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VT Seva supports​
Disaster recovery

  • 2018 California Wildfire Relief - Donated daily essential toiletries package and warm new blanket kits to the affected

  • 2018 Kerala (India) Flood Relief - Donated truck load of relief material to aid victims

  • 2017 Texas Hurricane ‘Harvey’ Relief - Raised $50,000 towards Hurricane Harvey Relief. Engaged more than 500 volunteers in relief efforts for 20 continuous days to serve 20,000 meals, clean 200 flood affected houses, distribute 100,000 water bottles and provide immediate medical guidance. As a long-term relief

    • $25,000 donated to Houston Mayor

    • $10,000 donated to City of Rockport

  • 2015 South Carolina ‘Joquain’ Flood Relief -  Donated $10,000 to Hurricane relief operations. 

  • 2015 Nepal Earthquake Relief - Raised $171,043 towards providing immediate relief of tents and blankets, and long term support of building a permanent structure school in Katmandu, with all the infrastructure needed for better education. 

  • 2015 Chennai (India) Flood Relief -  Raised $30,388.95 and  provided immediate relief with food, clothes, medical kits and as a long term relief, restored the affected school in Cuddalore.

  • 2014 Andhra Pradesh (India) ‘Hudhud’ Cyclone Relief - Raised more than $30,000 USD and donated Rs. 10 lakhs ($17,000) for Chief Minister relief operations, volunteers distributed food & clothes for the people impacted

  • 2013 Odisha (India) ‘Phailin’ Cyclone Relief - Donated Lanterns (kerosene Lamps) to 600 families at Ganga Vihar, Kotha Buxipalli village

  • 2013 Uttarakhand (India) Flood Relief - Provided food and shelter to the people affected by floods in Himalayas

  • 2012 New Jersey Hurricane 'Sandy' Relief -Donated 547 disaster relief boxes, 9000 meals and sorted clothes for kids.

  • 2011 Japan Tsunami Relief - Donated $44,000 USD to Japan Government

  • 2010 Haiti Relief  - Donated funds to UNICEF Haiti.

  • 2009 Andhra Pradesh Floods

    • 5000 Flood Relief Kits, Flood relief kits to 10000 Families in 100 Villages

    • 300 Boats to Fishermen, Food and Free Medical Services

    • Distributed 20 Tons of Corn seeds worth of $100,000 to the Farmers(sufficient for 2500 Acres)

  • 2004 India Tsunami (Tamil Nadu & Andhra Pradesh) - Built a School for children of fishermen children at Katarivaripalem in Prakasam District of Andhra Pradesh and Built 50 houses in the coastal areas of Pumpuhar village in Tamil Nadu.

  • 2001 Gujarat (India) Earthquake - Built 86 Houses and a community hall in Vallabhapur, Gujarat

  • 1997 Andhra Pradesh (India) India Konaseema Floods - Built 83 Community Centers, provided free food and medical services

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A decade of Service
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