VT Seva San Antonio Children's Health Awareness Walk, May 5th , 2018


 VT Seva San Antonio Children's Health Awareness Walk

Mission: To bring awareness of healthy future resources for the underserved youth. At the Walk the children and families are introduced to multiple service vendors to share the importance of physical and mental health. The Children’s Health Awareness Walk is a free Walk that caters for the youths’ and communities’ wellbeing. Collected canned food as charitable donation at the entry.

Date: May 5, 2018
Venue: Arnold Park
Time: 10AM- 12:30PM
Attendees: 264

Color Guard: McCollum High School JrROTC
National Anthem: Sergent Fox from Fort Sam Houston, Tx
MC: Orlando Montoya

Performance: Gillette Elementary School Choir
Participants include:
Councilman Saldana from District 4
Councilman Pelaez from District 8
Councilman Courage from District 9
Councilman Perry from District 10 was represented by Mr. Steve Peterson
Super Heroes interacted with the youth
San Antonio Fire Dept and the Police Dept interacted with the Youth

Giveaways: CentroMed and the YMCA  gave a three month free family gym membership to two families.

Volunteers : 36

Lonestar Fit Kids led the warm up for the kids before they started the Walk. Water and bananas were provided.

The planning for the Walk starts in the Fall of the prior year.

Volunteering Together for Service ( VT Seva ) would like to thank the service organizations that partnered with us to achieve the mission and make this Walk possible. Their support is our strength to serve the community. VT Seva Service fosters human and community development by focusing on four areas: Education, Environment, Health, Hunger and Homeless.


 VT Seva San Antonio Earth Day Celebrations, April 22nd, 2018


 VT Seva San Antonio Celebrated Earth Day. “Earth Day “ is our 1st term of San Antonio Adopt-A-Spot.. thanks to the team.


 VT Seva San Antonio conducted Bone Marrow drive, March 31st, 2018


 VT Seva San Antonio is conducted its first Bone Marrow Drive collaborating with SAMAR


VT Seva San Antonio Volunteered at San Antonio Food Bank, Jan 13th, 2018


 VT Seva San Antonio volunteered at San Antonio Food Bank.

 15 volunteers assisted with packing of the meals for Seniors. 

Along with other school volunteers from across the city we packed 37,000 lbs of food that goes towards 29,950 senior meals.


VT Seva San Antonio Rebuild Rockport Benefit Show, Nov 12th, 2017


VT Seva San Antonio organized  REBUILD ROCKPORT Benefit Show .

Rebuild Rockport Benefit Show

Mission: To bring awareness of the devastation that Rockport Tx incurred due to the Category 4 hurricane winds from Hurricane Harvey. The Benefit Show will provide platform for various dances as form of entertainment while educating the need to provide financial aid to Rockport and soliciting of donations.

Date:November 12,2017
Venue: Jewish Community Center, 12500 NW Military, San Antonio, Tx 78231
Time: 1-2:30 PM
Attendees: 200
Various Dances: American (Hip Hop), Bulgarian, Indian, Latino, Thai Guest Speakers: Presentations from Mayor Pro Tem Patrick Rios and Vice president Chamber of Commerce from Rockport,Texas. Coucnilman Manny Pelaez from San Antonio District 8.

Color guard: Boy Scouts Den 360
National Anthem: Sergeant Fox from Fort Sam Houston,Tx
Volunteers: 9


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  VT Seva San Antonio distribution of food to Veterans on Veterans Day , Nov 10th, 2017


  VT Seva San Antonio volunteered for "Adopt A Spot" program - Sep 24th 2017


  VT Seva San Antonio team had completed the 3rd round of Adopt-A-Spot program.


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VT Seva San Antonio team in Street Cleaning Activity - 4th, June, 2017


VT Seva San Antonio team participated in volunteering at Stone Oak Road Cleanup


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  VT Seva San Antonio - Annual Children's Health Awareness Walk -20th May, 2017


   VT Seva San Antonio organized Children's Health Awareness Walk

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​ VT Seva San Antonio service at St. PJ’s Children’s Home-  8th April, 2017


​ VT Seva San Antonio volunteers spent 2 hours in Sr. PJ's home with children of 1-5 years who were separated from the parents. It was an emotional service where our team actively involved in teaching, painting and playing.


