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VT Seva Supports Rural Empowerment

Sabarmathi Gurukulam, Cheyyar, Tiruvannamalai, TAMILNADU provides training and coaching to unemployed youth to get through the competitive exams and placement in government jobs along with learning organic farming, education to rural children and community give back.

Mr. Gunasekaran of the Gurukulam shared the great news of NEET 2022 results being published. For Sabarmathi, this is the 4th year of NEET training. Mr. Gunasekaran shared "we wholeheartedly express our gratitude to all the beautiful hearts that helped to make this possible despite the challenges due to covid and other obstacles. Specifically, we thank VT Seva for providing timely help to reconstruct our building and help board around 30 students to get trained. We thank my college senior Vidhya akka for making this possible."

As part of VT Seva's rural empowerment goal, we believe in reassuring efforts and providing needed support in making a difference in communities. Last year when the Gurukulam was in desperate need of an infrastructure upgrade for VT Seva helped with building and restoring the water purification system, upgrading bathrooms in a hostel, renovating the main hall (replacing the thatched leaf roof with permanent sheeting), and overall upgrade of the facility.

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