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VT Seva Cary - Annual Event Sadaya

VT Seva Cary recently celebrated their first annual Sadaya event. Sadaya, meaning kindness in Sanskrit, was dedicated to Netra Vidyalaya Schools and responsible for uplifting and supporting the education of visually-challenged students. Through splendorous performances and stories, the event was highly successful and inspiring.

Through videos that highlighted the struggles, journeys, and achievements of Nethra Vidyalaya students, we witnessed remarkable passion and determination. They provided details regarding their daily life and imparted insight on various other topics. Their most recent and most significant achievement occurred when they received the opportunity to march in the Republic Day Parade. Participating in this prestigious opportunity opened up new doors of opportunity and inspiration among the students and community. Additionally, during our Sadaya event, we discovered the awe-inspiring journey of two alumni students from the Nethra schools. They divulged their educational days and the current career paths they are pursuing.

Throughout the event, the audience heard encouraging words about volunteering and the impact of service from the president and vice-president of VT Seva's National Board, Mr. Kiran Vangala, and Ms. Madhavi Donepudi, respectively. In addition to those top-notch speeches, the audience became well acquainted with world-renowned scientist John Cohn. He actively engaged the audience with his breakthrough career and motivated us with words about reaching your dreams and doing what you love. To convey his importance of enjoying one's life, he quoted from one of his favorite Irish play writers, George Bernard Shaw, "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."

Moreover, VT Seva Cary's Sadaya incorporated entertainment that included a plethora of performances ranging from classical melodies songs to upbeat modern dance performances. Apart from these dances, musical medleys, drumline performances from a local high school, and a Karra Samu performance completed the event.

Without a doubt, this incredible event with the meaning of kindness in the atmosphere sparked a movement of understanding and happiness among the audience. VT Seva Cary successfully reached their goal of supporting 80 Nethra Vidyalaya students. The impact from dozens of wonderful families is not lost. To see the audience determined to help and support our Nethra Vidyalaya kids is stupendous and extraordinary. The Sadaya event and the ever-circling meaning of kindness were not just bound to the walls of Zoom but rather augmented outward and beyond. Sadaya was truly an inspiring act of kindness.

Thank you to all the donors and volunteers for their support to make this even successful.

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