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VT Seva Detroit 2022: Fourth Quarter Blog

VT Seva Detroit 2022: Oct to Dec

Volunteering Activities

The VT Seva Detroit Youth Board successfully finished the 2022 volunteering season with the end of the 4th quarter! The projects stated below took place during our 4th quarter.

Adopt A Road


Manoogian Manor Senior Center Visit

Fleece and Thank You

Halloween Candy Drive

Olga's Kitchen Fundraiser

Raas Caller List Project

Operation Gratitude

Salvation Army Bell Ringing

Adopt A Road:

10 bags of trash was collected on Oct 2, 2022 on the stretch of 8 mile road from Haggerty to Meadowbrook that VT Seva Detroit Adopted.As it is a busy road, we've collected lots of broken parts from the cars. By removing this trash, we not only helped the environment, but also helped the drivers. We've collected trash from cigar butts to plastic bottles, from broken garden tools to construction gears, golf balls to rubber ducks, headphones to broken cell phones and much more. All this trash would've been blocking the sewage, impeding the water flow, polluting the water and ending up harming human and animal health.Every piece of trash removed from this road helps protect the environment, lives and much more.

Youth Volunteers: Hajanthan, Varshan, Nithin, Nikita, Aaradhya, Shraya, Ashish, Leo & Pelon

Adult Volunteers: Neha, Jaisankar & Priya


VT Seva Detroit Youth Board Members continued their Outreach program 3rd year in a row. As the saying third time's charm, our team leaders made this year’s student -4-student outreach program a bigger success than the last 2 years. 30 team members raised more than $14,000 to support 38+ students' education with the help of 239 donors.

Youth Volunteers: Saisha Srivatsan, Oviya Jaisankar, Sai Sriram Karnati, Rishi Adduri, Sathvik Tirumalakanduri, Anvika Perumalla, Pranav Tammineedi, Sneha Chandrasekar, Anuraag Balaji, Harsh Ahire, Vishnu Athreya, Akshay Kumar, Srihari Hebbar, Kalki Renga Anand, Adhip Pisipati, Shraya Ved, Shrikha Atchutuni, Sriraam Hebbar, Srihari Anathalwan, Ishani Patil, Varshan Muhinthan, Rishi Chowdhury, Chakrika Kaur, Hajanthan Muhinthan, Ashvik Kattamanchi, Abhinav Pagidi, Ashish Rajam, Nithin Kumar, Poorani Saravanan and Siva Suravarapu

Co-Ordinator: Priya Jaisankar

Manoogian Manor Senior Center Visit:

It was really a great indoor experience today with seniors. We brought them cookies and they enjoyed the hot chocolate. The combination turned out very well with the cold weather. Hajanthan entertained the seniors by playing piano for 5 min. Siriram, Hajanthan and Sanjith shared riddles. Stephen sang a song. Overall both the youths and seniors enjoyed the time.

Youth Volunteers: Siriram Hebbar, Sanjith Vijayakumar, Hajanthan Muhinthan

Adult Volunteers: Komathy

Fleece and Thank You:

Fleece & Thank You, a Michigan-based non-profit organization, is dedicated to providing connection, comfort, and hope through its programs, services and materials to children facing illness and their families supporting them. It was a great experience for more than 17 VT Seva Detroit volunteers who volunteered at the UWM Sports center helping Fleece and Thank you organization "Make a Blanket Day " a massive effort to make more than 833 blankets for Children in hospitals.

Youth Volunteers: Akshay K,Lin P,Saisha S,Kushal D, Amogh M,Akshith A

Haji M, Varshan M, Rishi C, Zephyr F, Advik K, Ashish R

Adult Volunteers: Nirmala S, Niveditha M, Vandana D, Mandira C, Vanitha G

Halloween Candy Drive:

In Detroit, we collected 31 pounds of candies and donated to Operation Gratitude, a non-profit organization that sends care packages filled with snacks, entertainment, hygiene and handmade items to New Recruits, Veterans, First Responders, Wounded Warriors, Care Givers, and U.S. Service Members deployed overseas through participating Dental Offices. Raised money was used to support Nethra Vidyalaya students' education.

Project Lead: Harish Jaisankar

Youth Volunteers: Kushal, Adhip, Rishma, Anishma, Rishi, Shruthi, Veena, Vanitha ji, Sathvik, Rishika, Srinidhi and Anvika

Adult Volunteers: Priya, Nalini, Vijay, Kanchana

Olga's Kitchen Fundraiser:

Project Lead: Oviya Jaisankar

Olga’s kitchen hosted a fundraiser at their restaurant on Nov 7, when people showed a flier when ordering food, some of the earnings would go directly to Nethravidhyala.

Facebook Link:

Raas Caller List Project:

Many Youth Board members worked hard to invite and have supporters attend our annual Raas event. They advocated for our great cause, and made sure many people were aware about what we were supporting and how they could help.

Volunteers: Nalini, Priya, Akshay, Oviya, Advik,Ashish, Kalki, Kaustubh, Jethri, LalitAditya, Phani, Sai, and Supraja

Operation Gratitude:

VT Seva Detroit Youth Board members, Troy IAE School Club members, and Troy High School Club members wrote thank you letters to express their gratitude and appreciation to the soldiers who are deployed overseas.

Project Lead: Harish Jaisankar

Project Coordinators: Priya, Nalini, Komathy, Chandrasekhar, Giri and Srinath

Youth Volunteers: Sai Sahasra, Hajanthan, Varshan, Sai Sriram, Sriram H, Nikhil A, Jishnu, Saisha, Supraja, Sathvik, Sneha, Ankita, Harish, Oviya, Amogh, Rishabh, Kausthubh, Srivibha, Udhayaa, Rachana, Rashmitha, Dhanya, Veena, Aakash, Abhinav P, Alex K, Anvika, Arsheya, Saanvi, Sai Chakrika, Sakib, Siva, Sreenika, Srihari A, Ajitesh, Leo, Ashvik and Jeffrey

Facebook Link:

Salvation Army Bell Ringing:

Some of our VT Seva Detroit Youth Board members participated in the Salvation Army Bell Ringing Event at Laurel Park Place. They rang bells next to the Salvation Army stand to raise money to support the families in need during holiday period in the local community.

Youth Volunteers: Vishnu, Sneha, Aahana, Pelon, Anuraag, Tarun, Ishan, Nishant and Ishani

Adult Volunteers: Chandrasekar, Komathy, Priya

Facebook Link:

Blog Consolidated By: Eesha C

Video Compiled By: Rishi C

Blog Published By: Nandini C

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