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VT Seva Virginia/DC Chapter conducted their annual event, Subhada, on December 27th via Zoom. This outreach and fundraising event was centered around light and inspiration. The chapter also had a goal of sponsoring 100 children, and were close the to the finish line. The event started off with a prayer by Sriman Sreepathi Ramireddygari Garu, a “pass the diva” video, Sri Swamiji’s mangalasassams video, and slokams from Prajna students. The youth MCs, Esha Nagireddi, Aneesh Nagireddi, Sreekrishna Ramireddygari, and Sarayu took the participants through an engaging overview of VT Seva pillars and accomplishments with testimonials from Gangajala and Trinadh. After seeing these inspirational videos, the chapter received more than 20 live pledges to support the Jeeyar students. There were two guest speakers, Chairwoman Phyllis Randall and Virginia Senator John Bell who offered their support and congratulations for all of the support the team provided to the local Virginia community over the years. The night ended with a fun, interactive Kahoot game with the topic of VT Seva and its history.

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