VT Seva supports​

Blind schools

  • Boarding, Food, Education, Books, Clothes, and Healthcare are provided free to all underprivileged visually challenged

  • It is THE FIRST institution in the WORLD that enabled blind children to take EXAMS ON LAPTOPS without the assistance of a scribe, thereby increasing the confidence in the children

  • Students are trained to write their intermediate board and degree exams on laptops without the help of scribes (helpers)

  • Board of Intermediate permitted student examinations on laptops for blind students based on the recommendations & norms formulated by VT Seva

  • We provide higher education to visually challenged students and enable them to be independent and compete with other students

  • Vocational training is also taught to the students in higher classes (grades) so that they can use the skills to be financially independent

  • 86% of the outgoing students have secured jobs and are leading a livelihood making their parents and family proud and happy

  • HOLISTIC approach allows our students to learn, explore, relish, and excel in many activities such as YOGA, MUSIC and DANCE

  • Voted as 'Best School' in India for the visually challenged by 'National Association for the Blind'

Netra Students