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Nethra Vidyala Student's accomplishments - 6th Annual Paralympics in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh - 2023

“The difference between the impossible and the possible lies in a person’s determination.” —Tommy Lasorda

Our Nethra Vidyalaya students not only excel in their studies, but they are also superstars in sports. They've been raking in medals from the Asian Paralympics, Khelo India Para Games, IBSA Cricket tournament, and many more at both national and international levels.

They are preparing for the 2024 National and International Paralympics, participated in the 6th Annual Paralympics held in both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States on Dec 23 - 24, 2023, and won 50+ medals in various sports.

Determination and passion play crucial roles in achieving success in any endeavor, including sports. With focus, mental toughness, discipline, and enjoying the games our students win the games.

Students who won the medals in Telangana State:

1. Kiran Kumar (T12): first place in 1500 meters run

2. Kavya( T12): first place in 1500meters run and second place in 100 and 400meters run

3. Shivani(T11): third place in 100 meters run and first place in 200meters run

4. Anusha( T12): first in 100meters run

6. Srilekha(T12): third place in 100 meters run

7. Balaji(T11): first place in 100 meters run

8. Rajendher (T11): first place in 100 meters run and second place in 400meters run

9.Raju (T11): third place in 100meters run

10. Ravi(T12): first place in 400 meters run and third place in 100 meters run

11. Krishnaiah (T12): second place in 400 meters run and first place in the long jump

12.Aravind (T12): third place in 400meters run

13.Preethi(T13) first place in 400meters run and long jump

14. Maheshwari (T12): first place in 200 meters run and long jump

15.Sravani(T13): first place in 200

16.Hamsika (F12): First place in javalin and Shotput

17. Ravi Kumar (F13) first place in javelin and (T13) 1500 meters run first place

Thanks to our coaches in Netra Vidyalaya Junior and Degree College - Hyderabad

  1. K. Suresh Kumar

2. E. Balaram

3. M. Nagaraju

Pictures from the Telangana Competition:

Students who won the competition in Andhra Pradesh:

T Santosh and S Dinesh won 100 mts and 400 mts running in the seniors category.

Pictures from the Andhra Pradesh Competition:

VT Seva wishes everyone to achieve new heights, break personal records, and experience the joy of competition.

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