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Plant Care For The Beginners

VT Seva Atlanta conducted a webinar on ‘Plant Care For The Beginners’ on March 5, 2022 at 2:00 PM EST. Last year, Atlanta VT Seva youths participated in ‘April Cool’ seedling project in which children sew more than 500 seeds, natured the seedlings, and later donated the plants and raised $2000 funds for the Covid relief aid. To go the extra mile this year in regards to plants and funds raised, we organized a plant care webinar for youths to learn the dos and don’ts of planting. Two SMEs (Subject Matter Experts) were invited to share their insights of start to finish of plant care from buying the seeds, using organic fertilizers, temperature control, watering, sunlight, and much more.

The webinar started with a welcome note by Dr. Madhu Nemani, VT SEVA Director in which she welcomed Ashwin Kattula, owner of Kattula Farms, Mr. Sreenivasulu Naidu, farmer, Kiran Kumar, Chaitanya, and Ashwin’s daughter Tanvi. This webinar was organized by April Cool leads, Malathi Apparala and Shoban Abhireddy. Shoban invited Tanvi Kattula to present her views on plant care. Tanvi presented the basics of sowing seeds by planting in small cups indoors with good soil and good drainage. Later, Ashwin Kattula shared insights on temperature control, soil health, watering the seedlings. Afterward, Chaitanya shared her firsthand information about prepping the soil by proper tilling, adding compost, and organic fertilizers.

Next was Q&A in which detailed insights were shared on plant care, soil health, organic fertilizers, weeds reduction, pesticides, and composting. Lastly, Ashwin Kattula graciously gave a 25% discount on seeds/plants to all the VT Seva volunteers. It was a great hands-on session on the basics of plant care, soil health, and ground preparation.

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