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VT Seva San Antonio team in Adopt a Street program - April 1st, 2017


VT Seva San Antonio team participated in road cleanup activity 


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VT Seva San Antonio volunteered in SAFB - 4th February


VT San Antonio Team has participated for the food bank activity and assisted in forming boxes and arranging the food items for senior citizens


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VT Seva San Antonio volunteered in SAFB - 22nd January


VT Seva San Antonio team participated in the Animal Shelter Volunteer Activity this morning at petsmart. All our volunteers prepared the food (treat) for the dogs, and fed the dogs. It is a memorable event for all.


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VT Seva San Antonio celebrated International Day of Yoga 
June 18th 2016 : VT Seva San Antonio celebrated International Day of Yoga on June 18th 2016. 

Childhood Obesity Walk 2016, Arnold Park, San Antonio, TX  - 7th May 2016 

We are glad to announce the grand success of our San Antonio wide, "Childhood Obesity Walk" at Arnold park this morning. The turnout was 500 and San Antonio Mayor Ms Taylor participated in the event with us for 1 hour and gave a wonderful speech. 

A special thanks to all our volunteers who managed parking, registration, setup and cleanup, and what not. Without volunteers this event coulnot have happened. All activites in the event from yoga, zumba, and warmup exercises are super success. Army band was so lively they brought the life into this event and made a difference. Lionsden activities are wonderful, kids glued to their program and fun event. Registration went smooth and volunteers made it easy. The warm up exercises by Brad is a big hit.. The banners on the wall made it a perfect location, and made an ideal place for the pictures. The main purpose of this event is to bring the awareness into our San Antonio community of controlling Childhood Obesity which we were successful to take the message. All our vendors participated in great enthusiasm and their support was awesome towards our mission. The foodtruck was unique being a class, organic food every one loved it. Thanks to the leadership of Dr. Mrudula Rao, and team of Dr. Anne, Annette, Lorena, Niti, SIlva, and every other person who attended our event. Our special thanks to the SAPD, Scouts, and every other person who helped us to make this event succesful. Looking forward for 2017 Childhood Obesity Walk. 


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​Education - SA Reads 2015 - December, 2015 

Volunteering Together For Service represented San Antonio Reads (Organization in San Antonio who is promoting education for the under privileged) and VT Service team kids distributed 500-1000 SA Reads book marks; this volunteering activity took around 2 hours where we stood at the entrance of the store greeting and explaining customers at Barnes & Noble of North Woods, San Antonio to donate books to needy kids. 


Hunger and Homeless Care -- Wrapping With Jack -Dec 8th, 2015 

Volunteering Together For Service team has actively participated in Wrapping With Jack (WWJ) event on Dec 8th, 2015 7-9 pm at North side Ford 281/Nakoma. Every year for the past 17 years, volunteers wrap gifts that are donated to Family Services Association of San Antonio. VT Service members, as a part of this society contributed their time to wrap the gifts going to the needy and educated our kids/youth about our role to the society. 
Hunger and Homeless Care - Veterans Day 2015 - November, 2015 

Volunteering Together For Service team has participated in Veterans Day event of 2015, at Blessed angels community center of san antonio. This event is very inspirational where we helped the veterans by distributing vegetables, food, juices. VT Service team has actively involved in unloading the carts of food items from the trucks, and assorting the vegetables, food cans, juices separately into individual packs. Rohan is 4 years old and joined the VT service and his participation was encouraged by the whole community center. 


