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Summer Internship -transformative journey - Srinivas Tirunagari -2023

I'm Srinivas Tirunagari, a 10th-grade student from Cary, North Carolina. I've been a dedicated VTSeva volunteer since I was five years old. Curious about the organization's impact, I decided to join the VTSeva internship to understand its accomplishments better.

During my internship, I had the opportunity to visit Nethra Vidyalaya, a school for the visually challenged. Witnessing the tangible results of VTSeva's donations was eye-opening. I learned that the school empowers students to be independent, enabling them to pursue ambitious goals like becoming lawyers, government workers, and professionals in various fields

In Hyderabad, I had the privilege of meeting notable figures who were supporting the cause. Shashi Preetam, an acclaimed music producer, was working on a music studio for visually challenged students, and Gopichand, a former Indian badminton player, organized badminton classes for the visually impaired. Deependra Mohan, a respected advocate for the blind, recognized the impact of Nethra Vidyalaya in empowering blind students. These accomplished individuals selflessly contributed to the student's development.

At Jeeyer Gurukulams, I experienced a transformative journey. Immersed in the secluded village of Allampally, my fellow interns and I became teachers and students. The children's eagerness to learn, even pushing to extend classes, left a profound impression on me. These students aimed high, aspiring for government jobs and returning to improve their village.

My team and I engaged with the students beyond academics, bonding over games and conversations. We discovered the students' collective desire to uplift their village and country.

Their aspirations ranged from government roles to community improvement.

Interacting with elders, leaders, and a graduate, Jyothi Sister, revealed the impact of VTSeva's contributions. The village had transformed due to initiatives like Jeeyer Gurukulam, enabled by donations from VTSeva. Jyothi Sister's testimony highlighted the school's role in providing opportunities that elevated students beyond low-paying jobs.

Reflecting on my experience, I recognized VTSeva's overarching role in providing opportunities. The organization's support extended to building schools, offering resources, housing, education, and stability. Crucially, VTSeva granted these students a chance, enabling them to chase their dreams. I realized that the heart of VTSeva's efforts was to provide a chance for underprivileged students to thrive.

In summary, my internship experience with VTSeva was transformative. I witnessed the impact of the organization's contributions firsthand, from empowering visually challenged students to facilitating village transformation. Through the dedication of accomplished individuals and the efforts of VTSeva, students were given the chance to dream big and achieve their goals.

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