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Deepti - 1st year college student

Updated: Jun 18, 2023

Intermediate 1st year, HEC (History Economics and Civics) - 2017

MY name is Deepthi and I hail from Raichur in Karnataka. I lost my eye sight to Glaucoma when I was in 7th grade despite the best of medical facilities my parents provided to me. I joined in a school for blind in my 8th grade and continued there till 10th. I learned about Netra College while listening to an interview on television.

I lost my eye sight to Glaucoma when I was in 7th grade

When I came here, I was honestly not able to cope up with curriculum here for few days. I had some exposure to spoken English. But I did not know anything about computer aided education. However with the immense support of our lecturers, I took about 2 months to get familiarized with the valuable tools here. From then on, I improved rapidly and now I am at ease with the advanced technology aids to empower us. We are trained in NLP (Neuro Linguistic Program), a program aimed at personality development with practical application covering various aspects of listening and communication skills. Our college timings are from morning 7 AM to evening 4 PM. The college conducts games like testing our grip in typing on a laptop keyboard, musical chairs and many other fun filled activities which make our educational learning, a happy experience.

I feel so fortunate to be a student of this college.

After completion of my Bachelor’s degree here, I would like to appear for UPSC (The most competitive examination of India) and get into a top public social post. I am preparing well for the same. I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the organization for providing me this wonderful opportunity. I thank all my lecturers for supporting me in every field.

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