Each year VT Seva Bay Area Chapter conducts dance and music festival for the benefit of uplifting underprivileged students by providing free education, free food to tribal and visually challenged children.  Each year we strive towards raising funds for these noble causes and appreciate the support from dance and music schools and the awesome performers for conducting successful performances.  Every dollar we raise via this dance and music festival goes to this cause ! 
Covid or no covid, we still have the uphill task of ensuring funding continues as required each year for these students.  Covid not dampen our spirits to continue with the annual performance, so we quickly adapted and found ways to bring our festival online ! 
Below are inspiring show of talent from many schools in and around Bay Area which gives an opportunity to experience the beauty of dance and music now when many of us need it most.  
Relax, get a cup of coffee and enjoy the exceptional show of talent from our very own Bay Area dance and music schools.  You may also connect with these schools to see how you can enroll yourself or your children !

We continue to appreciate your donations for the cause as well. Click on Donate link above !

It costs us $120/day to feed a school.  Would you like to sponsor this today ?

Learn about VT Seva and activities

Did you know VT Seva does many local community services along with supporting the underprivileged. Did you know we have 23 centers across USA with thousands of volunteers. Watch the video below to understand us and also listen to our young volunteers !

Lets begin your day with inspiration !

Watch our feed a student initiative and benefits....

Dance is music made visible

It takes years of practice to not miss a beat of the music.

Let's view the performances from our dance schools

A BIG THANK YOU for all the schools and performers for supporting

"Feed A Student" cause

Performances by Alarippu dance school