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Self Defense For All

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

VT Seva Atlanta youths and ladies participated in the Self Defense session on October 8th, 2022. More than 50 participants enjoyed learning various defensive and offensive self defense techniques. This session was much appreciated by all the participants. In fact, few participants said that this the best session ever that VT Seva has done for the Atlanta community. For the ATL youths - it’s an awesome session. According to them, no volunteer org has provided them a self defense session before which is so relevant in modern times, very useful in physical & mental well-being, and highly rewarding.

This self defense session was our pilot study which succeeded beyond our imagination by not only energizing & synergizing VT Atlanta community but also helping us in raising $1000 for the education of blind / visually challenged kids in India. Overall it was a very fulfilling & rewarding experience for all.

ATL VT Seva Team

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