association of Greater Cincinnati. Together we raised $ 10,000 which was matched by an anonymous donor totaling up to $ 20,000 in funds to donate. We along with Tarangini donated $ 20,000 to Atrium Medical Center.

The risk the health care professionals are taking keeping their needs and family time aside to serve the community is laudable. The least we can do is to provide all the support we can - which is no match to the long strenuous hours they are putting in to keep the patients safe while managing to keep up their own mental strength.

Our humble gratitude to them and everyone supporting the care for them.

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