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VT Seva Atlanta Superior Court Visit

Superior Court Visit on June 9th, 2023

VT Seva Atlanta has organized a Superior Court visit today, June 9th for our middle schoolers and high schoolers to have hands-on experience in the field of Law / Political Science.

Our youths had a great interactive session with Judge Rachelle Carnesale and her team of public defenders and prosecutors. Judge Rachelle Carnesale took time out from her busy day and explained everything in layman terms to our VT youths which is really commendable. She was highly impressed with what we do in VT Seva and told me to share VT Seva logo so she can put on her website. This is just the beginning and we’ll go again to the court house and support her drive - ‘My Journey Matters’ campaign to support innocent child abuse victims going through legal proceedings. She also appreciated how we support Special needs kids of the Laurel Heights hospital and blind / visually challenged kids of Nethra Vidhyalaya India. A great friendship bond is built today with Judge Rachelle Carnesale & her team of prosecutors and VT Seva team.

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