Nepal Earthquake Fund Raising, San Fernando Cathedral and SanAntonio 

It felt good helping people.The best thing was delivering Pizza cards and interacting with people.I learned what damage it does when a earthquake happens and felt sad for the victims. With the help from everyone, I collected $1265 USD in donations and it felt very happy. Since then I got started on more volunteering. I felt proud when people recognized me for what I did, and were willing to help me and appreciated my awesome communication. I like helping the World.” Thank You once again –Amrutha(Age:8years),VTServicemember. 
Rohith actively participated right from the food and drink purchases till unloading. He gave the drinks and food to music festival visitors ABC explained the importance of Nepal event and VTService. -Rohith’s (Age:8years)Parents, VTServicemember 


Animal Shelter, San Antonio Zoo - May 2015 

Rohith was delighted to visit animal shelter and learned how animals should be treated with kind and affection. He mentioned that it's our duty to keep animals happy. -Rohith’s(Age: 8 years) Parents, VT Service member 




Park Clean up, Big Spring Park, San Antonio - December 2013 

Parks are oxygen to our city life. Volunteering Together For Service believes in keeping our environment clean by cleaning parks and this project brought great awareness, and I enjoyed being part of it". Thank you. –Tanvi(Age: 7 years) & Janvi, VT Service member 


Awareness Participation, San Antonio - November2013 

“During our Diwali festival, we set up a booth to spread the awareness of VT Service. A lot of people showed interest. They appreciated what we are doing to help the community. Lot of people showed interest in joining the organization. This motivated me to work even more harder to help the community through VT Service. Thank you” 
-RithvikPakala (11years),VTServicemember 


Tutoring in ST PJ’s Children’s Home, San Antonio - August 2013 

VT Service is a nonprofit international organization that reaches out to countries that are in dire need. They have sent financial relief to Tsunami and Earthquake victims. In the U.S. the organization has donated financial funds and services to fire victims and homeless individuals. Recently, the group visited St. PJ’s and worked tutored the children in the subjects of math, science, reading and social studies. On a local level, the newly formed San Antonio chapter of VT Service is eagerly looking to provide services in four categories which include hunger/homeless, education, environmental awareness/cleanup and health awareness. “My experience with the kids was fantastic. My peers and I observed that the kids really enjoyed the one-on-one tutoring and the games that followed. Furthermore, the kids expressed interest for us to return back for similar activities. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to make a difference in the children’s lives. In turn, this experience made a positive impact in our lives. I love volunteering because I am giving back to the community with a hope to make people happy,”- Gopinath Thangada (Age: 16), VT Servicemember VT Service provides comprehensive services in four categories, which include education, environment, healthcare, and hunger and homelessness. 


Holiday Food Drive , Food Bank  - Jun 2013, Dec 2013 & Mar 2015 

The newly formed VT Service group's enthusiasm was noteworthy and they enjoyed working together at the task at hand. There were approximately 23 participants in the group event to volunteer and serve at Food Bank. In Praneetha's own words "We completed the first event of VT Service at San Antonio Food Bank. All the participants were excited in donating their time for a good cause. The youngsters mentioned that they had quality time with their friends at the same spent their time for a good cause. They expressed that they like spending time in helping others and feel much satisfied than watching television. VT Service in San Antonio is heading in a positive direction. Many teenagers came forward to offer in leading the service activities. The San Antonio residents were also impressed with the mission of VT Service and also participated in the first event and are looking forward for more events. 
My experience with VT Service,San Antonio was a great one,It showed me a glimpse of volunteering for a good cause. Also,I learned about the less fortunate and I understand that I have a great life and should be happy for what I have. Best of all it makes me feel important as I am making a change to this society in a goodway.” –Pranav(Age:10years),VTServicemember 
This is the most favorite event of Rohith where he actively participated in food sorting and labeling. He learned hunger is number one enemy of common man and realized the importance of food.-Rohith’s(Age:8years)Parents,VTServicemember
I liked volunteering at the foodbank. Me and some other VT Service members had to sort food,throw away expired food, and also had put them in boxes to their assigned group. I think it was fun because not only do you help the people who work there, but you are also helping families out there with little or no food. Making a difference in people's life's makes you feel like a good person. This was a really good opportunity. Thanks VT Service! –Anagha(Age:12years), VTServicemember

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VT Seva (Volunteering Together for Service) is a volunteer driven global non profit organization. It was registered as 501(C)3 non-profit organization in USA in 2008. It's Sister Organization ‘Vikasa Tarangini ’(VT) established in India in 1992 has been rendering yeoman services with more than 75,000 active volunteers. It is also active in England, Australia and Tanzania.

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